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Spicer Pushes Back Against Criticism of White House Holocaust Statement

Seriously? So they left out the word “Jews” from a Holocaust statement. Was anyone mystified about whom they were referring to? After Obama, do Jews — I’m one — really need to protest a new pro-Israel president over this?

From the Washington Examiner:

Criticism of the way White House officials worded a statement remembering the Holocaust is “pathetic,” White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Monday.

“The statement was written with the help of an individual who’s both Jewish and the descendant of Holocaust survivors,” Spicer said.

The statement, which was issued on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, made no mention of the six million Jews who died in the Holocaust. That omission sparked controversy among some, who accused the White House of intentionally ignoring Jewish people.

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9 Responses to Spicer Pushes Back Against Criticism of White House Holocaust Statement

  1. The Trump critics (MSM and otherwise) are going to punch themselves out jumping on every little detail, perceived slight, “reckless” policy, or “dangerous” precedent. It’s going to backfire miserably on all of them.

      • There’s a very good chance that your “want” will be granted.

        Although there is probably some measurement device that the global warming, climate change “Scientists” of the Left has that is capable of Proving that every breath Donald Trump exhales pollutes the air. And if he is not impeached posthaste the world as we know it, the very Earth, Mother Gaia will not last the 4 years of one term.

        Or some such ….

  2. Would these protesters be the same people who either remained mute or supported the Obama Administration recent refusal to stand by Israel at the UN?

  3. While it was the Jewish community that suffered the most losses and atrocities, the crippled or lame, the mentally unstable, Gypsy tribes, and anyone not pro-Nazi were also part of the Nazi’s ethnic cleansing.
    This nitpick had a purpose. The purpose to find some negative or sinister meaning on a perfectly understandable pronouncement was to underscore the false claim that MrTrump and/or his associaties are anti-Semitic White supremists.

    ot: We’re watching the frantic protesters and the oh-so-caring MSM who think more Islam believers are just what we need here in America. No one in flyover country is protesting and with each asinine pronouncement of idiotic statements another voter leaves the Dem/progressive fold.
    Who are they trying to convince with the hysteria over non-issues?

    • Probably trying to convince themselves. At this point I am beginning to think they have seen their own “light at the end of the tunnel” defeat and demise. And they are in a panic.

      All reason is lost and they are reacting hysterically to the loss of their carefully constructed world and balance of power. The reaction is the same for any non issue issue. Truly bizarre.

  4. More than Jews were murdered by the Nazis, the Gypsies, the mentally challenged were also targeted to be wiped out, I have read. And what of all those who were killed for opinions?

    Who are these Alt-Lefties who sit and wait and pounce.They live for “gotcha.”