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House Chairman: Trump Executive Order to End Sanctuary Cities’ Funding

A return to the rule of law? Could it be?

The House chairman who oversees Justice Department spending is telling so-called “sanctuary cities” that funding for police, jails and housing will end under President Trump’s new executive orders tightening immigration control, reports Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner.

“It’s real easy, their money disappears. There’s no fight, their money is gone,” said Texas Rep. John Culberson, chairman of the appropriations subcommittee that funds Justice.

Culberson last year forced the Obama administration to warn several sanctuary cities and jurisdictions about the funding cut off. In an interview for Sunday’s Full Measure With Sharyl Attkisson, he said that Trump’s new order covers all 300 of the sanctuaries.

16 Responses to House Chairman: Trump Executive Order to End Sanctuary Cities’ Funding

  1. Wow!

    “This is very simple. If you want federal money, follow federal law.”

    We may be getting this country back on its rails again. Thank you President Trump! MAGA!

  2. Sweet Jesus if you think Berkley was a sh*t storm or women dressed as giant vaginas was bad this will be an epic melt down. I’m not sure if this country is even governable anymore.

    • Maybe. Let’s see the libs put THEIR money where the illegal aliens live.
      How much do they love illegals, how many illegals are worth losing Fed funds just for defying Federal laws, and the answer is…

      • Reading the article there is no legal recourse for the city’s.
        If I understand it correctly.
        Paying for the UN, abortions here and overseas and SanctuaryCity’s is finally being put to an end.

      • Srdem, we know those libs depend on the government to take care of illegals. If they had to step up and pay??? That’s too out of their ‘zone’. But they will take to the streets and riot.

      • Yeah, right, they will burn down the cities that took care of them with our hard-earned money, the bums. You know what? They will burn down everything because these sanctuary cities are protecting criminals and that is what criminals do! Act like criminals, destroy property, kill people, and it beats me why these mentally disturbed libs want to protect them? Protect criminals? Liberalism is a disease for them to keep doing this. Libs are not good people by protecting criminals, dirty criminals who harm innocent people, what kind of values do these libs have, protecting Muslim Brotherhood (Obama and Hillary Clinton), for what reason do they choose the Muslim Brotherhood and the illegal criminals over the American people, the people that they are supposed to be and supposed to protect while working in government? Libs are just traitors to us by doing thsze things. There is no justification or common sense in what Liberals do?

    • I live in a sanctuary city. I am so in favor of taking away the funding, is spite of the fact that our city is almost broke. Our mayor, Javier Gonzales has been one of the poster boys on this issue. His other favorite, transgender bathrooms. I hope Trump will further his stance and remove all mayors, governors and other officials who buck him further.

      • Our stupid mayor sent a let’s be friends letter to mexican president Pena, stating most people in AZ love mexico and are offended by the president’s EO’s.
        Speak for yourself dumdum.

  3. Well, they can’t say they were not warned. If the POTUS is going to keep his credibility, then he MUST back up any warnings he gives with action, should the warning go unheeded. This is true both in-country as well as with international relations. He needs to say what he means and mean what he says– and that (IMHO) is exactly what he is doing. Some people may not like Trump, or may not agree with his policies, but they damn will RESPECT the office of the presidency, OR ELSE.

    President Trump is a very nice person– he is patient and has good instincts for being the “first parent” to Amerika (for those that obviously need parenting)– but that does not mean that he is above giving these arrested adolescents a “spanking” if they really need it.

    I would have sent in the feds to arrest the violent terrorists (masquerading as “protesters”), and also charge the police that were standing around doing NOTHING with “dereliction of duty”. These morons should be very glad that I am not the POTUS !!!

  4. When Maine’s governor, Paul LaPage first came office in 2011, the very first thing he did was to cancel the previous Lefty, clueless whack job Governor’s (John Baldacci) Executive Order which made Maine a Sanctuary State in 2004. Boom, it was gone. Well, the lefties and the media in the state went into total hysteria mode. Immigrant children were going to die, they said. They would freeze in the snow! Hundreds of people would starve! Well, of course, no such thing happened.

    Our biggest city, Portland, remained a Sanctuary city and now, Ethan King Strimling , the extremely creepy socialist mayor of Portland and non-profit activist, is all over television saying the same thing “People will starve” if Trump takes away sanctuary city funding. He’s got people with signs marching around the city, screaming their heads off at demonstrations all over the place there. The irony is that Strimling is the nastiest, smarmiest, anti-Republican/anti-Conservative, vengeful backroom manipulator in Maine politics. He does not give a damn about immigrants, only the illegal votes they can bring to Democrats to the next election. And that’s a fact.

  5. I am not in favor of sanctuary cities, but I am in favor of local control over centralized government. If the democrats want to pioneer ways for cities to free themselves of federal control, I wish them luck. They will regret it when republicans use those same tactics in the future to ignore federal mandates on education, gun control, elections, insurance etc etc.

    • This blindness is what mystifies me about the Dems. They don’t see that as they gratify their immediate wants by breaking, twisting, expanding rules and laws, they are weakening the entire structure that keeps us from chaos.