As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Trump Schedule || Monday, January 30, 2017

9:00 am || Holds breakfast and listening session with small business leaders; Roosevelt Room
10:30 am || Signs an executive order
11:30 am || Meets with Chief of Staff Priebus
12:30 pm || Lunch with Vice President Pence
1:30 pm || Meets with Director of the Domestic Policy Council, Andrew Bremberg
2:30 pm || Meets with presidential personnel
4:00 pm || Meets with the National Economic Council

20 Responses to Trump Schedule || Monday, January 30, 2017

  1. Oh, the liberal world is exploding here. Our MSM provides us with so much mis-information about the goings-on in the US and so many sob-stories from people with MidEast backgrounds who think it ruins their careers not to be able to enter the US.
    But, believe me, there are many here who would like a leader who puts Europe first here as well. We do not like what is happening here.
    I think the temporary ban on Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen makes sense. These are war-torn countries with enormous security problems. I am not so sure of Iran though, a non-Arabic country ( they are Persians ) with many well-educated people resisting their theocratic regime. However, I have read that this is all based on security reviews conducted by Obamas deputies resulting in a Terrorist Prevention Act of 2015, which the MSM of course never mentions. Oh no, it is all about the Muslimophobic Trump. Also, I would like to see Saudi and Pakistan included on the list. Trump had a conversation with the Saudi King, maybe there was a hint.
    This is all about security, and I really think it is great with a leader who dares to act. I mean, after all the horrible terror deeds in Europe, (Nice, Berlin, Paris etc etc ) we, the citizens, are still being told, just carry on as usual because Islam is a religion of peace. I want another perspective, another leadership, I do not want Islamization of our part of the world. I believe the Trump administration can help here.

    • You’re quite right. The ban covers only six countries—all of which have been identified as being source countries which have ISIS members embedded with the flow entering European countries and the US. 46 other “Muslim” countries (Indonesia, etc.) are not impacted at all by the 120 day ban. The temporary ban, as you certainly know, is to allow the US to strengthen the vetting process to help ensure ISIS killers are screened out.

      It’s interesting to note that in 2011, Obama announced a 6-month ban all immigrants from Iraq. Period. There was only stone cold silence (or even mild approval) from the Liberals, the media, the Hollywood speechifiers, the special interest groups, the Globalists, the United Nations, the Soros puppets.

      So the corporate media, the anti-Trumpers, the Hollywood set, the Democrat and Republican elites, the European Globalists, the Soros-sponsored leftist groups and, for all we know, the Martians visiting the planet, are all against this temporary ban being used to strengthen our security. It’s unheard of, they tell us. Yet, they refuse to tell the whole story behind the temporary ban, they refuse to tell the entire truth, they refuse to acknowledge the danger of permitting unvetted immigrants from terrorist countries to enter our midst. All this, even though ISIS brags openly about embedding their killers in the flow of immigrants and refugees from these six countries. They would rather see innocent people killed by these ISIS murderers than to tell the complete truth about Trump’s action. Sadly, this is how all these groups will behave for the next four years.

      I remember, very clearly, how similar groups behaved as it was apparent that Reagan’s words and action were leading to a collapse of the Soviet Union. Night and day, they pounded on Reagan for his approach to the Soviet menace, insulted him, mocked him, talked about impeaching him, ridiculed him without mercy. But he stuck to his approach because it was the right thing to do.

      So the corporate media continues to refuse to tell the full truth, and politicians of all stripes and countries continue to preen themselves in self righteous speeches. The disguise they had to convince us they were objective truth tellers has long ago vanished.

      • Marcus, thank you for your, as always, interesting comment. Yes, the MSM , Hollywood and activists have declared war against Trump.I hope he doesn´t yield. He is on a mission, a tough and difficult mission.He has a good warrior, Stephen Bannon, by his side.
        Please note who the people are that take to the streets now. They are not “ordinary” people, I am sure. But ordinary people could easily be mobilized to go out and demonstrate against Muslim terrorism if they had some support in the media and among the politicians. That is what concerns real people, security, peace, law and order. Not that some MidEastern/African people with dual citizenship are temporarily prohibited to enter the US.The MSMs reporting of this is inflammatory, inciting of violence and riots. Shame on them.

      • OldTimer, thanks for the link.I agree. Islam belongs to the East, it should stay there. I do not want that aggressive, oppressive, intolerant “religion” to influence our Western society. It would be a death-blow for our culture and way of living. We can of course be friendly with Muslims but if they want to live strictly according to Islam, please do not come to the West. I find the sight of women in burqas highly offensive.

  2. 109 detained out of 325,000 entering the USA. Of the 109 detained, perhaps half or less were actually refused entry.

    I wonder how many were detained the day before the ban took effect. My bet is it was close to that number. This is all front page fodder for the MSM.


  3. A little bit of history. And a fun fact for conversations with liberals about banning refugees.

    Back in the 70s then Governor Moonbeam, now Governor Jerry Brown, led a group of Democrats, including Joe Biden, opposing Vietnamese immigration of refugees, including orphans.

    Remember those pictures of the Saigon Embassy helicopter airlift? Heartless!

    Article at Daily Caller.

  4. Breaking news. I read elsewhere that the shooters screamed “allahu ackbar”.

    “Six dead, two arrested after ‘terrorist attack’ at Quebec City mosque

    MONTREAL—The toll of a deadly terrorist shooting rampage at a Quebec City mosque grew overnight as police investigators attempted to hone in on the movements and possible motives of the two individuals believed responsible for the killings.

    The horror that started just as Sunday evening prayers had ended has left six people dead and another eight injured — some severely, a spokesperson for Quebec provincial police told reporters.

    The victims ranged in age from 35 to 70 and police said there were another 39 people inside the Cultural Centre of Quebec’s Grand Mosque shortly before 8 p.m. Sunday. That’s when two individuals said to be wearing ski masks and carrying firearms burst into the building and opened fire on the worshippers, according to witness accounts.”

    • NoDhimmi,I read about that “allahu akhbar” scream too.Confusing. Is is some sunni-shia conflict ?
      Seems like your premier and prime minister now do everything to calm down the situation and and they lavish praise on the muslim community. Are there any tensions ?

      • I read ( Daily Mail ) that two students are arrested, one of them of Moroccan descent. So, this thing will not be big in MSM then ? ?
        Trudeau welcomes even more Syrians into Canada now.