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Obama Kitesurfing with Billionaire Richard Branson

Former President Barack Obama appears to be enjoying life after the White House, including learning to kitesurf with billionaire Richard Branson in the British Virgin Islands, the Washington Examiner reported.

Branson published a blog post showing the former president and himself competing to see who could pick up a new sport first. Obama was attempting to learn kitesurfing while Branson went after foilboarding.

14 Responses to Obama Kitesurfing with Billionaire Richard Branson

  1. Once seen, the photos cannot be unseen.
    There is something so creepy, so unnatural about their relationship and it’s apparent to all who see it.

  2. Obama lacks the discipline to lead his government of the left in exile.

    There will be worker bees, for sure. Soros, violent thugs and rioters, corrupt people in positions of power, etc. But don’t expect anything beyond paid speechifying and photo opps like this. He will continue to hobnob and “fund raise”, some of which he might share with the Democrat Socialist Party.

    Life will be good for Barack Obama. His legacy … another story.

  3. My God. We all knew he was a girly-guy. This just solidifies it. I really thought that was a picture of a woman.
    Where’s Michelle? We need a real man in the picture. Branson does not qualify.