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Trump has Most Conservative Cabinet of Modern Era

President Trump has succeeded in picking the most conservative Cabinet of the modern era, and possibly ever, even besting the team put together by former President Reagan, according to a scorecard from the American Conservative Union, host of the annual CPAC convention, according to inveterate newsbreaker Paul Bedard.

ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp told Secrets that Trump’s team, made up in part with House and Senate lawmakers graded by the group over the years, has a 91.52 percent conservative rating, significantly surpassing Reagan’s by 28 points.

Only the Cabinet of former President George H.W. Bush, who was Reagan’s vice president and followed the Gipper into the Oval Office, came close with a 78.15 conservative rating.

3 Responses to Trump has Most Conservative Cabinet of Modern Era

  1. That seems to be a good thing to reassure the conservative Repubs who were all nervous about the candidate Trump. “.but he’s not a true conservative…” we heard every day from political beings who think they set the standard.
    What we peons in flyover see in the Trump cabinet are positive, successful people who are willing to serve their country in the best possible way without anticipating any riches. Some of the cabinet choices will lose some assets, find themselves having to do things that will make some or a lot of people unhappy, but are the right thing to do.

    We’re happy out here with the Trump administration as it’s shaping up. The real hard part will be sweeping out all of the entrenched hard-left Dems serving in anonymous positions in every agency the Cabinet Secretaries will head.

    • President Trump will finish the sweeping in his second term, maybe in his first.
      I just hope the Dem’s don’t change their posture and remain nutso, crazy, lunaticky, that will insure Trumps 2nd term

  2. Trump amazes me every day! Wow , he is doing what he said he would do.

    Obama said one thing then did the opposite. Lying all the 8 terrible years.