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Democrats Helpless as Trump’s Nominees are Steamrollered Through

Harry Reid eliminated the filibuster for presidential nominees. Thanks Harry!

Senate Democrats have thrown everything they have at Republicans to stall President Trump’s nominees ahead of a bruising Supreme Court confirmation fight, but so far don’t have much to show for it, the Washington Examiner’s Jim Antle wrote.

Not one but two committees voted Thursday to advance the nomination of Rep. Mick Mulvaney, R-S.C., for budget director to the Senate floor.

Mulvaney looked beatable. He had failed to pay payroll taxes on a nanny, something that had sunk nominees before. President Bill Clinton withdrew his first two choices for attorney general over a similar issue.

Democrats boycotted committee votes on Steve Mnuchin, Trump’s nominee for secretary of the treasury, and Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., the designated secretary of health and human services. Democrats have especially hammered Price, architect of a key GOP Obamacare replacement plan, for conflicts of interest, saying he authored legislation benefiting healthcare companies he has invested in.

But Republicans quickly got around the boycott. They suspended the rules in the Senate Finance Committee requiring at least one Democrat to be present on the second day of the Democratic boycott, and then advanced Mnuchin and Price anyway.

7 Responses to Democrats Helpless as Trump’s Nominees are Steamrollered Through

  1. Some helpful hints for unhappy Dems”
    1. Form a protest march through the streets of D.C.
    2. Hold a press conference demanding the Repubs use their own tactics and quit using the rules put forth by the Dems.
    3. Ask some entertainers to recite poems and essays demanding equality for the Dems.
    4. Leak stories to the MSM that President Trump uses Viagra-type medications to enhance his strong leadership.
    5. Declare all Trump supporters as White supremists, radical lovers of guns and the constitution, and a danger to the good of every value the Dems embrace like Free Speech, Equality for All, and the Right to kill one’s children before they are born.
    6. Declare that no illegal alien should be denied all the freebies provided by legal, hard working taxpayers.
    7. Keep crying. Maybe someone will feel sorry for you.

    • thats what they ARE doing and it is so obvious that they just hate anything American, they just want to protect the Muslim Brotherhood killing machine and not us and all those babies, millions, like at least a million each year since the 70’s, that is what they are doing. We should have had a revolution just to save the babies, a long time ago.

    • They warned dirty Harry this would happen. He said he did not care cause he was gonna be out of there, retired. What he really meant was, the Republicans will never hold the government again. Oh so wrong, so very wrong. Careful what you wish for, eh Harry.

  2. I read your article above Keith, did you have to put it out there about Mulvaney and taxes so that the commies can jump on it again now? Don’t we have enough trouble. Why give the democrats/communists anything in writing? Sorry but thats how I feel. People make mistakes and we don’t need anymore poison fodder for these morons hell bent on destroying America. Otherwise, we will have to have a revolution with a real battle royal if all this words, words, and more lies and words don’t stop. Like Hatch said the other day, the democrats are acting like IDIOTS, DO WE HAVE TO HELP THEM?

  3. Poor Democrats, they don’t understand the difference between strategic and successful opposition with a majority in at least one house of congress and completely futile and hopeless obstruction as the minority party in both. They are just digging the hole deeper and deeper.