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Obamacare Enrollment Numbers Plunge

Obama’s signature “achievement” is in its death throes.

Last-minute Obamacare enrollments dropped significantly this year compared to last year, as the debate over Republican vows to repeal and replace the law heats up, the Washington Examiner reported.

A total of more than 9.2 million people selected health plans on the federal website during its fourth annual enrollment season, the administration announced Friday. But just around 400,000 people signed up in the last two weeks, compared to nearly 700,000 signups in the final week of enrollment last year.

Republicans quickly jumped on the announcement to broadcast their dire analysis of the law. Kevin Brady, chairman of the Ways and Means Committee which is working on an Obamacare repeal bill, said the numbers only partially reflect what he sees as the law’s failings.

“The enrollment numbers released today only tell a fraction of Obamacare’s disappointing story — for instance, the fact that these numbers are the result of a law that forces Americans to sign up for insurance they don’t want or need,” Brady said in a statement.

8 Responses to Obamacare Enrollment Numbers Plunge

  1. ObamaCare was designed to fail so that a mandated federal single payer system could be imposed as the “solution” to resolve the health care crisis created by ObamaCare. That was always the plan. See: Gruber.

  2. I’ll welcome the single-payer health care plan. In the meantime, fuck Trump and the fucking republicans who have been hell-bent on destroying the plan which they don’t need because they have their own special taxpayer-funded plan which is better than we peasants will ever acquire even at our own expense. Damn them to hell.

    • A whole lot of Democrats and wealthy liberals have the same plan if that’s your complaint.

      Obama and the Dems rammed this through in the worst of possible ways. You got problems talk to them.

    • Corbs: your keen sense of vocabulary and self portrait as a peasant speaks to your ignorance, dimly lit awareness, and lack of respect for those who dare differ from your view.

      You need to wake up, put on your big boy pants,
      And act like an adult. You want to argue, go ahead, but those who throw incendiary diatribes end up being the ones getting burned…

      Have a pleasant day

    • You want to blame anyone. Blame all politicians. They are the ones who take campaign cash from both sides while screwing over the American worker. Where I’m sitting at, I’m hoping Trump will be trying to stop that and bring jobs that have been outsourced to 3rd world shit holes so companies make more cash for themselves.

  3. When I was working for a small company, they did not offer insurance so I had to buy my own. I selected a company through the ObummerCare {aka: HillaryCare redux}– You know what, each of these three companies went bankrupt, and left me “holding the bag” for many of my medical bills (10’s of thousands worth).

    I’m now getting private insurance through my ex-company’s COBRA program, and while it is expensive, I get to keep my doctor, and I don’t have to worry about paying more than my deductable.

    This year during ObummerCare “open enrollment”, I chose to go with the [much better] private health care plan that I was getting through COBRA. I’m REALLY GLAD I did that, even though it is maybe 2X the price of ObummerCare– I know it will be there when I need it and I won’t have collection agencies coming after me because my Insurance company went bankrupt. Also, when they repeal/replace ObummerCare/HillaryCare with something far more reasonable, I will avoid the massive financial burden of changing companies– because I will just stay with the one I have!

    I wish the communists [aka: democrats] would quit fighting this, and just get on with it– it *IS* the will of the people.