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Trump Flies to Dover to Meet Casket of Fallen SEAL

A great thing to do by a president who doesn’t just sit around.

From the Washington Examiner:

President Trump and his daughter Ivanka departed the White House for Dover Air Force Base in Delaware on Wednesday afternoon to witness the arrival of Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens, who was killed during an intelligence gathering raid in Yemen last weekend.

Owens, a member of the Navy’s SEAL Team Six, was killed in a clandestine raid at an al Qaeda facility that Trump had authorized early Sunday morning. The operation left four additional U.S. service members wounded and marked the first military fatality under the new administration.

Trump, who was to be joined by Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., upon arriving at Dover, had a “very somber and lengthy” conversation with Owens’ family on Tuesday.

21 Responses to Trump Flies to Dover to Meet Casket of Fallen SEAL

  1. That, was a touching moment. Accompanied by daughter Ivanka. Not much media coverage on that even after the fact. The soldier’s family wanted it to be a private moment. President Trump honored that wish. The military indeed has a friend.
    A president that respects and actually, in person, honors them.

  2. Two things happened with the visit by the President; 1. Trump paid national respect for the fallen SEAL, something the family will remember and appreciate forever. 2. A very clear message was sent by Trump to all members of the military, after 8 years for insults and harassment, and reduce resources and little or no pay increases by Obama: “I am thinking about you. I know what you are going through. I know the sacrifices you have made for the Nation. I will not forget or abandon you. I am here for you.”

    The great Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, who often led his army in battle, had an interesting habit. After a day’s battle, when the men were seated around a campfire preparing for the next day’s battle, Marcus Aurelius would stroll through the encampment. He would stop and talk to the men around a campfire and ask them, “What could we have done better today? What mistakes did we make?” And the men felt free to give him their opinion. He would also ask them, “Did you lose comrades in your unit? Did you lose a close friend? Tell me about what they were like.”

    President Trump did a little of that with his visit to Dover.

  3. This had to be a sobering, profound moment for MrTrump, as it is for all Com in Chiefs before him.
    Former PresBush, the II, seemed to never be able to come to grips with the immense loss of life under his command. To this day, he honors all service members in many different ways.
    It’s one thing to fire someone, another to honor their coffin.
    Prayers for the family of the brave fallen soldier and another prayer for MrTrump as he continues his tenure.

  4. Marcus and srdem65, you both put into words something I’d been struggling with today, but I couldn’t find the words, excellent posts.
    President Trump doesn’t need to wear a snazzy leather coat with C-i-C on it like Obama, Trump showed it today by his actions.

  5. May God bless this fallen Seal, and his family. My deepest condolences to them and to his fellow team members. I’m glad that President Trump greeted them, it was the right thing to do.

  6. What a good CiC does. Good on President Trump.

    And I am sure this brought the reality of his decisions into full focus for the new President.

    I am sorry to say but Barack Obama would not have missed a tee time, a sporting event or fund raiser to honor the fallen that he was responsible for.

    • He wouldn’t have to because he wouldn’t authorize the strike since they had not collected sufficient intel. Trump’s Sec of Def wouldn’t allow this so Trump did it behind his back. Turns out there were way more people there than they expected and lives were lost. Why praise that or compare it. It is exactly what it is.

  7. That POS Sheppy Smith on his show yesterday said that Øb☭ma went to Dover AFB a lot to pay tribute to our dead warriors but didn’t want it televised—-what utter BS—-Øb☭ma famously said at a gathering of soldiers “you guys make a pretty good photo op!” That’s all they were to him, just like for the Clintons, photo ops props.

  8. What a heartbreaking experience this must have been both for President Trump and his daughter.

    How typical that they did NOT use the moment for photos or pronouncements.

    • Obama was about pomp and circumstance? You must not have heard that Donald Trumo is our president now. We’ll let you take some time to catch up on the last two weeks…nay, the last eighteen months.