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Federal Appeals Court Rejects Trump Travel Ban Appeal

A federal appeals court early Sunday denied a Justice Department request to reinstate a travel ban President Trump had placed on those trying to enter from seven countries that have terrorist organizations within them, the Washington Examiner reported.

About 24 hours after U.S. District Judge James Robart ruled Friday in favor of a lawsuit by Washington state and Minnesota to block the week-old executive action, the Trump administration had made good on a threat to push back with an appeal late Saturday.

But response, delivered by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, means that the ban will remain in abeyance, at least for now. The appeals court asked the Department of Justice to issue a response on Monday.

16 thoughts on “Federal Appeals Court Rejects Trump Travel Ban Appeal”

  1. And when the terrorists from this batch of refugees strikes — or when their unassimilated children decide to become radicals, will these judges see what they have done?

    I have a related question — why don’t refugees ever go home? If a country becomes safe enough or them to visit, why aren’t they moved back?

    1. Why don’t the refugees ask for a “safe haven” in their Homeland…?
      If I was a “refugee” I would rather stay in my homeland than travel thousands of miles to a foreign land that has nothing to do with my homeland.

  2. A new line item to be added to Trump’s “to do” list.
    Break up the San Francisco based 9th Circuit of Court Appeals and allow AZ to leave as we’ve requested. It covers too many States, and has 2X the population of the next largest one, totaling 20% of the U.S. population.

    1. Unfortunately, this is controlled by the US constitution– the only way to remove [without violence] a sitting judge is for US congress to impeach them.

      There are ~300+ “activist judges” that must be removed, and it can all be done at once (impeach them all at the same time). The 9th circuit has had activist judges sitting on the bench for decades now, and they have done massive damage to the USA.

      If removing (by impeachment) all of the “activist judges” is not on Trump’s “To Do” list, then it certainly *SHOULD* be! I’ betting that it already is on his LIST. We will see…

      1. I did not advocate removing judges, although that’s a great idea.
        The 9th circuit is just way too large, and it takes forever to process anything. AZ has asked many times to be removed and placed elsewhere, maybe the 10th?.

  3. We are doomed if the Liberal judges are allowed to do this.

    Maybe we should do what the Clinton’s do when someone opposes them? mmmm ?

  4. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is filled with LibTard judges that rule based on their own personal beliefs and their communistic agenda as opposed to ruling based on the original legislative intent of the US constitution (which CLEARLY states that the POTUS has absolute control over who crosses our borders).

    This is just a first (but necessary) step towards getting a REAL ruling (based on the constitution– not some communist agenda) in the next higher court. This issue may have to go to the SCOTUS, and (hopefully) the new justice will be in place for that– but even if not, the SCOTUS is not going to be able to skirt the US constitution THAT far– it would cause a revolution!

    1. Once Gorsuch is on the SCOTUS, I expect Kennedy to resign by early summer. 2nd appointment. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is just a matter of time before either the grim reaper gets her or she resigns due to very old age or health. That old biddy has survived stomach cancer and pancreatic cancer. One tough broad. Just think. Two to three appointments by Trump in the first 1-2 years. It will be a circus, fun and entertaining.

  5. What the FAKE NEWS is not telling us:

    The FAKE NEWS is making a BIG DEAL about how a baby that needed heart surgery was “… now able to enter the USA, and is now getting medical attention…”.

    I’m glad that little innocent baby was able to get the high-tech heart surgery that was needed– I’m all for preserving life, especially the lives of innocent children. BUT– what the FAKE NEWS NETWORK is NOT telling you, is that there is an exception in the POTUS’ executive order for “humanitarian purposes”– so this baby would have gotten into the USA anyway. SORRY, FAKE NEWS– this was a “Psy-Op” to fool the people, but we are smarter than you think, and we are NOT fooled!

  6. Completely expected.

    On the other hand, today’s media talking points are about how Conservative!!!!! Judge Robart is.

    Because nothing screams Conservative!!!!! like declaring from the bench that Black Lives Matter.

    Yeah. Some conservative.

  7. Is this unbelievable San Francisco the libs have shred the constitution their is no same sex marriage or abortion rights. This whole is wrong we need to continue to fight back in every way thank god we have trump!

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