As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Trump Schedule || Monday, February 6, 2017

10:40 am || Departs Palm Beach, Florida
11:30 am || Arrives Tampa Bay, Florida
11:45 am || Receives a central command and special operations briefing; MacDill Air Force Base
12:30 pm || Has lunch with enlisted personnel; MacDill Air Force Base
1:15 pm || Makes remarks to coalition representatives and senior U.S. commanders; MacDill Air Force Base
2:00 pm || Meets with Governor Rick Scott; MacDill Air Force Base
2:20 pm || Departs MacDill Air Force Base en route Washington

13 Responses to Trump Schedule || Monday, February 6, 2017

  1. Good to see Trump stopping personally at MacDill.

    Once he’s back in WDC he should have a sit down with Priebus and Sessions, if appropriate about McConnell. Or better yet have a one on one with him.

    McConnell who couldn’t do enough for Barack Obama.

  2. I guess that Trump is happy for The New England Patriots and his friend Tom Brady today.
    He probably is also happy for Marine Le Pens speech in Lyons yesterday. She is one of the most interesting politicians in Europe today. She delivered a rousing speech yesterday, in front of thousands of jubilant spectators. She blasted globalization and Islamization, she said that “veils, mosques and prayers on the streets of France” are an unacceptable cultural danger. I absolutely agree. And she praised Trump. She has previously said that Trumps win is a sign of hope for Europe. I definitely agree , I put so much hope in this president. I hope he can stay his course and isn´t led astray by some hibernating neo-cons in the corners of the White House. However, I can tell you that he has an uphill battle in MSM here as well because European media is an echo-chamber of yours.They often quote and print whatever lies and orchestrated attacks that come from New York Times, CNN etc. If Bannon can in some way break these propaganda-institutions it would be a victory for common sense.

    • Very interesting things going on in the world today.
      Watching RT , marchers, Christians, go into muslim “enclaves” in England caring signs, “England First” Hmmmm.
      Movement in France for Fraexit…hmmmm
      LePen, France First….hmmm
      Globalization seems in jeopardy, time will tell.

    • Thanks for your report SWL. Let’s hope common sense is on the rise.

      I loved the Brady win. It’s depressing though how everything is political. The Left just steals joy. I applaud anyone who makes an effort to right the course.

      Are you on the water? Must be cold.

    • Good report, SL. There’s strong evidence of a political sea change in the Western countries. It’s a natural reaction to the liberty-stealing, anti-sovereignty forces which have tortured humanity for many years. We see the movement to human rights based on Natural Law–as was the Declaration of Independence– spreading like wildfire.

  3. A Behemoth of a sailing yacht just slipped by in the waters next to me, Öresund. It is on route north from Kiel,Germany, where it was built. It is “Sailing Yacht A “, owned by a stinking rich Russian. It is of 143 m ( 468 ft) length and has shipmasts, 100 m ( 300 ft ) up in the air. Eight stories, futuristic design. Well, I do understand why it couldn´t anchor in our nice, little harbour.

  4. Oh, that’s right…

    MacDill is going to be getting a lot more VIP traffic the next few years, with Mar-A-Lago and whatnot.

    I thought I’d be seeing less of the eight-bell set when I bolted Washington for Tampa Bay, but noooooo. 9_9