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DeVos Confirmed by Senate as Education Secretary

The teachers’ unions nearly got her, but not quite.

Vice President Mike Pence saved Betsy DeVos’ nomination to be education secretary on Tuesday, by using his constitutional power to cast a tiebreaking vote in the Senate after two Republicans jumped ship and voted with Democrats against her confirmation, the Washington Examiner reported.

Two centrist Republicans, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, followed through on their plans to vote against DeVos, citing opposition from teachers and parents who fear DeVos’ school choice advocacy will hurt public schools.

That created a 50-50 tie in the Senate, forced Pence to break the tie and confirm her in a 51-50 vote. It was the first time ever a vice president has broken a tie for a Cabinet slot.

Pence’s role took mere minutes. He was ushered into the Senate president’s chair and announced the roll call was split evenly before casting his vote in favor of DeVos.

12 Responses to DeVos Confirmed by Senate as Education Secretary

  1. The MSM never mentions some of the best charter schools are PUBLIC schools…instead, they always push the private school/wealthy people angle when lambasting choice advocates.

  2. Randi Weingarten will be organizing a Teachers Strike to protest the appointment. And if she does, Trump should pull a Ronnie and fire them all….


  3. Now, watch all the leftists scream about how she’ll ‘destroy public education’ …. as they’re picking up their own kids at private schools.

  4. Very good news. Children and families should have a choice. The education system in the US is a socialist paradise . This is a really really good start.

    It’s done. I don’t care what the Teacher’s Union says or does. Don’t care what the Left says.

  5. “I mentioned this yesterday but it’s worth repeating. Whatever you think about the Vietnam War, vis a vis its aims and how it was fought, it was lost over here on the campuses and on the TV screen by a relatively small group of people who faked us out into essentially surrendering.

    They are trying to pull that shit here, only this time, it’s not to stop a war and help a foreign power defeat us over there, it’s for them to defeat us OVER HERE and take over. ”

    I saw this comment early today and thought it a good point,particularly in light of Berkeley and especially because those people in the streets then — the traitor Jean Francois Kerry, the terrorist bomber Bill Ayers, and so many others are in positions of real power and have had tremendous influence over a generation, particularly in the schools. DeVos is important.

    And oh by the way, it was important enough to draw the great Thomas Sowell out of retirement to pen his thoughts on why this appointment is so important to begin to reverse what has happened in our country. Education is so important.

    Part I

    Part II

  6. The oppo wants Common Core aka Communist indoctrination, and is against homeschooling.

    The best schools feature ditch digging–solves all sorts of problems. Out all day, digging away… Educational and physically challenging, digging the ditch to nowhere, all little kids exhausting themselves pounding dirt with shovels, no time to think, fresh air, exercise…

    God Bless Mike Pence and President Melania