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Khizr Khan Goes From Gold Star Dad to Political Animal

You remember this guy, who appeared at the Democratic convention with his pocket Constitution. Democrats are fawning over him and using him to oppose President Trump’s agenda. Enough of him hiding behind the tragedy of his son’s death for political purposes. Take the kid gloves off.

From the Washington Examiner:

Khizr Khan, the father of a Muslim-American soldier killed in action that President Trump skewered after the Gold Star father spoke at the Democratic National Convention last summer, is becoming a top spokesman for politicians and groups seeking to undo Trump’s executive order curtailing travel and barring some refugees from certain countries.

But Khan’s turn in the spotlight this time is overtly partisan, which could take some shine off his halo and open him to criticism from which he was mostly immune due to his status as a bereaved parent.

On Wednesday he threatened to lead a global boycott against “anything and everything Trump.” On Thursday, he offered to “walk barefoot” to help elect Democrats to the House. And he said he will push until Trump, whom he referred to as “casino man,” makes all his financial dealings public.

“The only solution to these atrocities is to gain control of the Congress,” Khan told Democratic lawmakers during an unofficial hearing on Trump’s executive order.

13 thoughts on “Khizr Khan Goes From Gold Star Dad to Political Animal”

  1. Most of us have resisted the “liberalism is a mental disease”, but this current Dem support of Muslims to lead their party and promote their brand is questionable.
    The Dems can embrace the radical, racist BLM people, the killing of unborn children, promote deranged and profane women celebrities, and insist that no one can be illegal all they want – they just won’t find their voter rolls growing or that most Americans will support their agenda.

    It’s as if their agenda is to force Americans to abandon all common sense, to come to the dark side of morality without any reason other than they think it’s right and proper.

    The Gold Star father has our sympathy for the loss of his child, but it ends there.
    His political beliefs will not change anyone’s mind on the dangers of allowing the Dem/Libs back in power.
    If we have learned anything since Nov9 it’s that the Dems had sinister plans for our beloved country and the freedoms we enjoy.
    Their violence, the terrible rhetoric has chilled us to our core.
    It’s not our “values” to silence opposition, it’s not “who we are” to destroy public or private property, or to attack ordinary citizens with different opinions.

    1. You are so right! Really, I read your post twice. You stated the words that I so believe also. And now with the Seattle Judge, (what is wrong with these Judges now? they make no sense, I repeat and now with how the Seattle Judge ruled today, I SUDDENLY FEEL WE HAVE NO ONE TO PROTECT US, THE PEOPLE, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THAT IS, AND WE HAVE NO ONE TO PROTECT THE BABIES THAT SHOULD BE BORN, BUT ARE KILLED PURPOSEFULLY,AND THROWN INTO THE GARBAGE AND I MEAN GARBAGE, IT WAS RULED THAT THEY COULDN’T EVEN BE BURIED OR DESTROYED WITH DIGNITY, ACCORDING TO ANOTHER COURT’S ANSWER TO ABORTION THIS WEEK?? So, like I said above, we have no one to protect us right now from terrorists in our own country and all others allowed to come in, and the babies also, have no one to protect them, we are at a loss to understand this disgusting turn of events and we now do not live in a civilized country with all the crazies running around burning property, screaming lies about Trump and others. No one to protect us and the little babies anymore, at least right now, thanks to Hillary Clinton, Obama, the President who has the intelligence of a high school boy and a jealous one at that. Sorry for this long post, I just read your post and it really hit me. Let’s hope Trump can help us get rid of these horrible democrats/communists and Soros, that is the big one, Soros who fuels and funds this madness. Colleges should throw out the students who act like animals and Hitlerites and also throw out the teachers and professors who are brainwashing the young people and tuarning them into animals.

  2. So this fool thinks he’s going to “lead a global boycott against “anything and everything Trump”? Seriously? Who the hell does he think he is? He really must believe that he is somehow important.

    1. When someone like this guy, who tragically lost his son, suddenly gets into the media spotlight all ripe and ready to influence public opinion toward a leftist political agenda, we have to ask: who is promoting him? Who’s encouraging him? Who’s funding him? Who’s writing his talking points? Who’s paying for his travel and hotel rooms? Who’s peddling him to the media? Who is calling the shots behind the scene?

      Once we get the answers to those questions, we can begin to unravel this little drama, and understand the larger theatrical propaganda this guy is engaged in.

  3. I say don’t resist this guy’s ascent in the dem rankings. He’s such a fruitcake, and a muslim, that he will expose the dems as the nutjobs they are.

  4. So, he never was just a sad daddy. He was always a political animal under the burka of mourning.

    He calls a travel ban an “atrocity?” He needs to learn more about the daily actions of his co-religionists. How about mutilating the genitals of girls? If “that’s not Islam,” why do muslims do it?

    Khan now spelled Con.

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