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CNN Declines to Book Conway in Part Due to “Credibility Issues”

After all the lies and attempts to mislead by the Obama administration, CNN decides Kellyanne Conway is not credible.

From the Washington Examiner:

Tensions are rising between top White House adviser Kellyanne Conway and CNN, the network her boss, President Trump, loves to hate.

A source at CNN told the Washington Examiner on Monday that the network’s weekend show, “State of the Union,” declined to book her as a guest, in part because of “credibility issues.”

Conway ran into controversy last week when she wrongly stated during a media interview that there had been a “Bowling Green massacre” committed by terrorists in Bowling Green, Ky.

17 thoughts on “CNN Declines to Book Conway in Part Due to “Credibility Issues””

  1. She is “gold” to the news shows. CNN loses again, putting ideology in front of business value.

    The other networks will jump on this.


  2. Thanks to the divider Obummer and the Hildabeast the country is a mess. Us vs them on steroids!

    Time for a nice shinny new enemy list!

    The Clinton’s to Jail followed by Obama. Treason for all !!

    DNA test for all their kids and the parents too!

    Jail for the fake global warming people.

    No funding for the UN

    Yellen out at the Fed !

    1. Removing Yellen will do nothing positive. What we REALLY need to do, is have congress pass a law to modify the Federal Reserve Act so that the private banking system known as the Federal Reserve can be audited. We all know the entire thing is the biggest FRAUD that ever was– and the auditors will find this fraud. THEN, you arrest all of the directors and executives for fraud and conspiracy, and THEN you confiscate all of the Federal Reserve Banks and their assets (under the RICO act). Using this idea, the whole thing is nationalized– and the upside is that THERE WILL BE NO MORE US DEBT to the Federal Reserve (as it’s a silly concept to owe money to yourself!) After that we start printing non-interest bearing congressional notes, and [slowly over time] replace all of the “Federal Reserve Notes” in circulation with the new “congressional notes”. Once that is done, we repeal the Federal Reserve Act, and the “legal tender” law. Eventually, the 16th amendment can go (to eliminate the income tax), and 3 years later we close down the IRS. Revenue will be strictly come from duties and excise taxes– which will require that the federal government be vastly reduced in size. WIN WIN !!!

      1. And that, in a nutshell is the dilemma as we tune in to the corporate media. I would certainly trust President Trump and his associates before I would lend the slightest credibility to those who have sworn to Soros and/or Lucifer to destroy Trump and sabotage his administration.

  3. This is irrelevant. Nobody [that matters] in the USA watches that “Tabloid News Network” anymore– EXCEPT that it is one of the few networks in the USA that can be seen in other countries.

    They are probably breaking some law that I’m not aware of. I know that there is the “Logan Act”, and there might be something similar for a news network that is essentially a monopoly internationally– they are spewing out “FAKE NEWS” to the detriment of the current administration, and that WILL affect our national security and international relations. When a news agency is a monopoly, it is no longer under “free speech” protections, (because it is a “public trust”, as some idiots actually BELIEVE what they are broadcasting). “Free Speech” ends when you are saying things [knowingly and willfully, with malice and forethought] that may incite a crime, or otherwise may end up harming innocent people (e.g. you can’t yell “FIRE” in a theater when there is no fire)– and IMHO, making false assertions and speaking out (internationally) AGAINST the representatives of our great republic (the POTUS and the US-SOS) is very close to (but may not be) treason, but is CERTAINLY sedition. You would have to consult a legal scholar though to get better advice (I’m an electronics design engineer not a lawyer).

    CNN is owned by a corporation, and corporations have stockholders, directors (usually the top stockholders or their proxies) and executives. Normally, these people are protected by the “corporate shield” if they make an honest mistake while guiding the corporation, but this does not apply if they knowingly and willfully commit a crime. Let’s find the law that they are breaking, and then arrest the entire board of directors (or the real stockholder behind the board member if the board member is only a proxy voter), all of the top executives down to the VP level, and THEN confiscate the entire network and it’s assets under the RICO act. Shut the whole thing down– or, sell it to another news agency that is more interested in reporting the truth.

    1. Hey Ken,
      Unlike most of the latest political chatter, you speak with actual “gravita”… isn’t the bawling baby, harry reide’s spot opening up out there in your neck of the woods?

  4. CNN is horrible, 24/7 to get Trump. We know who are behind this lunacy at CNN, this lunacy that everyone can see right through for what it is, FAKE NEWS!!! AND various people, for starters, sicko greedy Clintons (can’t get enough money for themselves), and all the low-class democrats like Schumer who wants all Muslims to come to the U.S., what kind of Jew is he? He knows New York Trade Center has been bombed twice, first time 1500 people killed by Muslim terrorists, second bombing at the Trade Center killed 3000 PEOPLE! and terror attacks in Florida, California, New York, midwest beheading by muslim terrorists, and he and Feinstein can spout scummy words about Trump discriminating against Muslim terrorists? What kind of Jews are Schumer and Feinstein? They also know that every day and night Muslim terrorists knife and shoot Jews in Israel? ALL FOR THE VOTE KIDS, THATS WHAT SCHUMER AND FEINSTEIN ARE ABOUT, THEY KNOW THE DEMOCRAT COMMUNIST PARTY IS DONE RIGHT NOW SO THATS ALL THEY HAVE, they want MUSLIM TERRORISTS HERE FOR THEIR VOTES, They don’t care about Muslims or anyone else, least of all protecting their fellow Americans from getting beheaded, they just are desperate for refugee votes, hoping their commie party comes back, no chance, if they win ever again, it will be by fraud, refugee illegal votes they think will win for them. Maybe that will happen one day but then the U.S. is toast, but do you think Schumer and Feinstein care about that? Never, they want to destroy the country just like Obama, the first black president, who was without a doubt the biggest racist the world has ever seen. LIKE I SAID WHAT KIND OF JEWS ARE THESE TWO, Schumer and Feinstein, feeding CNN with lies, half-truths, nonsensical headlines from all desperate communists in their party, even going on facebook with Soros, rounding up thousands and paying them to march, so people might think the whole country hates Trump, I still say, not a chance. They can get hundreds and thousands of people to march but there are 350 million people in America that voted for Trump, maybe half of them, that know whats going on. Its a rotten conspiracy by the creeps in the U.S. but we are smarter than them, we voted for Trump, not them, didn’t we? They are by far the most ignorant, viscious, morbid, dumb, anti-Americans and God will fix them one day.

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