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KellyAnne Conway “Counseled” on Ivanka comments

Kellyanne Conway was “counseled” Thursday on federal ethics standards after she encouraged consumers to buy from Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, the White House said.

Conway spoke during a TV interview Thursday morning, raising eyebrows when she told viewers to “go buy Ivanka’s stuff” in protest of Nordstrom’s decision earlier this week to drop her clothing line from its stores, the Washington Examiner reported.

8 Responses to KellyAnne Conway “Counseled” on Ivanka comments

  1. And that’s the proper response; more to the point, they didn’t let it become scandal fodder.

    That they gave a same-day carpet call for such a senior official ought to send Maxine Waters’ impeachment hopes into the biggest nosedive since Twitter’s stock.

  2. Good Grief ! Calls for assassination, rioting, and overt obstructionism, Sanctuary states, cities, and towns, open faced fake news, attempts to deligitimize the presidency — etc — all of these go mostly unchallenged and they simply MUST take pot shots at Conway, Ivanka, Baron, and Mrs. Trump, et al.
    Decent civility, which the majority of us learned when very, very young is now a thing of the past?
    Instead of all this time and expense of petty nonsense, get with the program of calling out those who are attempting to set aflame America.
    There is an old saying that holds true:
    “If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.”
    That goes for all: news agency, pundit, judge, professor, teacher, parent, politician, employee — straight down the list to individual people.

    • The far Left declared war on the United States of America many years ago. Too many pundits, politicians, professors, media people, Hollywood people are soldiers in that war against us.

  3. It was a light-hearted moment, a slip of the tightly controlled advisor’s tongue, and not a commercial advising the public to run out an buy something.
    The context and comment is way out of whack, but then everything MrTrump or his people say or do is twisted, denied, a point of outrage, a reason to insult them (and us) and it’s beyond tiresome.

    MrSpicer was frustrated at the inane and stupid insistence of the White House press corp’s questions about MsConway.
    The Press, who now resemble the cast of TMZ looking for scandal and headlines, is/has/always was unprofessional and it’s so apparent now they should be ashamed.

    • I don’t disagree with the sentiment, BUT.

      If you work at a college radio station, as I once did, you know darn well that there’s stuff you just don’t say on a public channel, that you could say all day on a private one. (Objection anticipated, bear with me.)

      Conway knows darn well that every word she says is going to get a clintonian-level parsing from a grossly hostile media racket. So, unfortunately, she needs to be minding her P’s and Q’s (for now) like a first-time boardop. Not that she is; this just falls right under “don’t give them any extra ammunition.”

      Yes, sooner than later, the always-on-eleven histrionics from the dead media walking will wear thin with the public, and then a bit more candor might be safe.

      That time is not yet here, though. Credit to the administration for making a savvy tactical retreat.

  4. It’s not a big deal. The Left will make it a big deal. The media will make it an even bigger a deal.

    Because what’s bigger than Ivanka’s retail line — Diane Feinstein’s husband’s profits with post offices or other business ventures? Surely not.