As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Trump Schedule || Thursday, February 9, 2017

9:00 am || Receives his daily intelligence briefing
9:30 am || Breakfast with airline industry officials; State Dining Room
10:30 am || Participates in the swearing-in of Attorney General Jeff Sessions
11:30 am || Speaks with President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan
Noon || Speaks with Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani of Qatar
12:30 pm || Holds a SCOTUS listening session and lunch; Roosevelt Room
2:15 pm || Speaks with Emir Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jabir al-Sabah of Kuwait
2:45 pm || Speaks with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of Iraq

31 Responses to Trump Schedule || Thursday, February 9, 2017

  1. There’s no way he can keep up with this big schedule for much longer, but, boy is it wonderful to see.
    He’s like a dynamo.
    Too bad Congress is like a river of slow molasses and just as unappealing.

    • There’s a lot to be said for working smart as well as hard. He now has Neil Gorsuch “disheartened” by his remarks concerning the 9th’s Federal Judge. While there is a lot to hate about the 9th, Trump needs to temper his remarks. I am afraid that great appointees like Gorsuch will bail with 18-24 months as they, themselves, become disheartened. I really wish he would engage his brain before his mouth. Hi opinions will not influence the results. They may, in fact, hurt the outcome. Let the Dems do it to themselves.

    • Michael Goodwin of the NY Post put it best: Judges are only lawyers who curried favor with politicians.

      People who know Trump says this is how he’s always worked. And I wish he’d save all his tweets in his draft folder until Ivanka (or someone less thin skinned) can read and revise them.

      • Every Tweet should be vetted by Kellyanne. Unless all heads of state Tweet, which I do not think they do, I am not sure any of it is appropriate. He should never have taken on Nordstroms by name. There is a lot to be said for appropriatness.

    • Nope. Not to me. I wish I could say it’s shocking, but seeing how the country’s been run (into the ground) the last 29 years, it’s not shocking at all. The only thing I’m shocked about is that Widdle Billie Kristollnacht put his name to his remark.

  2. It seems very odd to me that Gorsuch would make such a comment that he had to know would be reported….I just wonder….could this be part of an effort to get the Dems to think that just maybe Gorsuch wouldn’t be so bad, if he can say something like that about Trump?

  3. Jeff Sessions would do well to take 20 janitors with big push brooms with him when he goes over to the Justice Building. Like all government agencies that place needs to be swept clean. Each and every cabinet secretary should consider it a top priority to first change out the dirty underwear in each office. ASAP

  4. Would be good if Sessions would eliminate,purge,fie or put in a room 8-5 sorting paperclips, the entire Civil Rights Division of the DOJ.

    After he swings by and picks up Lois Lerner or course.

    • Then we’d have bulged eyed lawyer-bureaucrats arguing and screaming at each other about which paperclip goes in which pile, why did someone place all the funny looking paperclips in the wrong pile, why can’t they be in the nice pile with the others? What should be done about the paperclips that aren’t shaped like a paperclip should be shaped, and who’s going to be responsible for the paperclips nobody wants? And what about restitution for the rejected paperclips, eh? And who should we sue for this mess? ;+}

      • HA. Probably true. But myi dea is along the lines of useless union people who for whatever reason cannot be fired but must still report. Put them in a room, all day, together doing what you said. But they only communicate amongst themselves. Read nothing, see nothing, hear nothing.

        Hmmm… perhaps some infighting might develop and they might take care of one another all without any outside help.


  6. Fair question, since he doesn’t have anything scheduled for after his 2:45pm meeting, what does President Trump do with his time? Are there meetings, calls that aren’t reported on his schedule for confidential reasons? We all work 9-5 (at the very least) schedules.

    /serious – not trying to be snarky or sarcastic

    • “We all work 9-5 (at the very least) schedules.”

      I know you said you weren’t being snarky or sarcastic, but that’s sort of a ridiculous statement. Did you ever comment when his schedule has items past 5:00 pm, or before 9:00 am?? The man barely sleeps and works weekends…plus he’s got more on his plate than any of us.

      After the past eight years, I certainly am not going to worry about an “unaccounted” two hours and fifteen minutes.

    • Sam, I hope you noticed and remarked on Barry’s paltry daily schedules when he was in the White House. His schedules were downright niggardly when compared to Trump’s.

    • i would guess that some of this schedule is highly classified – meeting with the NSA or the CIA for example – therefore that wouldn’t appear in the public record.

  7. Already enough, Trump needs to fire Conway, she’s smart but ugly as sin and hard to watch.. Trump can find a better looking female spox. Sean Spicer needs to go–thoroughly repugnant individual, and of course, everybody’s favorite punching
    bag, Rance Preibus needs his pink slip.

    Now that Jeff Sessions is in as AG, Trump should brighten everybody’s day by finding more powerful people to support him.

    God Bless The Donald!

    • You want President Trump to fire a smart, feisty woman because in your opinion, she’s “ugly as sin and hard to watch”?
      Your moniker indicates your mindset.

    • This has to be a dem in disguise writing this. Fire Reince Preibus? (correct spelling) Kelly Ann? She’s gorgeous, you must be a loser dem saying that. Those two are the best of all-time for Trump, sincere, compassionate, hardworking. I don’t believe you are real.