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Secret Service Spouses Create Online Petition Demanding Agent’s Ouster

The spouses of several Secret Service agents are circulating a petition calling for the immediate removal of the special agent who wrote on Facebook that she would rather face “jail time” than take “a bullet” for President Trump, the Washington Examiner reported.

The spouses, who requested anonymity out of fear of retribution against their husbands and wives, are speaking out against the special agent in question, Kerry O’Grady, because they say they no longer have faith that she can lead the Denver district office where their spouses work.

The online petition, addressed to Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy, calls for the agency to “act now and terminate [Special Agent in Charge] Kerry O’Grady from the duties she boldly stated she will not perform.”

7 Responses to Secret Service Spouses Create Online Petition Demanding Agent’s Ouster

  1. Well, that would be treating Kerry O’Grady with “kid gloves”.

    Instead, permanently assign her to Hillary’s SS detail. She loves Hillary so much, I’m sure she would take a bullet for HER. We all know how “lovingly” Hillary treats her SS detail– with all of the yelling and colorful language– throwing things at them, and spitting in their faces, etc. Kerry O’Grady can then crouch down and lick Hillary’s jack-boots. I think this would be more fitting punishment for Kerry O’Grady than just canning her– besides the US government has invested millions in her training– it would not be fair to screw the taxpayers just to be vindictive.

  2. Special Agent in Charge O’Grady “regrets” her comments. Of course only because everyone found out.

    I have contacted my senators and asked them to fire her.