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Trump: Schumer Crying “Fake Tears”

Chuck got all emotional about Trump temporarily banning entry to people from countries brimming with terrorists. Maybe Schumer can shed some tears for the lives that will be lost if we don’t get control of our borders and figure out who’s coming here.

From the Washington Examiner:

After saying that Senate Democrats are intentionally stalling his cabinet selections, Trump attacked the New York Democrat, who appeared to well up during his scheduled news conference on Sunday in New York while talking about the order.

“I noticed Chuck Schumer yesterday with fake tears. I’m going to ask him who is his acting coach ’cause I know him very well,” Trump said while appearing at a meeting with small business owners.

20 thoughts on “Trump: Schumer Crying “Fake Tears””

  1. Schumer did not shed a tear when Obama sent $220m to the Palestinian State two weeks ago… So tell me which exec order will do more damage….


    1. He also never cried for Kate Steinle and any other victims of illegal criminals, nor did he cry for any Orlando, California, Libya, New York, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania 9/11 victims. Schumer is nothing but an anti-American, leftist lying piece of crap

  2. He shall be known as “Cry Me A River” Schumer from this day forward. Did someone forget to tell him the SAG Awards have already been given out this year?

  3. OT Took a drive out to Cathedral City yesterday to see if Obummer is really on the Island with Michelle. Could see the house but no activity going on.
    Point is that while the houses are in the 2 to whatever millions, its not all that nice. Busy highway separates the fenced community from the golf course. Big Lots just up that highway. I bet He shops there! He gets a fence and we don’t???

    1. Cathedral City is an odd choice for the area. My mom lived in Palm Springs (she couldn’t stand Obama, God rest her soul!)…figured he would have ended up there, Palm Desert or Rancho Mirage instead.

      1. Are you guys talking about the house someone bought for the Obamas (after the Rezko deal, unlikely he bought it himself and with SlumLord Jarrett as his closest advisor….)or are you talking about where he and Ms. Mooch vacationed? Curious. Thx.

  4. Amazing that the Left is all in a dither over everything the president is doing, claiming he’s acting recklessly, etc. Everything he is doing he promised to do months ago during the campaign…it was all factored in prior to Election Day, and the voters were heard loud and clear. The feigned surprise and outrage is absurd.

    They lost. Deal with it.

  5. As usual super Keith beat me to it. I read a poster comment elsewhere that Trump had said this. It is so great to have the veils pierced.

    Everyone knows what a fake Schumer is — not that he is the only one.

  6. Oklahoma Lady made a quite salient point above in how Chuckie shed no tears for Kate Steinle.
    Funny how these opportunists are exposed when stunts like fake tears blow up in their faces.
    Americans murdered by illegals that had no business being here do not warrant real tears.
    I’d call it very sad, but I am past that.
    I am pissed.

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