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Democrats Boycott Trump’s Treasury, HHS Nomination Votes

Looks like the Democrats are going to spend the next four years making their opposition strategy civil disobedience instead of legislating.

From the Washington Examiner:

Democrats on Tuesday “boycotted” a scheduled Senate Finance Committee vote to advance the nominations of President Trump’s picks for the treasury and health and human services departments, preventing the votes and forcing Republicans to reschedule.

The committee was supposed to vote on the nominations of Steven Mnuchin for treasury secretary and Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., for secretary of health and human services. But the panel needed at least one Democrat present to conduct the vote, and with none present, angry Republicans were forced to reschedule.

“I’m very disappointed in this type of crap,” committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, said to the half-empty hearing room.

19 thoughts on “Democrats Boycott Trump’s Treasury, HHS Nomination Votes”

  1. Keep it up Dummocrats… Every day another “I dont much care for politics good old-fashioned American worker” says. Enuff. I know how to vote. I will look for the box marked R for Republican.

    Donald will make the Dummocrats pay.

  2. Yes, the fascist Democrats continue their war against the American people, a war declared by Barry Obama himself. They will lose eventually, of course, as their numbers decline, as they continue to lose more State Legislatures, governorships, and seats in the Congress. They are on a political suicide mission, and seem not to have noticed or care.

  3. Where the hell is Mitch McConnell and what happened to the nuclear option? Is it not available if the nomination doesn’t get out of committee or what.

    This is BS. Like Yates, the Democrats should be fired, for not doing their jobs. They are preventing the President from getting the personnel he needs to govern and serve the country.

    This is learned behaviour from Temper Tantrum Obama.

  4. Speaking of Boycotting… Let’s face it, the leftists are better at this than us conservatives, and we need to step it up! I hope my conservative friends will all join in returning the favor. Here’s a few things I am making a point to do, and if you are tired of giving these leftists more ammunition, I hope you’ll join in…

    — Turn OFF the Super Bowl halftime show. The entertainment is blatantly all anti-Trump, and will undoubtedly be using the stage to voice those opinions.

    — Further, let any Super Bowl halftime advertiser know you’ll stop buying their products for supporting such biased and anti American programming.

    — Stop buying from the companies spouting anti-Trump rhetoric & protests:

    Recommend some others to avoid?
    Or maybe suggest alternative companies for similar products & services?

    1. With you on this Texx.
      Starbucks? I make my own coffee and a thermos if I have to hit the road.
      Amazon? Not since they started charging state taxes. I use online shopping as taxaholics in Illinois just p**s the money away.
      I never intended to watch the half time now that I know who’ll be performing.

    2. Don’t boycott those tech companies – there’s a ton of “secret” Trump supporters working in them. You’ll be hurting the Peter Thiel wing of Silicon Valley if the boycott becomes successful.

      Don’t worry – Bannon is making a list of these liberal jumped up CEOs , and Bannon was just appointed to the NSC – the National Security Council.

      Doesn’t take a genius to figure out where this heading.

      And don’t forget Peter Thiel. He knows a lot about Silicon Valley.

      Give it time. It will be sorted out. Trump has the right people in place.

    3. May I add one more nugget – I work in the “tech” sector at a very high level. There are thousands of us who support Trump , but we can’t express it.

      We express it via 4chan.

      When Bannon gets into his NSC role , I can guarantee that you will see a massive draining of the swamp in the tech sector

      Trump is having a cyber security meeting today.

      Just let that sink in for a while.

      Don’t bother boycotting – we are ready to take over. It will happen.

      Love you guys and gals.

  5. If they don’t do their job of representing their constituents by being ON the job, then they shouldn’t get paid. Of course I hope they keep up the idiocy, as it shows clearly whose side they’re really on. Way to go Dimwits, keep up the good work. President Trump is making America great again!

  6. Orin Hatch suggested that they change the rules so that if Dems don’t turn up , a vote can be done.

    He’s one of guys on a committee. I think it was the Jeff Sessions one.

    Big changes are gonna happen if the Dems keep this up.

  7. If McConnell were a respected and effective leader of the Senate, he would call on the Sergeant-at-Arms and have those traitorous Democrats Senators dragged back by the scruff of the neck to the Senate to perform their committee responsibilities. Handcuff them to their desks, if necessary. They would be expected to behave like adults and perform the duties we taxpayers expect of them or else face censorship.

    Unfortunately, McConnell is not a leader.

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