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DeVos Nomination to be Education Secretary in Big Trouble

She’s good on the issues, but she blew her testimony, seeming unprepared.

From the Washington Examiner:

Betsy DeVos’ nomination to be the next education secretary was in serious trouble Wednesday, after two Senate Republicans said they would vote against her.

Sens. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, both said they would vote against her.

The two lost GOP votes could put DeVos at risk of being the first of President Trump’s nominees not to be confirmed. The defections mean the most she could win is 50 votes from Republicans, and if she gets no support from Democrats, Vice President Mike Pence would have to vote in favor of her to break a 50-50 tie.

Losing another GOP senator would likely doom her nomination.

20 Responses to DeVos Nomination to be Education Secretary in Big Trouble

  1. Good. It will give MrTrump a legitimate excuse to send all the DoE employees home and dissolve the whole thing.
    Let the school districts decide what to do, what agenda to follow and keep the Feds out of it.

    • X3

      How is it that public schools always keep needing money$ every to “improve”…yet nothing improves?
      Just more useless liberal/left-wing, social justice, diversity b#ll-sh&t is added to the schools…
      And kids in school still can not do math, read, know history or science.

      • It’s because the globalists have been “programming” university professors, teachers, and the people to accept communist ideals– part of which is an agenda to purposefully “dumb down” our population. [Watch the movie “Idiocracy” for clues.] They have been doing this since the 1950’s. I think they are a good way down the road at accomplishing their communist/globalist agenda. Betsy DeVos wants to fix this by defunding most of the DoE, removing federal mandates to teach with “common core” (ineffective) techniques, crush the [communistic] NEA like the cockroaches that they are, eliminate wasteful spending, and give parents school choice– so that you can get the same money that public screwls get– even if you send your child to a private school (or even home-school them). It’s a GREAT plan to fix our “reeducation program” (and when I use the word “program”, I mean that they are actually PROGRAMMING your child to be a good little communistic “social justice warrior” globalists– much the same way that TV “PROGRAMMING” does). It will take a few generations, but [eventually] we will get our children back from these despotic vampires! In the meantime, TURN OFF YOUR TV !!!

        • You are absolutely correct. They have a complete and working appreciation of “As the twig is bent, so is the tree inclined” (Alexander Pope’s Epistles to Several Persons (1732)

    • THAT is exactly what Betsy DeVos wants to do! You HAVE been paying attention in school, right? Do I need to send you to the principal’s office?

    • You speak the truth. The DOE is filled to the brim with social experimenters, malcontents and leftist agenda activists who have destroyed the educational experience for millions of students.

      US students now rank 35th internationally in math, and 27th in science. Many of us can remember when our students were first in the world in both areas–back in the ’50’s and early-middle ’60’s. The Department of Education and their insane policies have destroyed education in this country. By design, in my opinion.

  2. It’s time to bring Sens. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska into the White House for a “fireside chat” with the POTUS.

    • Collins, my Senator, is a complete disgrace. She has accomplished exactly nothing of any consequence in her long political career. She was bought, lock, stop and barrel, by the NEA in this vote.

    • THAT kind of speech pattern is a product of “cognitive dissonance”— probably because she is lying her ass off while she is speaking. Makes me suspect that she is a communist in Republican clothing– a “RINO” maybe ???

      • Conservative Review gives Susan Collins, my senator, a “Liberty Score” of 10 percent. That’s even lower than the score for the state’s Socialist Democrat Chellie Pingree which is 24. Collins is a complete catastrophe for our state and the nation. She’s fooled a lot of people into believing she is a Republican. She’s is not in the least a Republican in her heart. Not even a little bit. Never was. Our other senator, Angus King, who wants us to believe he is an Independent, votes with the Democrats 96 percent of the time. Some Independent, eh? Both are complete phonies.

    • ALSO, if you play what she says backwards, you will discover hidden speech patterns that will reveal what she is REALLY thinking while she is saying something. [See: for an explanation]. (This technique is used by intelligence agencies during interrogations, because [unlike torture] it is known to actually WORK 100% of the time!)

  3. She may not have been as prepared as she should have been but there is no excuse for these Republicans to vote against her and the policies and changes she proposed to make.

    Murkowski and Collins are more Democrats than Republicans anyway.

    I am thoroughly disgusted with the Democrats in Congress and so many of the Republicans as well. Our government is sick.

    • Even if DeVos had given the most convincing, brilliant, well prepared testimony imaginable, Collins and Murkowski would have voted against her, per orders of the NEA. That’s the sad truth.

  4. Orrin Hatch moved the nominees out of the stalled Finance Committee without the Democrat vote. They will be brought to the floor for confirmation votes. The article is in the Daily Caller.

    Got thrown in mod jail for this, under the Demokrat Temper Tantrum thread where it belonged. Maybe it will squeak through here.

  5. i am in mod jail twice for trying to mention Hatch getting the nominees out of finance and onto the floor.

    This mod jail thing is getting really old. Difficult to figure out what triggers it. Perhaps the source.