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GOP to Kill Obama Order Requiring Taxpayer Funding of Planned Parenthood

The government was forced by the courts to allow abortion. But that doesn’t mean the government should be forcing you to pay for it.

From the Washington Examiner:

House Republicans will vote next week to liberate states from an Obama rule requiring them to subsidize Planned Parenthood.

In one of his last actions, Obama effectively forced states to fund Planned Parenthood. Many states have policies barring state funds for the abortion giant, and Obama’s 11th-hour executive order prohibited such policies.

Next week, the House plans to use the Congressional Review Act to repeal that Obama regulation — a first salvo in their fight to roll back Obama’s legacy on abortion.

According to congressional aides, the vote is scheduled for late next week and will specifically axe Obama’s Title X rule. During his final weeks in office, Obama finalized the regulation, explicitly barring states from pulling federal grant money from clinics that provide abortion.

14 thoughts on “GOP to Kill Obama Order Requiring Taxpayer Funding of Planned Parenthood”

  1. #1 The federal government cannot [enforcably] “mandate” that any individual, state or a local government do anything unless it is specifically authorized to do so in the US constitution (and the US constitution makes no mention of abortion clinics– something the founding fathers would have deemed horrendous). (There are many constitutional issues, not the least of which would be that it interferes with the “right to contract” clause).

    #2 Regardless of whether the US constitution authorizes a particular mandate (or not)– the federal government may not compel that a federal mandate be carried out without funding the state (or local government, or an individual) for the mandated activity. [Printz v. United States, 521 U.S. 898 (1997)]

    #3 None of this stops an individual, a state or a local government from funding anything that they might want to on their own– as long as the funded activity is legal.

    So, the federal mandate for the states to fund Planned Parenthood should be repealed for a number of reasons– not the least of which is that it is an unconstitutional law.

    Disclosure: I’m not a lawyer– just an unemployed electronics design engineer, with only enough knowledge of the law to get myself into big trouble.

    1. I’m with grace. While my personal stance leans pro life, I would not prohibit another from making their own decision, even if it is in opposition to my own. Funding it should not be borne by those with a moral objection.


    2. I’m a bit more extreme than Grace. I don’t believe it’s a “choice”. It’s murder.

      In 100 years time we will look back on the abortion era with as much disgust as we look back on slavery today.

  2. OT Most of you are probably aware of the unparalleled, vicious campaign against Ivanka Trump taken out on her business by juvenile CEOs who are more occupied with politics than the bottom line, including Jeff Bezos who now seems determined to carve out a new globalist role for himself.

    Following is a responsible reporting on the activity. For me the irony is Ivanka Trump is probably a closet liberal and possibly a registered Democrat who might have been able to present a positive light on some of the liberal thinking. Moreover, she almost a picture perfect example of a strong, effective, loving woman — something that the Feminists might consider worthy. Not the feminazis mind you, feminists.


    1. Good piece, thanks for the link. The left is coming unhinged because after 8 year of “transformation” they really thought that Hillary would solidify it and America as founded would cease to exist.
      I’ve got issues with Trump from time to time but I admit I overlook the small stuff and focus on the bigger picture: That at this time in history, it was going to take a gruff and tumble Trump to take on both the left and the established bureaucracy.
      It’s going to be a hellish four years as the left will become more violent and more destructive but the future will look back and have but four words:
      Thank God for Trump.

    2. Correction. I was wrong, I think. AMZ still shows IT line being sold.

      That said Bezos proudly provided legal assistance to the 9th circuit in the opposition to the President’s ban on illegal immigrants — the one that Obama used.

    3. The campaign against Ivanka is going to backfire tremendously. She’s a role model for a heck of a lot of teenage girls. And those teenage girls are going to be of voting age in 2020 and they WILL remember the witch hunt against Ivanka.

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