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Trump Schedule || Saturday, February 4, 2017

4:15 pm || Speaks with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni; Mar-a Lago
4:45 pm || Speaks with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko; Mar-a-Lago
7:00 pm || Attends the 60th Annual Red Cross Gala; Mar-a-Lago

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  1. Don’t know if the RC Ball is “fun” or an obligatory event, but hope it is a little down time for the Trumps.

    Comment from Hungary where Soros funded rioters and protesters are remarkably similar to what we are beginning to see here in the US. Interesting read. The Hungarian government has made public statements against Soros and what he is doing. We have RICO. We should use it before Soros gains more of a foothold. He seeks power and will pay people to overthrow governments that stand in his way. It’s not rocket science.

    I am on fence with Zero Hedge but this commenter has lived it.

      • The RC Ball is a major fundraising event and has been held at this location for 60 years. Trump has attended in the past even before he thought of running for President. Every President going back to Woodrow Wilson has had the title of Honorary chairman of the Red Cross so there are a lot of reasons why its appropriate for him to attend tonight.

  2. I heard that the UN envoy Nikki Haley said that the Russian sanctions remain until the Crimea is returned to Ukraina. And as this will never happen, what is this all about ? She sounds like another Victoria Nuland. I thought and hoped that Trump was going to relieve the tensions in this area, stop the war in Ukraina. I read above that he is going to talk to the oligarch/president Poroschenko today, I hope there is some diplomacy going on.
    How I wish that Pat Buchanan was an advisor in the Trump administration, he has experience, he makes so much sense. He writes, “Iran/backed Houthi rebels attacked a Saudi warship and Iran tested a missile. Saudi has been bombing Houthi rebels and ravaging their country Yemen for 2 years. Are the Saudis entitled to immunity for this? And where is the evidence of Irans role in the attack? Why is Trump making this his war?”
    Yes indeed, why is Trump drawing a red line so quickly ? Why engage in this, why drag the US deeper into the byzantine and murderous Mideast affairs ? Build a wall instead.

  3. I should have known President Trump wouldn’t take a w/e off. Of course the MSM freaked that he was going to be on vacation. While the previous prez spent more time vacationing than working. Valjar took care of that.

    • The previous prez took less vacation than the one before. And let’s not pay attention that Trump is speaking to two foreign dignitaries (at his resort hmm $$) and then the rest of the time is his. Costing us quite a lot to house secret service at Trumps hotel. So I think he’s doing pretty well this weekend. $$$

      • Well, that depends on what one calls a vacation. Going home is not a vacation as most of us define it.
        As for the Security costs – how much did it cost for the SS to stay at Hawaii, or Spain, or Brazil (the daughter), or the Hamptons, or Palm Springs, or Vail, or ..the list goes on.
        Pres Bush went home, not on vacation.
        The Obamas went “home” to Chicago twice(?) in 8 years.

      • LOL, having been a follower of Keith’s for years, I do remember many Obama 4 day weekends (no public schedule). Lots of official business trips tied to fundraisers/vacations.

        DT would probably prefer his own plane, but the SS and national security won’t allow it.

        The SS loves when he goes to Mar-A-Lago with it’s built-in security already in place, and whats not to love about Florida in February.

      • Patty, are you a troll ?
        If you aren’t, then you forgot to add /sarc to your comment.
        If you are, try twitter.
        We don’t endure trolls here very well.

  4. OT–Lest we forget how angry the activist groups of the Left, the Hollywood moonbats, the political establishment and the corporate media are because Donald J. Trump won the Presidency, keep this in mind:

    “Over 12,000 tweets are calling for Trump’s assassination. Here’s how the Secret Service handles it”

    And that’s just since President Trump’s inauguration, two weeks ago.

    Corporate media continues to incite those highly unstable and suggestible individuals who are looking for an excuse to do great harm to Trump and his family. The continual false media reporting on President Trump’s temporary pause on letting in unvetted immigrants from countries harboring terrorists has become a major inspiration for these type individuals.