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Democrats Step Up Their Anti-Trump Offensive

Are they aware that Trump was legally elected president?

From the Washington Examiner’s Byron York:

From Washington State to Washington DC, Democrats across the country are stepping up what some call “The Resistance” to President Trump, moving across political, legal, bureaucratic, legislative, and civil disobedience fronts to frustrate the newly elected president’s agenda.

Just moments after Trump announced his choice of Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court Tuesday night, some Democrats vowed to do everything in their power to kill the nomination (even as others calculated the cost of an ultimately losing fight). At the same time, Senate Democrats threw more sand in the gears of the confirmation machinery for Trump nominees. Across Washington, Democrats praised Sally Yates, the Obama holdover and temporary head of the Justice Department fired by Trump after refusing to defend Trump’s temporary moratorium stopping non-Americans from entering the United States from seven terrorism-plagued countries. Democratic members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee sent a letter to the president supporting hundreds of State Department employees who have signed a memo on the Department’s “Dissent Channel” opposing the Trump order.

12 Responses to Democrats Step Up Their Anti-Trump Offensive

  1. The hissy fit Dems….. Eventually the populace will see through this and the long lasting effect will be the demise of sitting Democratic Senators and Congressmen as they go for re election.


    • I wouldn’t call them hissy fit dems,Oren Hatch, senator, yesterday told them to stop posturing and acting like idiots which is absolutely true, idiots run by idiots, Schumer and Pelosi, they will get no where, all they have is threats and they know it, so they keep on with their hatred of America and its people,caring only about the violent ones that have come here illegally. Shame on them for their anti-American ways, every day more and more people are seeing them for what they are, dumb and evil. they can have 5 or 10 thousand march, but America has 350 million people who are intelligent and see through their evil plans. aS OF NOW ITS OVER FOR THE DEMOCRAT SOCIALIST COMMUNIST PARTY and if America is not careful and smart and on guard, this anti-American evil will rise again but they will lose again. With leaders like Schumer and Pelosi, they will only attract low I.Q, idiots like themselves who only wish to hurt the innocent Americans.

  2. “Are they aware that Trump was legally elected president?”

    Maybe not, so many media outlets had misleading headlines proclaiming that the election was hacked.

    But the anti-Trump offensive is mostly legal too (the rioting on inauguration day, obviously, was not).

  3. Meanwhile, Trump has already filed preliminary 2020 paperwork with the FEC.

    It’s perfectly legal, but it’s never been done before.


    Because now that he’s declared his candidacy, tax-exempt outfits can’t campaign against him without endangering their status.

    George Soros hit hardest? I’d like to think so!

  4. The White House is punishing CNN, the Fake News. The WH will not send anyone to their talk shows anymore but they are of course still allowed to the press briefings. The WH do this to isolate CNN. CNN is really in the trenches against Trump, they belong to the “resistance”.Wolf Blitzer looks like a mean spirited vulture when talking about Trump. Maybe this will work, it will perhaps make a crack in the “resistance”. I hope so.

    • O.T. actually there are more than 20 up for reelection, but I get your drift about the 10 that could flip.
      If they keep phuking around it could be more than 10…..

  5. The Senate leader has the authority to have the Sargent-At-Arms compel members to attend. Perhaps Senator McConnell should use this option. Only one is required to be present, whether they vote Aye, Nay, or abstain.
    Today, the committee overruled that requirement and did their job. It’s about time.
    Americans pay the salary to Congress and Senate members. Instead of doing their jobs, they are running off at the mouth, staging protests, and supporting demonstrations. They should leave office and become community organizers if that is their bent. Otherwise, they need to buck up and behave as their “job” requires.
    Enough with the childish behavior displayed by grown men and women who swore an oath to do their duty, not continually campaign for office.

  6. If you leftists refuse to accept the peaceful transfer of power, don’t act all surprised if you get a violent one instead.

    Enough is enough.

  7. Good on Orrin Hatch. If the Democrats will not do their jobs, it will get done without them.

    “In an unprecedented move, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch opted to suspend the rules requiring one Democrat to be present for the vote — effectively advancing Department of Health and Human Services nominee Rep. Tom Price of Georgia and Treasury secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin out of committee by a 14-0 margin. The nominees will now head to the Senate floor for their final conformation votes, although a date has not yet been set.”

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