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Trump: If Something Bad Happens, Blame the Judge

Is he kidding?

From the Washington Examiner:

President Trump Sunday told Americans to blame the judge who halted his immigration order if any of those who enter from the countries subject to his suspended travel ban commit attacks.

“Just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril. If something happens blame him and court system. People pouring in. Bad!” Trump tweeted Sunday.

He added that he’s instructing the Department of Homeland Security to vet the people coming to the U.S. “VERY CAREFULLY.”

“The courts are making the job very difficult!” he wrote.

16 thoughts on “Trump: If Something Bad Happens, Blame the Judge”

  1. No, he’s not kidding. He got blamed because someone’s “mother died” and that was a lie. He is being held responsible for keeping Muslim families separated and all kinds of heart-breaking nonsense.
    Who’s to blame? Someone is.
    The Boston bombers, the San Bernadino killers, the gay nightclub massacre, the massacre at the airport, who’s at fault here?
    Not us.

  2. If the Judiciary wishes to risk the security of the United States and its citizens over some petty liberal BS then they should be blamed for what happens as result of preventing the President from protecting the country.

    Yeah, it sounds awful. Too bad. That is exactly where the fault lies.

    1. Completely agree. The judges are, in effect, opening the floodgates for even more ISIS killers embedded in the flow to our shores from these terrorist countries. We already, according to the FBI, have ISIS cells in all 50 states. Apparently, that’s not nearly enough for these judges.

  3. Watch carefully how this development with the temporary ban is being reported (you’ve already noticed, no doubt)– key factual elements are left out, editorial political opinions frame the “objective” news stories, absolutely no positive reporting in sight, etc.

    Which brings us to this, via Drudge:

    “Errors From The Press Are Piling Up In The Opening Weeks Of The Trump Administration”

    From the story:

    “Journalists can’t seem to get their stories straight in the opening weeks of the Trump administration, whether in tweets or in articles where falsehoods have been spread almost daily.

    “The mistakes have not just been from newer liberal news outlets such The Huffington Post or BuzzFeed, but from legacy media like Reuters, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.”

    We’d be better off if we hired the village idiot to write and edit these newspapers.

    1. Local news the past few days filled with sob stories about “happy reunions” of refugees being with their families again…their lives turned upside down because of the “Trump Ban.”


        1. No mention of Obama, or little details like “temporary” or “90 days”…it’s all about the evil Trump and his oppressive ban.

        2. Grace, there is already “settled law” on this.
          A 1952 bill establishing the presidents powers on this, last used by Jimmy Carter with Iranians. He actually DEPORTED bunches of them.

          1. Indeed. But the law, the constitution, precedence means nothing when the Left judges President Trump.

            There is vicious rebellion against this President. I don’t know if it would be so against any Republican or just this one. But a large part of this is that they were convinced they had won.

            Trying to figure out what to call this coordinated and sometimes violent opposition and I am pretty close to agreeing with this comment (bear in mind some Congress did not even show to committee meetings) — “We have a seditious Democratic Party that is destroying the American electoral system.”

            There is no way I want to believe this, but increasingly there is little to convince me otherwise. Especially when you consider the wobbly intell community, the liberal judges overruling a President’s constitutional obligation to the country’s security etc.


  4. OT Didn’t see it, but read about it. Seems Lady Gaga did an apolitical half time performance at the Super Bowl. Yea!

    Girl will have to pay, of course.

    Tweet :
    “Gaga’s performance tonight is why I don’t trust white women even if they claim to be intersectional. She had that WHOLE platform man….”

    Me — intersectional? OMG. :)

    1. I’ll take your word for this, I couldn’t figure out what she was saying or why she jumped off of the roof.
      Grandson wondered why her crotch was glowing, couldn’t answer that either.

  5. Trump is right. He communicates like a real human (and echoes what half the country & 100% of independent thinkers are thinking) rather than a pontificating, non-committal politician who goes which ever way the wind blows. You’ll get used to it.

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