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Trump to Maintain Obama’s LGBTQ Order

President Trump will continue to enforce President Obama’s 2014 executive order protecting LGBTQ people from discrimination while working as federal contractors, the White House announced Tuesday.

“President Donald J. Trump is determined to protect the rights of all Americans, including the LGBTQ community. President Trump continues to be respectful and supportive of LGBTQ rights, just as he was throughout the election,” the White House announced in a statement, the Washington Examiner reported.

14 thoughts on “Trump to Maintain Obama’s LGBTQ Order”

    1. (former Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, under Obama, may he burn Hell for weakaning the US Navy with all the social justice-diversity-LGBTQ crap…)

  1. No one should be discriminated against. Maybe this is necessary. I am not convinced. Is this special protection? People are discriminated against for all kinds of reasons — I don’t see special protection for Obese people. And they are quietly discriminated against — they defend themselves without special protection.

    IMO special discrimination legislation leads to that god awful social justice where a crime is not judged merely on it being executed on a legal foundation, but on an emotional one. Like “hate” crimes. 2 cents.

    1. Well said, Grace.
      Well, at least I hope that President Trump will not light the White house in rainbow colours like Obama ,the Gay Activist, did.

    2. But then, where does it stop? Do we make a regulation for blue eyed people because they are the minority? How about people with one foot one size smaller? How about people with nose rings and full body tattoos? If we keep going with this, things get totally ridiculous. I think businesses should be able to hire people based on their needs and likes– especially small businesses, where the employees are more part of a small close-knit team, that must get along well with each other and like each other. It’s THIS kind of CRAP that makes it harder for small businesses to succeed.

      I’m an “older” electronics design engineer (now specializing in instrumentation and embedded systems). I’m currently looking for my next opportunity. 35+ years of experience, and I get lot’s of interviews, but no offers. You betcha I’m being discriminated against– and there are laws in place that say they shouldn’t be doing that. The young upstarts just don’t want us old “grey beards” around– even though they can learn a lot from us. I’m NOT complaining– just stating facts.

      At the end of the day, laws don’t accomplish a damn thing in the Real World, other than making life Hell On Earth for small business owners.

      In addition, discrimination laws are supposed to be for people that have a condition that they had no choice about (like skin color, lost hands or legs in a war, etc.) As far as I know, being LBGTQ is a CHOICE– not something you were born with. There is no peer-reviewed scientific study that shows someone is BORN LBGTQ– so this was a CHOICE– like getting full body tattoos. Why should a business be forced to hire somebody that’s going to scare away customers? Especially in retail, the employee’s appearance and demeanor are just as important as their experience in the business.

      If I’m a baker, why should I be forced to bake a cake for a Gay wedding, when my religion says that this is an abomination to God? Isn’t that interfering with my “right to contract”?

      This political correctness CRAP is destroying our country, our freedoms, our liberties, and our way of life. There is no such thing as a “right to NOT be offended”– because that is diametrically opposed to a “right to speak freely”– WAKE UP Amerika!

      Sorry to all of you LBGTQ’s– but you all need some SERIOUS psychotherapy!

      An President Trump should be ashamed— *THIS* is not at ALL what we voted for him to do. Protecting and coddling QUEERS is NOT “Making America Great Again”.

      1. My daughter is gay. She is not militant about it, and doesn’t join demonstrations. She has never received “special treatment”. She did not choose to be gay, she was born that way. Why would anyone choose to be gay when they have to put up with people who call them “queers” and worse? Gay men used to be arrested and jailed. I am glad that in this more enlightened age, people are not discriminated against because of their sexuality, but neither should they be treated any differently than any one else. Equality, yes. Special treatment, no.

        1. First, I’m weary of people (especially the Libtards) bastardizing the English language to make their agenda sound better. “Gay” means “happy”– it does not, and never has meant “homosexual” (the scientific name of what we are talking about)– other than being used as a slang term, which I detest. “Queer” always has meant “strange” or “different”. The word “queer” carries no negative connotations– it simply describes the behavior of a very small section of society that behaves very differently that the majority of us.

          Second, NO ONE is “born homosexual”. Babies are in fact “asexual” until they make a choice about their sexuality– and that choice is based on environmental factors that the child experienced while growing up. This CHOICE often occurs at or just before puberty sets in.

          Third, there are many environmental factors that will determine the CHOICE of sexual preference that people make, but the major factors are: 1) too many people in one area; and 2) no strong male influence in the family while the child is growing up. (BTW– “strong male influence” does NOT mean an abusive man– an abusive man is actually a WEAK man.)

          Fourth, I don’t “hate” anyone, and I get to talk about these aberrant psychological issues, because the POTUS brought this subject up by supporting them. I think that there SHOULD be laws to prevent discrimination, but only for conditions for which the subject had no CHOICE in– and homosexuality is not one of them.

  2. Oh, goody. More lawsuits. “I was fired because I’m ____”.
    The current fad of announcing to the public that one is gay is not helpful nor will it change minds.
    Straight men and women don’t add their sexual preference to job applications.

  3. Protecting all Americans and defending the Constitution are in President Trump’s oath. I do want to go back to “don’t ask don’t tell” in the military and in government. However the actions that Trump has taken so far make me very happy, give him time.

    1. I am a Trump supporter. He should be assessed as any other President. Everyone gets the same amount of time to execute their term. On this issue I am opposed to “special” laws for “special people”. Equal rights.

    2. And there is absolutely NOTHING in the US constitution that speaks to LBGTQ people. Only that the law should be applied equally to everyone, and there are certain subjects that must remain untouched (such as religion).

      For example, the word and activity known as “marriage” has been a RELIGIOUS activity for thousands of years. Because this is a religious activity, it was not specifically addressed in the US constitution because the 1st amendment forbids it. And yet, we have the states claiming the sole right and authority to “marry” people, and now the federal government (specifically the SCOTUS) has defined “marriage” to include same-sex couples (with human-animal “marriages” soon to follow, I’m guessing). This is CLEARLY in violation of the 1st amendment, and yet no one is saying anything (except for me).

      A state clearly has the right and authority to create fictitious entities (like corporations, partnerships, etc.) and could certainly create something like a “domestic partnership” (or some other name) that would have certain legal characteristics that are similar to what we are now calling “marriage”– BUT what they are NOT allowed to do is control “marriage”, or to make ANY LAW that has the word “marriage” in it.

      So never mind “same-sex” marriage– the government doesn’t have the authority to claim *ANY* marriage (even between a man and a woman) as being valid, because it’s a religious activity! WHERE is the outrage?

      Just my back-woods amateur law at work– comment if you disagree…

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