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Stopping Trump’s Order: Follow the Money

Byron York has a piece today discuss what the effort to quash President Trump’s order is really about: cash for big corporations that want cheap labor, like Washington State’s Microsoft.

From his piece:

Why is Washington State mounting such a vigorous challenge to President Trump’s executive order temporarily suspending non-American entry from seven terrorism-plagued countries? Of course there are several lawsuits against the president, and there are lots of motives among the various litigants. But Washington State’s is the suit that stopped the order, at least temporarily. And a look at the state’s case suggests that, behind high-minded rhetoric about religious liberty and constitutional protections, there is a lot of money at stake.

Judging by the briefs filed by Washington State, as well as statements made by its representatives, some of the state’s top priorities in challenging Trump are: 1) To ensure an uninterrupted supply of relatively low-wage H-1B foreign workers for Microsoft and other state businesses; 2) To ensure a continuing flow of high-tuition-paying foreign student visa holders; and 3) To preserve the flow of tax revenues that results from those and other sources.

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  1. Listening to the oral arguments this lowly peon heard that the decision to stop the order was made on the basis of some comment by a Presidential candidate some time ago.
    Some Justice claimed that MrTrump said he was going to bar ALL Muslims if he was elected,soooooooo ..there’s the proof that the Libs/Dems need to throw a monkey wrench into the current sitting President’s order to suspend visas for refugees from certain countries….
    Amazingly insane reasoning.

    Of course the big corporations want cheap labor, trained overseas and willing to work for peanuts in a country where no one is shot or beheaded or lashed for not conforming to some religious cult.
    The same goes for the love of the illegal alien from south of our border – how else are they going to get cheap labor to wash their cars, change their children’s nappies and pick the grapes.

    The big difference between the immigrant from southern countries and middle eastern countries is religion and the willingness to assimilate.
    What a mess 8 years of Obama have made of our country.

  2. Well, I’m an out-of-work electronics design engineer. I was replaced by a person from India [with an an H-1B visa] that works for 1/3 of what I was making– and they made me train him before I was let go. This engineer cannot leave the company because he would have to go back to India, so he is [essentially] an “indentured servant” [aka: SLAVE]. I bet you thought we eliminated slavery in the USA– think again!

    The H-1B program was [originally] for bringing in highly exceptional individuals that would make America a better competitor in the world marketplace. Instead, it has been turned into a way for large companies to hire cheap labor, and keep them working at that same company with government regulations.

    There are millions of out-of-work engineers in the USA because of this. It’s time to STOP the [highly abused] H-1B program NOW. I’m not saying kick out the H-1B people that are already here– just please stop issuing NEW H-1B visas. Let’s get AMERICANS back to work!

    • Very interesting Ken, and and it illuminates the article above. I am sorry for you, ( and all the other out of work engineers ), though, and I really hope times will be better soon.

  3. A very interesting article, thanks.Follow the money, yes, always the useful approach.
    It should be useful when wondering why the establishment is so keen on having these enormous Muslim populations into Europe. Maybe they have figured out that Islam is very useful if you want to subdue and terrorize the population. So it may be about power. Destabilizing nations. But money? Who benefits ( apart from all these people now eating our welfare systems ) ?
    I often wonder, why is this happening, is it unavoidable in the era of the Internet ? Well, I guess, there are many ways to approach this. Through the ages, the history, Europe has gone through earlier times of great migration. And as a matter of fact, during one of these, they all went to America and founded the USA. But there is a great difference today, when an often hostile population enter another country with the governments permission.

    • Early immigrants to North America came here for freedom from tyranny or just for a better life. Many came with very little but the clothes on their backs. They worked hard and built two countries that are the envy of the world. They had no handouts, no welfare, nothing but their own blood, tears and sweat. They came to build nations, not to tear them down. How sad that our governments now support the invasion that may well be the end of us, and of all that our forefathers created.

  4. Not “cheap labor” — “cheap ILLEGAL labor.”

    We need to start calling a spade a spade. These businesses have no allegiance to our nation.

    Deport the illegals — punish their employers.