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House Votes to Quash Obama Gun Regulation

In Obama’s ideal world, everyone will have a “mental disability,” according to a bureaucrat, and nobody will have a gun.

From the Washington Examiner.

The House on Thursday voted to undo an Obama-era rule blocking certain people from buying guns.

The resolution of disapproval passed 235-180. Under the Congressional Review Act, lawmakers can negate regulations if a joint resolution passes both chambers. However, it requires the president’s signature. While Obama was still president, Republicans needed a veto-proof majority to overturn any of his administration’s regulations.

The rule, approved in the wake of the 2012 massacre of kindergartners in Newtown, Conn., expanded whose names must automatically be entered into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, thereby preventing them from buying a gun.

Anyone with a mental disability receiving Social Security Administration benefits and requiring third-party assistance with their finances is barred from purchasing firearms. If the Senate approves the resolution and President Trump signs it, that will no longer be the case.

8 Responses to House Votes to Quash Obama Gun Regulation

  1. Yes sir…you can pass gun regulations until the end of time but there is only true fact: Criminals will always be armed and thus so will I .

  2. Good.

    And apropos of nothing, someone needs to tell John McCain that he lost the Presidential election. Just like Hillary lost. And Romney lost. He is a loser.

    He is a bitter, ill tempered, old man with a chip on his shoulder. Barack Obama’s got nothing over McCain when it comes to obstruction of this Administration.

      • Probably every single day. And like Hillary he has yet to stop blaming others and look at himself.

        There is no reason to be doing what he is doing other than he wants Trump to fail as badly as the Dems do,

      • Oh, he and his people blame Sarah Palin.

        They forget the only time – the only time! – he led in the polls was shortly after he named her to the ticket.

        But not even she was enough for me to pull the lever for that a-hole.

        Only time in my life I left the top spot blank.