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Sunday Open Thread || February 12, 2017



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  1. Good morning. Hope you all have a great day.

    What with all the hoopla that’s going on I sometimes take my eye off the ball. I saw this comment elsewhere and thought it a good summary on President Trump:

    He stopped the Clintons and the Bushes and, for that benefit alone, I will tolerate a lot of future BS. Everything he has done since his win has exceeded my (pessimistic) expectations

    • Good morning Grace,I hope you can have a nice cup of tea/coffee and that the morning is clear and sunny. I will also tolerate a lot ( tweets etc….) because he stopped Bush/Clinton/Obama. And because he blocks and punishes the MSM even if the cost/prize is high.

  2. A record number of Venezuelans are seeking asylum in the US.

    ‘ALARMING’ PACE Venezuela now leads in US asylum requests

    ‘ALARMING’ PACE Venezuela now leads in US asylum requests
    New data shows Venezuelans are leading asylum requests to the United States for the first time, as the middle cl…
    I’d tell them stay home and fix their problem. Start with Chavez’s daughter who is estimated to be worth $5 billion. Or let them in and have them live with Sean Penn and Danny Glover.

    Also, corrupt government officials have been issuing Venezuelan passports to Mideast people, mostly Iranians.

  3. Trump is on his second week-end golfing in his own private golf resort and he has been in office only three weeks. Melania is still living in Trump Tower. All of this is costing the tax payers million of dollars. And we did not see Trump tax returns yet. This is a very bad start for an administration that wanted to “drain the swamp”.

    • Buyer remorse, the start appears to be “bad” mostly because of the heavy resistance in the MSM and the aggressive activists unleashed by Obama, Soros and the like of them. However, president Trump has been very, very active during his first weeks.
      By the way, he is golfing with Japans PM Mr Abe. Very different from Obamas constant golfing tours on the taxpayers expense with various billionaires/celebrities ( lobbyists ).

    • What is it with you people and the damn tax returns.
      He doesn’t have to show you his tax returns or anybody else for that matter.
      Aren’t you the least bit curious about Obama’s records that he locked away ? Or is that a taboo subject ?

      No, we must not question the won, why that would be racist.

      Tax returns,…..Obama nearly ruined this country with his socialistic policies and the small minded are still screaming “what about the tax returns”.

      I you’re so concerned about tax returns, why not start a movement to see the tax returns of every congressional member serving currently.
      I’ll bet every one of them would be more than willing to let you and the country see how obedient they have been in conforming with IRS policies. Not.

    • buyer_remorse,…
      You are either a troll or the most uninformed individual I have seen outside of the morons on twitter.

      1)Trump owns Trump Tower, hence the name Trump Tower.
      2)Melania is staying in Trump Tower because that is where she lives with Barron who is finishing school in New York.
      3)Trump owns Mar-a-Lago, that is his second home he is not renting it or Trump Tower and the tax-payer is not footing the bill like they did with the Obama’s.

      Did I explain it well enough ?
      Also the trip to Mar-a-Lago for the Japanese PM and his wife were paid for by Trump.
      They were Trump’s guest.

      The same talking points I see libs spew everywhere.
      Tax returns and tax-payer money.

      The ignorance really gets old.

    • Trump is golfing with Prime Minister Abe of Japan. So he’s not exactly taking time off – he’s still doing business to sort out a Japan-America trade deal in lieu of TPP being dropped.

    • Other than Secret Service and the usual Presidential protection and services where i Trump costing the taxpayers millions?

      Mr. Trump is also not taking a salary.

      Add up the total cost of secret service and AF1 costs only for the Obama vacations, for the separate transport for the First couple when they were going to the same destination, dog care and transport. And I haven’t even started.

  4. I’m just going to do a blanket “Hell yeh!” to AFVet for his previous comments.
    Here’s another look at what we’re up against regarding the judiciary:

    First is my Globe piece today on the “so called” Judge Robart decision last November that quashed a subpoena for an Amherst student expelled for sexual assault that was nothing short of a Kafkaesque trial.

    Second is from a local attorney positioned right below my column using the same “let’s implant our political beliefs upon the rule of law” reasoning that got Robart and the three twits of the 9th to justify their stopping Trump’s order. Notice how he never once explains how this sort of reasoning turns the Constitution on its head and now puts foreign policy decisions in the hands of unelected judges instead of the executive and legislative where it was intended (and might I say still does exist):

  5. If the POTUS goes home on the weekend is that a vacation?
    If he takes a foreign dignitary home with him to discuss national affairs between the two countries is that a vacation when it happens at a resort in Florida?
    If the FLOTUS remains in the family home until her minor son finishes the school year, but entertains the spouse of a foreign dignitary on the weekend is she…um…dunno what the public wants the FLOTUS to do or where they must be.
    For most of 8 years we wished MrsObama would return to their home in Chicago and stay there instead of appearing on questionable TV shows acting the fool. Or using her high position to tell us what to eat or drink.

  6. I don’t even know what to say about this. How can the man do this important job for the American people without a cabinet?

    Surely something can be done. If possible I would find even more conservative people in the areas with open cabinet positions and appoint a Czar wit extraordinary not illegal just a lot of power to go in an start cleaning house.

    At this rate the Democrats will not have to worry about this happening to their President because it will be a long time coming before a Democrat is POTUS with this kind of against the people’s will.