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Open Thread || Saturday, February 4, 2017



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  1. Mexico receives over 25 billion a year of remittances from Mexicans working in the US. Why not put a 5% wall tax on these remittances to pay for the wall?

    If Mexico protest the tax then ask them to explain the pamphlet they published giving instructions to her citizens on how to enter the US illegally and how to avoid detection.

    A Mexican Manual for Illegal Migrants Upsets Some in U.S.

    I would prefer it if Trump send in the military to assist Homeland Security to stop the illegal immigration from Mexico. Only build the wall in heavy traffic areas.

    Mexico likes the remittances so that it does not have to spent money on helping Mexico to be a better place to live. Mexicans would not come to the US if they had opportunities at home.

  2. The LibTard violence has gone on long enough— They have made their point (if there ever was one). Now it’s time to “nip it in the bud” and call in the US Marshalls, the FBI, and the National Guard to place the “violent protesters” [aka: “domestic terrorists”] in JAIL. They are breaking federal law– and it’s called “domestic terrorism”. This will get you 5 years in Leavenworth– (and PLEASE, let’s put these idiots into the general population– not “club fed”– and I don’t care WHO their daddy is). Same goes for anyone organizing/fomenting this terrorism and those that PAY FOR it (George Soros,

    The Secret Service should investigate and the FBI (or US Marshalls) should arrest ANYONE making ANY death threat to the POTUS– there is a federal law against this and it is NOT “protected speech” under ANY circumstances.

    Also, investigate any law enforcement officer that was “looking the other way” while citizens were being beaten viciously– this is called “dereliction of duty”, and at a minimum this should go into their record. If they were ORDERED to do this, then place the person giving the order into PRISON. (Yep– another crime altogether). Sworn law enforcement officers are not required to follow an unlawful order– but they ARE required to execute their DUTY with respect to the oath of office that they took– EVEN IF THEY WERE GIVEN AN UNLAWFUL ORDER TO STAND DOWN.

    Once word gets out that these acts of domestic terrorism are no longer going to be tolerated– it WILL stop– just like that!

  3. “Activist Judges”:

    There appear to be about 300+ judges sitting on the bench in various federal courts that are NOT following the US constitution– in effect they are making decisions for personal and/or political reasons rather than making decisions that are compliant with the original legislative intent of the US constitution. These judges *CAN* be removed through the impeachment process EN MASS by congress.

    Someone in the administration should be investigating the decisions made by these activist judges– and start “making a list, and checking it twice, to find out who’s naughty and nice”– and THEN do what should have been done decades ago– REMOVE THEM FROM THE BENCH.

    Afterwards, the POTUS can appoint judges that actually FOLLOW the original legislative intent of the US constitution instead of treating it like a “…living document that means whatever WE say it means…”.

    There are also [IMHO] a few “activist justices” on the SCOTUS that should be “encouraged” to RETIRE right NOW.

  4. Civilian Volunteer Air Marshall Program

    I think that there should be a federal program that allows civilians to carry arms on board aircraft to act as an “auxiliary air marshal”. They would have to pass a DEEP background check, a comprehensive psychological test, and must also show EXCEPTIONAL proficiency with a firearm. This would include (and require) special training for air marshal service (they the civilians would pay for). They would (of course) have to identify themselves to the airline, the TSA, and the regular federal air marshal service when flying. This would be an unpaid position, and they would still have to pay for their air travel ticket [unless the airline was feeling magnanimous that day]. They would have a badge and ID showing their status, and should be able to carry anywhere in the USA [and other countries if they allow it].

    This would go a long way to preventing and/or stopping hijackings and/or terrorist acts on commercial aircraft.

  5. Automatic Restoration of Rights for Non-Violent Ex-Felons:

    There are MILLIONS of people that cannot vote (or buy a gun to protect themselves)– These are people that made some mistake earlier in life, and have paid their debt to society. You would be surprised how many people made some minor mistake (that most people didn’t even know was a crime)– and they ended up getting convicted of a felony– thus losing their voting and gun rights FOR LIFE.

    If we truly care about the rehabilitation of these people, then we need to make sure that they can get good jobs and are not treated as societal outcasts.

    I propose that all non-violent felons have ALL of their rights restored as soon as they are no longer under the care of the penal system– and for ANY felon, their name should removed from the “Firearms No-Buy List” if they stay clean [or have already been clean] for 5 years. There could be a federal website that they can enter their information to get the process started [which should be reviewed by a human with database access at the DOJ].

    Believe it or not– many of these people would vote conservative if they were again allowed to vote. (I’m having a hard time finding where in the US constitution and/or Bill of Rights it is stated that a person loses certain rights if convicted of certain crimes– so this must be some relatively recent unconstitutional law that does this– no?)

    Also, according to a study done by a law school back in the 90’s, we *ALL* commit an average of THREE felonies per day (without even knowing it)! If we were all arrested for our crimes, then there would be nobody left to vote– and then the “government by the people” would be a REALLY be a dictatorship, wouldn’t it? IS THAT THE PLAN ???



    • My son was stupid at age 20. Plead guilty, served his time. He is now a normal well adjusted law abiding citizen who is libertarian conservative. Yes, not every criminal stays a criminal – he is working on having his rights restored, a rather long process.

  6. Here is a list of sitting US Congresspeople who are also official members of the Democratic Socialist Party of America. It also includes the entire Progressive Caucus. This list is old but relevant. You will recognize some of the players.

    Check out the Judiciary Cmte. and the goals of the DSA, including Redistribution.

    To help refresh your memory — DWS could not or would not define the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist when asked by Chris Matthews.

    I mention this because the heightened violence and riots by Soros organizations who also go through the DSA.

    • And no one does anything about these terrible anti-American people in our government, making decisions for us, fighting against the American people, proven traitors? Why aren’t they thrown out on their asses? How dare our country allow this communist regime in our government? They are terrible people, I have heard each one of them talk and they don’t talk nicely about America or Americans, they sound racist to me.

  7. Kinda funny. Nordstroms, which has made a mark catering to upper middle class women mostly (and across the board) has dropped Ivanka Trumps line and somehow made it clear that Trump shoppers were not welcome.

    Well,if we follow the PC line. Gone are the upper middle to wealthy shoppers because we are told all the wealthy are Trump Republicans. This leaves the shoppers of the Democrat Socialist Party, the Party of the People, the working man and woman who couldn’t afford to shop at such places, one would think.

    So, who is the new Nordstrom shopper? You really have to love this thinking.

  8. I don’t get it. One judge challenges Trump’s EO, another judge in Maine or somewhere, agreed with it. Why have the floodgates reopened with DHS, the airlines, the border security everyone acting like it’s a done deal, readmitting people?

    One judge gets to over ride a President when it comes to issues of national security? Since when?

    • Why are they readmitting people so fast? Who’s in charge here, I thought it was the President? Do we even have a country or a President anymore? You can thank Obama, Schumer, Feinstein, McCain, etc., our FAKE GOVERNMENT NOW! The military should step in, the democrats are acting against the laws of the U.S. Trump should do something more than submitting papers, He should stop this cou attempt. Its like a takeover in other countries. C’mon Trump do something more!!!! to stop this. No one should be readmitted! Freaking Schumer and Feinstein, 2 Jews that have screwed Israel and America, letting all muslim terrorists in. What kind of Jews are Schumer and Feinstein?

      • Moderation, you must be joking. Why? cause I said the truth about those two crooks and turncoats Schumer and Feinstein? Good for me, I have seen much worse on your site.