As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Trump Schedule || Monday, February 13, 2017

Trump will have done more by 5 pm Monday than Obama did in a week.

9:00 am || Receives his daily intelligence briefing
9:45 am || Speaks with President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria
10:10 am || Speaks with President Jacob Zuma of South Africa
11:00 am || Meets with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
12:15 pm || Participates in a roundtable discussion with Prime Minister Trudeau on the advancement of women entrepreneurs and business leaders; Cabinet Room
12:50 pm || Has a working luncheon with Prime Minister Trudeau; State Dining Room
2:00 pm || Participates in a joint press conference with Prime Minister Trudeau; East Room
3:00 pm || Meets with the Republican National Committee Chairwoman and Co-Chairman
3:45 pm || Participates in a pinning ceremony for Major Ricardo (Rick) Turner
4:15 pm || Speaks with Maureen Scalia by phone

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  1. Love that trump does more in a day than o did in a week. I say he has done more since he was elected than Obama did is his 1 term maybe even 2

    • The only time Ob☭ma really did any work was after DJT was elected—I’m sure ValJar got after him and told him you better do as much as you can before Turbo Trump moves in!

    I don´t live in the US ( anymore ) but to judge from what I hear, read and see in the media the state of the union is resembling a low-frequent civil war. What do you say, is this an exaggeration ? In the link above the author discusses if Trumps enemies ( Soros et al ) are trying a “color revolution” in the US like they did in for example Egypt and Ukraina. These events started with violence and demonstrations and ended with a coup. That is a terrible, terrible thought but I constantly hear and see celebrities and others ( Meryl Streep ) incite to aggressiveness and contempt against the new administration. Do they really know what they are doing ? They egg on violence. Why can´t grass-roots organisations mobilize a giant march to Washington to show their support ? Trump needs it.

    • You’re right, swedishlady. The demonstrations and constant negative articles and remarks about President Trump are disgraceful and so wrong. Sometimes I wonder if the left has any idea what they’re doing, but then I think yes, they know exactly what they’re doing.

      • A nationwide march, that is great news !
        When the opposite of the liberal/ leftists ( like nationalists etc ) dare to demonstrate or march over here they are always met by violence and aggressiveness. So be prepared. These people, who claim they are pro peace ( and open borders ) are very much pro violence and intolerance.

    • I think DJT needs to visit some places in Red State America and hold rallies. Remind the media how many people have his six and what contempt we hold the media in.

  3. Chief of Staff needs to schedule a bathroom break somewhere in this schedule. Possible solution may work by pulling a Port A Potty on wheels behind the entourage. Some junior SS person could do this. A GS 17 or lower with the title, “Potty Police Puller!” or the slang title, “3 P’s and me!”

    • LOL.. great idea. I’d email it to President Trump’s Chief of Staff ASAP.

      On a serious note, this is what a chief executive’s day looks like, whether in the White House or a business. Compare that to the waste of time and space the just-previous POTUS created during his eight years.

    • In Medieval times, there was a position to serve the King called “Groom of the Stool”, which means exactly what it looks like it means. The job was to accompany the King (or Queen, I suppose) when he/she went to the bathroom in the Latrine Tower. It was one of the few times a servant could be alone with the King. Believe it or not, it was a much sought after position because, for a few minutes, it was just you and the King, and it was an opportunity to ask the King for a favor, a job for a relative, etc. Basically, your job was to hand the King a soft clothe so he could wipe his butt, and make sure the King didn’t fall down into the hole. Sometimes, depending on the King desires, you were required to administer what was called “Royal Ablution” which also means exactly what you think it means.

      The worse job in the entire castle was held by the “gong farmer” whose job it was to clean out the mess at the bottom of the Latrine Tower. No thank you. ;+}

      So with President Trump, let’s just create a “bathroom scheduler” position, and be thankful we don’t live in the 16th century. ;+}

  4. Here, and on the few conservative sites, the POTUS is busy doing the tedious, but necessary, work of keeping our country safe.
    He’s reaching out to international leaders as a friend. His day is filled with important affairs of state.
    A quick scan of the MSM reveals that the POTUS might be “insane”, that one or some of his Cabinet might have done something others don’t like, his WhiteHouse staff is lead by an incompetent, the man, himself, is not qualified and/or is dismayed by the immense scope of the job. No mention is made of his packed daily schedule, or of any positive moves made by him or his administration.

    Certain members of the White House press organization are considering cancelling their annual dinner because Donald Trump was elected POTUS and the guest-of-honor is traditionally the sitting President.
    Why cancel in 2017 -They are afraid that MrTrump would open his speech by reminding the ‘nerd prom’ attendees of the last time he was invited to the dinner and their sneering laughter as he was humiliated by then PresObama, and the refusal of some famous entertainers to be in the same room as their President.

    IMO, the national MSM has devolved from their traditional biased and pro-Dem position into an ugly, snide, and pitiful group of sore losers who embarrass themselves with every keystroke and word spoken. Without any concern for harm they might be doing to our country and it’s well being, or to our legend around the world, their constant attacks of imaginary wrongs or slips of the tongue by WH advisors can’t be reversed or justified by showcasing violent protesters as speaking for the majority of Americans.

    • “He’s reaching out to international leaders as a friend. His day is filled with important affairs of state.
      A quick scan of the MSM reveals that the POTUS might be “insane”, that one or some of his Cabinet might have done something others don’t like, his WhiteHouse staff is lead by an incompetent, the man, himself, is not qualified and/or is dismayed by the immense scope of the job. No mention is made of his packed daily schedule, or of any positive moves made by him or his administration.”
      So wonderfully written it’s worth repeating.
      Precisely what is happening.

      • Yes, there is a coordinated, orchestrated, constant attempt by lefty fanatics in the media, the Congress etc. to frame the Trump administration as unfit and crazy. Key word: fanatics. Fanatic= bigot, extremist, zealot, activist. Etc. It’s as plain as vanilla pudding.

  5. “Point is, I’m still fired up and ready to go.”

    Says a former President from his WDC bunker where he plots with an international criminal to undermine the Presidency of Donald Trump.

    Beneath contempt. Snakes do not even slither where Obama has walked.

    • Yes, it will be. Trudeau strikes me (and I may have the wrong impression, admittedly) as a superficial, administratively incoherent, immature young man. A silly brat, in a nutshell. Trump is an in your face, clever, one-step-ahead-of-you person. My suspicion, though, is that Trump will treat Trudeau with respect in order to show Trudeau that we know Canada is not the enemy-of-America Obama thought it was. ;+}. Trade policies, immigration matters etc will no doubt be high on the agenda.

      • I remember when his dad was portrayed as Canada’s JFK and his push for Canadian Bilingualism was the equivalent of b☭ma and his support of same-sex marriage. Didn’t work out too well for Canada or Quebec!

  6. What is a pinning ceremony? Is Major Turner being given an honor of some kind? If so, isn’t that called “participates in a ceremony honoring”?

  7. It will be interesting to see what happens when it’s bracket time for the NCAA March Madness. Will the media fawn all over Obama now that he has time (LOL) or will there be any mention of the fact that Trump doesn’t have time for such nonsense?

  8. California Gov Moombeam has reached out to NotMyPresident Trump for financial aid and manpower because no one in the state seemed to realize that a lot of rain could cause flooding and/or damage to certain dams.
    So much for the Calexit movement.
    Of course, they could reach out to their President Hillary for aid, but, well, she’s no ways interested or tared yet.

  9. What his schedule is, is one thing– and what he accomplishes are two different things. The White House has become the Trump Circus!

    I think he thinks he’s the King of the United States and doesn’t put the thought or get the advice of authorities before he does anything — in other words, he acts before he thinks most of the time. And the results show it in the chaos and resultant actions in society. SNL really sees the picture!

    What gets put into an executive order or planning for legislation, or comments made to the press, takes consideration and behaviors befitting the office of the president. He just hasn’t caught on yet — in addition to the fact he is a narcisistic sociopath.

    The people who voted for him are finally catching on — you just can’t do the things he promised in a day or two — and now they are starting to see his inability to judge his capacities to accomplish things the proper way. We have become the laughing stocks of the planet. Cleaning the swamp in his mind appears to be be rewarding big business and people with money. Remember, the difference between the two parties is — GOP state’s rights and Democratic federal government rights. It has been this way for a long time — when will the voter get smart enough to make choices that will benefit the majority of the country and not just the wealthy.