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You’re Fired! Trump Removes Acting AG Who Wouldn’t Enforce Immigration Order

President Trump has replaced acting U.S. Attorney General Sally Yates after she refused to enforce order on immigration, the Washington Examiner reported.

The White House announced the unusual move in a scathing statement Monday evening, calling Yates “weak on borders and very weak on illegal immigration.” Yates had been appointed deputy attorney general by former President Obama last January.

“The acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, has betrayed the Department of Justice by refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the United States,” the White House said.

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  1. He fired her! Whoo Hoo!
    Wow, what a way to end another grand day – a President who proves he’s not going to take it anymore!
    I’m not tired of winning. MAGA.

  2. So glad he dropped the hammer!

    Of course, the MSM is likening him to Nixon and conveniently not mentioning she was an Obama appointment.

  3. Oops, I didn’t see this post when I posted about her firing on the previous thread.

    She definitely had to go and I’m glad President Trump acted so swiftly. Now, this is just a start as far as the Dept of Justice is concerned. Once Senator Sessions gets confirmed, heads better roll. Obummer has staffed the Justice Dept with hundreds of former ACLU lawyers and “social justice” activists/lawyers.

    • Once Senator Sessions gets confirmed, heads better roll.

      Once Senator Sessions gets confirmed … the heads that should also start to roll beginning ASAP are the Republicans who are allowing the Schumer Dems to hold up these confirmations. They should all have been confirmed by now or soonest.

      Talking to you Turtle. Lead, follow or get out of the way.

    • He did just that tonight, two hours after firing Yates:

      President Donald Trump has fired the acting Attorney General after she refused to defend his controversial immigration order.

      Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Daniel Ragsdale was fired just two hours later without explanation.


      Dana Boente was sworn in as acting attorney general at 9pm on Monday in a hastily arranged ceremony after Trump fired his predecessor.


      Thomas Homan has been appointed to take over as Acting Director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency from Ragsdale.


      A statement from the Department of Homeland Security gave no explanation why Trump has sacked acting director Ragsdale.

      It simply confirmed that Homan, the executive associate director of ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations, had been appointed in his place. Homan is a former New York cop who has worked in immigration enforcement for the past thirty years.

      ‘I am confident that he will continue to serve as a strong, effective leader for the men and women of ICE. I look forward to working alongside him to ensure that we enforce our immigration laws in the interior of the United States consistent with the national interest,’ the statement said.

      • Don’t know about Grace’s comment below, but I can tell you a friend of mine who works for ICE says they are THRILLED with Homan’s appointment.

        • I hear that as well about Homan.

          My note was that I had heard Ragsdale was demoted but not escorted out of the building. Perhaps details are being worked out.

          Trump seems to know what he is doing.

  4. Well, well, well. The first piece of disloyal flotsam gets flushed down the crapper as part of President Trump’s goal of draining the swamp. Did they think he was kidding? Did these Obama half wits never watch “The Apprentice”? LOL If you don’t do the job or, even worse, if you are disloyal, you’re fired.

    Her firing will send a loud, clear signal to all those former Obama people who think they can be seditious with Trump. They will get on board with the program or get thrown out on their precious Ivy League butts. Just like real life. He didn’t even give her the option of “resigning”. He just canned her.

    How would you like to have heard the phone call between Yates and Trump?

  5. Aftershocks.

    A day or so ago, I “heard”, on the radio I think, that there is a gathering of entrenched Clinton/Obama political appointees at State who were preparing a grand stand against Trump.

    I wonder if they are now reconsidering. Pretty sure they thought or think they cannot be fired.

    My preference is that they carry out their plan. Then President Trump can have a firing en masse. So much more efficient. Not that the President needs lessons in that from me or anyone.

  6. I remember how Obama took days or weeks to make decisions. Trump doesn’t waste time – he gets the job done! Wham! Next will be the career diplomats opposing the immigration ban. The WH said they can either “get with the program or they can go”.

  7. Remember how many conservatives were so sure that Trump was a stooge for Hillary, and his candidacy was all a ruse to hand the country over to another Clinton?

    Seems they were wrong. Trump is acting as a president should. Obey the f’ing laws or get the f out.

  8. I didn´t know that Yates was an Obama appointee. That explains it. I think it was an incredible act of betrayal. Of course she must go. I guess all the Obama appointees have to go, sooner or later. They are Obamas Trojan horses. And Obama himself again reveals his true colours. An ever divisive rabble rouser.
    This is an incredible frenzy and hysteria. And people working in and behind the media with shady agendas are responsible. Where were these people when the Obama administration interfered in these countries on the list and produced millions of refugees ? His administration is responsible for the security problems.

    • Yes, my friend says there are lots that are embedded within DHS. I am sure there will be lots more to go, perhaps sooner rather than later. President Trump doesn’t mess around!

      • And a lot of liberal ideologues began being inserted into positions during the Clinton era. Many simply moved over into the Obama camp and remained.

  9. It is a “New Day” in the United States of America! God, called folks that want to do their own thing, “stiff-necked” “haughty” people. Instructed Moses to go down there and straighten those people out, or else! Good advice..don’t be standing there when, or else hits the fan.

  10. Another official who puts their party before their nation………plain and simple. I believe she was the one putting together Hillary’s cases for Lynch or would have run the investigation if Lynch had properly recused herself from the investigation.

    In Theory, if your a federal employee or appointee, your loyalty is to Constitution of the United States not Democrat,Republicam,HRC, Obama, Trump or Bush. When your a Senior in Justice, SOS, DHS,FBI, and DOD and you don’t know or refuse to act in this manner…….you should get fired. Also, This is what happens when you practice Select Prosecutions like we have had for the last 8 years……….

    It makes sense that Comey did what he did with the HRC investigation. None of those facts would have come out prior to the election with Yates in charge of the investigation and Lynch or Yates would be AG now.

  11. Reading the local newspapers this morning about the temporary immigration ban. Whew! Dozens of stories about how “awful” it is, and “we aren’t that kind of country”, or the “anguish” of it all. Reporters getting stories from wire services, local college kids, college teachers, leftist local political agitators, local Somali leaders. And from, of course, our own Congressional goofballs–Susan Collins and Angus King who are “horrified” about the ban, you see. Dear Lord, how did these two boneheads ever get elected?

    However, funny thing. Nowhere are the significant details about the temporary ban explained by the reporters. Not a single word about how their hero Obama used the same Statute 6 times. They don’t even use the words “temporary” in their stories. If you knew nothing about it, you’d have to come away believe this is a forever ban on all Muslims in every country in the world. No explanation about how only seven countries on the terrorist watch list created by Obama himself are impacted by the temporary ban. No story I read puts the temporary ban in any kind of perspective.

    Not a single story tells the reader about the purpose of the ban–to give us time to develop a robust vetting system to filter out the jihadist killers from the immigrant flow. Not a single story informs the reader that six former Presidents have used that same Statute to create temporary immigrant bans in their own administrations.

    Well, you get the idea. Same thing is happening in your own local newspapers and television news, no doubt. If you are a busy person and don’t have the time to do even basic research into this issue, you will, after reading these stories, come away with the most distorted understanding of the situation possible. And that is by design, you can bet. This is all due to an utterly corrupt, debased corporate journalism which is utterly untethered from anything even remotely connected with the truth.

    • Marcus, I know, I see the same doubling-down of biased reporting. If anyone can break through it and restore some semblance of honesty, by what we have seen in the last week, I think Trump is the man.

      • I agree. Even though conservatives like Mark Levin and others supported Cruz and loath Trump, Cruz, if nominated, would have been eaten alive by the Hillary machine. Hillary would now be President. Cruz relied on his debating skills, which are formidable indeed. But it took a lot more than clever debating skills to beat Hillary. Trump, who understood how to neutralize Hillary far more than Cruz understood, put the gloves on, smacked her around, politically speaking, and won the day. Cruz could not have done that. Wouldn’t know how. Trump hasn’t taken the gloves off yet because he understands the boxing match is nowhere near over. Many rounds to go.

        • Revealing what a geek I am, reminds me of the BSG episode with the boxing theme. Adama gets in the ring with the young, cocky ‘Chief’. The crew had been getting complacent and lazy, lost focus (sound familiar?). Adama lays into him and puts the kid on his azz in a second. Adama seizes the opportunity for a speech “When you get in the ring, this man is NOT your friend… We are in a fight for our survival…” (paraphrased) This is Trump’s approach, and I’m behind him 100%.

    • Expect a movie about her “heroism” soon. Meryl Streep will play the part. Or maybe Madonna. Yates is claiming a crisis of conscience caused her to defy the law–an assertion she did not claim when Obama used exactly the same Statute six times to restrict immigration by certain groups. So she’s a fraud, a phony, a political hack, and now everyone knows it.