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Meryl Streep: Armies of Brown Shirts are After Me

You know, Nazis, like, you and me, also known as gun and Bible clingers, etc.

Why doesn’t Meryl Streep go ask all the totalitarians in the streets the last three weeks to stop trying to subvert democracy with mob rule. Or ask her friend Obama why he sought to rule by executive fiat?

From the Washington Examiner.

Actress Meryl Streep continued her feud with President Trump, saying that “armies of brownshirts” are after her following her remarks critical of Trump during the Golden Globes awards in January.

“It’s terrifying to put the target on your forehead,” she said, according to Fox News. “And it sets you up for all sorts of attacks and armies of brownshirts and bots and worse, and the only way you can do it is if you feel you have to. You have to! You don’t have an option. You have to.”

Trump’s tenure in office could serve as a reminder of “how fragile freedom really is,” Streep suggested Saturday evening.

15 Responses to Meryl Streep: Armies of Brown Shirts are After Me

  1. “The brownshirts are after me!”–Meryl Streep

    Wow, she’s been in show biz that long, and still can’t recognize fellow-travelers that just want an autograph.

  2. She has not seen anything yet. The American public is getting quite tired of these Hollyweird Elitists and I predict they will stop paying their money to see their movies. They pretend to relate to the American public when they haven’t a clue. I told my husband today, that they have been doing movies for so long that their lives are nothing but another scene and they have confused the movies with reality. They need to go out and get a job working 8 – 10 hours a day 5 days a week and try to make their paycheck last them until their next one.

    • She’s an actress. Not an actor. She’s a woman. Not a man. The feminine of actor is a wonderful thing. What’s wrong with the feminine. Get over it. These people need to get a life. Reality is not this fake life that produces very little to putting food on the tables of every day Americans. Hollywood is so self involved. Give me my Ford F150 to get to work.

    • Too late. I stopped going to the theaters over a decade ago. I haven’t paid a dime for movies in years– there are other ways to watch them for free.

  3. My goodness!
    I suggest she hire a crew of heavily armed security guards to keep her safe.
    Maybe some attack dogs.

    Like most idiots and uninformed, she has no idea what a ‘brown shirted’ thug means to the survivors of the Nazi regime. No clue of the horrors the Nazi’s inflicted on all kinds of people they didn’t like or want to be allowed to live.
    If she (and others like her) truly believe they are living in a reincarnation of the Nazi regime, I suggest she move immediately to Canada or Mexico or Brazil or wherever they think they’ll be safe.

  4. Sometimes when actors like Streep go political in a very public way, the box office revenues for their movies have been dropping. People ain’t going to see the movie.

    So….a quick check, and it looks like Streep’s box office (ticket revenues compared with other movies released the same year) has indeed been dropping for a number of years. She hasn’t had a hit since “Into The Woods” in 2014 where her box office came in at number 2.

    –Florence Foster Jenkins (2016) came in at 25th.
    –Suffragette (2015) came in at 50th.
    –Shout Gladi Gladi (2015–she was the narrator) came in at 53th.
    –Rickie and the Flash (2015) came in at 27th.
    –August: Osage Country (2013) came in at 19th.

    Except for “Into the Woods” in 2014, movie goers have been pretty much avoiding Streep’s movies since 2011. Even before 2014, her box office hasn’t been anything to brag about. She very rarely got in the 10 or below box office revenue rating, and very often got in the 50+ box office rating.

    Not such a big money maker for Hollywood, it turns out. Her current political public foolishness won’t help her. Probably will bring down the box office even more.

  5. you go Meryl Streep tell everybody what it’s like I have a bumper sticker that says resist Trump and I am really frayed of getting shot or have somebody with a fork pitch come after me so that these are not dumb these are not dumb worries but they are real worries for people who are trying to resist

  6. I have avoided Hollywood movies for ages. I don’t care what they think. They are paid to act. If they think they are political experts, well, I say goodbye.

    Same with authors. I will not waste my time with fiction authors who political “experts.” I won’t read their books.

    A leftie loonie I know said to me, what are you not going to go to their movies or read their books if you don’t agree with their politics?

    I say yes. It helps with my sanity.