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45 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || January 29, 2017

  1. The anti-Trump protest professionals have jumped the shark with their outrage we don’t have more Muslims living with us.
    They might think they’re fooling us with the love of all refugees, or that they are happy to live among a people whose religious Holy Book encourages them to kill all of us infidels, but we know it’s to add another nail into the Trump coffin they’re trying to build.

    The MSM is trying desperately to find anyone who can tell them this temporary ban in the worst thing ever done by a President, illegal, unconstitutional, or just plain mean, and the best they can find is some sore loser Dem who thinks it might be wrong according to liberal immigration policies the Dems love.

    • All part of the Trump strategy – and they’re too stupid to realise.

      “Here’s a bouncing ball – go chase it – and let the TV cameras watch”

      That leaves the average American watching this going “what-the-hell? Who are these morons?”


    • What does it take for these terrible democrat/communists before they realize what is happening in the world, getting their heads cut off? That so-called Jew Schumer wants more Iranians and Muslims in this country, Iranians who, every day, say they want to blow Israel off the face of the earth? And Muslim Terrorists, more of them here for Schumer? What does it take? Dianne Feinstein putting a bill up about that she wants more Muslims who could be terrorists in this country, another Jew who has given up her Jewishness for the party? Communists do not believe in God, you know, right? That is the direction in which these horrible dems are going. Trump should investigate Feinstein and her husband for their enriching themselves for her retirement? Go Trump! All these dems like Clinton come into the commie party regular people and leave zillionaires? Investigate Feinstein too and Clinton and the others who sneakily enrich themselives like Feinstein and Clinton. I just can’t get over these Jewish people in the commie party who love and want more Muslims here, when they would kill the Jew in a nanosecond if they could and THEY ARE! iN ISRAEL AND HERE IN AMERICA TOO. The dems think they will get the votes like this? The only way they get votes is through FRAUD and they must be stopped forever.

  2. In 2012 the City of Irving, Texas won the Balwin Award. This award is awarded to organizations who do a good job in their field. Irving’s lady mayor was interviewed on radio. She said that when they began to discuss doing something that they asked themselves if it was a want or a need. If it was a need the next question was how would they pay for it. She also said there were no sacred cows. Maybe Washington should replicate this way of thinking.

    Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award – Wikipedia

    Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award – Wikipedia

  3. Start off with trivia today, (no Google) today is a significant date in the history of the United States regarding the union of those states. First one to answer correctly gets a free pocket Constitution to take to your nearest airport and school those idiots in the fact that there is no right to enter this country.
    Have a great Sunday all.

  4. There are a LARGE number of ex-felons that have had their rights stripped away (voting, 2nd-amendment, etc.). This amounts to “taxation without representation”. Most of these ex-felons are no longer under the penal system (not on work release, or have finished their parole time, or simply completed all of their time and were released, not on house arrest, etc.). Society places a stigma on these people and that makes it difficult for them to get (or keep) jobs, and so some of them revert back to committing crimes.

    These people need to be able to protect themselves from criminals just like everyone else, and I’m certain that they would like to be able to vote again. I don’t have a problem with that if they have really turned their lives around and have stayed clean for a number of years.

    Because of the leftist anti-gun stance, there are many people that were charged with felonies that could have been plead down to smaller charges– because the DA (or ADA) wanted them to lose their gun rights and/or not be able to vote.

    There is already a process in place for them to get their rights restored (on a case by case basis)– by staying clean for ‘X’ number of years (varies with the state)– then they have to petition the AG in the state where they reside, who can then decide if they will restore their rights (which can be denied if the AG is having a bad day or just doesn’t feel like dealing with it).

    It would be better (IMHO) if there were a uniform way to do this automatically at the federal level. For example, we could wait until they are no longer under the penal system, and then immediately restore their rights if their felony was a non-violent type, or wait ‘X’ years (5?) if their felony was a violent type. If they can manage to stay clean– then a computer would automatically restore their rights (or perhaps they would have to fill out a form on-line for immediate review by a person in the USAG’s office or something?)

    Remember that there are so many laws currently on the books, that most people commit a felony a few times a day without even realizing it. So an attitude of “throw the bastards in jail and throw away the key” would have us ALL in jail, with no voting rights to fix it.

    I know that this would be a difficult issue to deal with as it would have “bad optics” for politicians– but still, we could at least try. An executive order could fix this temporarily, but a federal bill could fix this long-term. I would like to see this problem to be at least acknowledged and preferably addressed.

    Disclosure: I am *NOT* a felon or an ex-felon.

    • Sorry Ken. Not thinking this is much of a problem. So long in this country there has been a move to have no consequences for peoples actions. Your just doing the same thing.
      If your going to break the law you need to own the results of that.
      Just my thoughts.

      • I respect your opinion, BUT— as I have already stated that there are so many laws on the books now that WE ARE ALL FELONS– each and every one of us commits a FELONY an average of three times a day– even those that should know better like judges for example. This is from a study done by Harvard Law back in the 70’s– and by now the we have four times the number of laws! So, it may even be worse than I stated!

        What you are saying is that if I made a mistake, and I got 5 years for it, that the 5 years is not good enough and I should pay for the rest of my life by being ostracized by the community, and shunned forever– and if a criminal should desire to kill me that I should just be killed and that’s that— and if my politicians want to make a law to take my children away from me and put them in a “communist reeducation camp”– that I should not have voting rights to try to change the law.

        What is your real name and where do you live? I will come and observe you for one week, and then will arrest you for the 6-12 FELONIES that you have committed while going about your daily routine– then you will go to JAIL and you will lose your right to VOTE and your gun rights for LIFE– and in addition, you will not be able to get a good job when you get out of jail. Your life will essentially be RUINED.

        YOU ALREADY ARE A FELON !!!! (You just haven’t been caught yet.)

    • I agree, I think. Many otherwise good people have made mistakes, and ended up in the penal system. As a society, we should be doing a better job of rehabilitation. Chronically making life hard for people that we would like to see live good, honest lives is counter-productive.

  5. NO-FLY list —

    Well, there seems to be an awful lot of people on the “no-fly” list that should not be on it. AND once you get on this list, there doesn’t appear to be a way to get off of it if you know that you should not be on it. The democrats wanted to use this to prevent people from buying guns.

    I have heard of horror stories that some congressmen and even little kids have been placed on this list– just stupidity and incompetence– and then it practically takes an executive order from the POTUS to get it removed! Absolutely ridiculous!

    We need to fix this. Since this “no fly” list appears to have had ZERO success at catching any bad guys, maybe we should just stop doing it. If we are going to keep it, then there should be a way for a person to find out if they are on it (a website search form or something); and there should also be a way to get off of it if you are not a “bad guy”– perhaps some kind of appeals process or something (also on the same website).

  6. Under U.S. Code, the president does have the statutory authority to keep anyone out of the country, for any reason he thinks best. Per 8 USC §1182

    “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”


    The 2nd amendment is NOT about guns– it is about ARMS. The SCOTUS has decided that this is an individual right, and in earlier decisions they decided that it is restricted to only those type of arms that an infantry person might carry on a regular basis– (so NOT grenades, explosives, etc.– as these are not normally issued). Most of the infantry throughout the world are issued a “battle rifle” that can fire one or more rounds per trigger pull– (thus the restrictions on full-auto firearms are unconstitutional). These battle rifles usually are equipped with large capacity magazines (so magazine size restrictions are unconstitutional). Infantry are also issued some kind of knife– a bayonet and/or a fighting type of knife. The Marines are also issued swords– and so all of these should be protected as well.

    As used in the Bill of Rights, the word “Arm” means:

    1) Anything that is specifically designed to be used as a weapon.

    2) Anything that the federal, state, or local government has declared to be a weapon.

    3) Anything that the end user intends to use as a weapon.

    4) Anything that is designed to work with or support the use, functionality, or maintenance of an Arm (e.g. knife sharpening stones, ammunition, magazines, cleaning supplies, ammunition reloading equipment and supplies, etc.)

    I think that there needs to be a federal law to clarify exactly what the 2nd amendment means, and to prohibit any federal, state, or local enforcement of any law that prohibits the exercise of our 2nd amendment right. That means that a person should be able to walk down the street in Chicago or New York with a loaded AK-47 slung onto their shoulder if they should desire to do this. (If everyone in Chicago or NYC was carrying like this– the violent crimes would almost stop altogether). I think that this federal law should be given some TEETH– and impose federal prison time for any law enforcement people that violate it.

    I think that the “National Right To Carry” (CCW reciprocity) bill should be enhanced to also state that if a person does not have a CCW, then the firearm can be carried OPENLY— and that there can be no enforcement of any law that prohibits the firearm from being LOADED while carrying it. In addition, if a person uses a firearm to protect their own life or the life of another, the they cannot be charged with a crime or sued in civil court.

    The only way to stop a bad person with a gun is with a good person with a gun. An armed society is a polite society…


    • How would you deal with somebody who has drunk a bottle of whiskey and then leaves their home with an AK47 over their shoulder?

      In principle the 2nd amendment is a great idea. But it doesn’t take account of human failings.

      • May I add – I really like the way the Swiss have approached the issue – you can have a gun as long as you join , and train every year with , your local militia.

        That’s a good compromise in my view.

      • Having a loaded firearm while intoxicated is a crime in some states here in the USA (although the police seem to be exempt). I believe that these laws are unconstitutional. If you do have to defend yourself (or someone else) with your firearm, then you are going to be called upon to justify your actions. There is going to be a lot of doubt cast upon you if you were intoxicated. If you are intoxicated and kill an innocent person (even if you were “aiming” at the criminal)– then it is not an accident– now it is an unjustified homicide and you are going to prison. The result of this is that it is not a good idea to USE your firearm while intoxicated– just like you should not DRIVE your car– but you can own your car and have your car, and sit in it– just don’t start it up an put it into gear… Same thing with a firearm. A person has to be responsible, and having a firearm is a great freedom– but along with that freedom comes great responsibility. That said, if you know that you are going out for a pint, then don’t bring your firearm if you have any sense at all– and if you want to be protected then bring a friend along that doesn’t drink to carry their firearm. (Same thing with a car BTW– the designated driver keeps you out of trouble).

        Also, if I were drunk and staggering home by myself on a dark street– I might make a “weak looking” target to a criminal that wants to rob me– and here in the USA that might mean that criminal will end up killing me as well (no witnesses)– even though it is not a good idea to carry a firearm while intoxicated, I would at least like to have the option under those circumstances and I can work it all out with the police later– (and I will still be alive to talk about it).

        As for myself, I quit drinking years ago– and so that is not a problem for me.

        In the UK, they have made laws that make it a crime to defend yourself even in your own home– so if a criminal breaks in while you are at home and they are going to stab you to death– you are not allowed to defend yourself– you just have to let the criminal kill you and hope that the police catch them later… This is contrary to natural law, where even the smallest creatures will defend themselves if they cannot run away. Even a cockroach, if backed into a corner, will defend itself (don’t ask me how I know that). So, in the UK, cockroaches have more rights than a human being! Here in the USA, we are more about individual freedom and liberty– BUT this is NOT without responsibility that comes with those freedoms and liberties.

  8. There have been a number of unjustifiable police shootings (and some justifiable shootings that have been “spun” by the media to appear as though they were unjustifiable). Here in Nevada (and more specifically Clark County where I live)– we have gained the rather dubious distinction of having the largest number of police shootings per 100000 people (not the largest number of shootings, but the largest per capital)– I think this was for the year 2014. IMHO, some of these were not justified, and citizens here were murdered by the police– which were never charged with a crime. One of these victims was a decorated marine that was not doing anything wrong nor threatening anyone.

    Many of these police shootings have erupted with a large backlash from the public– culminating in unrest and rioting, etc. This is because these police departments investigate themselves– (kind of like the “fox watching the chicken house”)– and the people do not trust this process.

    Let’s stop this in it’s tracks– sign an executive order for the FBI to investigate EVERY law-enforcement shooting where a human being was shot (even if they lived to tell about it). If the FBI uses this kind of force, then they should be investigated by some other branch of law enforcement. The justification for doing this would be to promote national security (because rioting can spill across state lines).

    Follow this executive order with a federal law from congress so this action has more lasting effects.

    This would go a LONG WAY towards restoring order, and towards regaining some of the respect for law enforcement that has been lost over the years.

  9. AFVet, I’mNoDhimmi, and Marcus, thank you for your advice on ad blockers (Adguard and Ghostery) the other day. I will give those a try. I have been resistant to them for whatever reason but it looks like they are going to be essential!

    I apologize for not acknowledging earlier, but by the time I got back to the thread it was old and on page two LOL

  10. The Dept. of Homeland Security says:
    80 million international travelers arrive in the U.S. annually.

    325,000 int’l travelers arrive daily. Of them one per cent (1%) are 32.5 peoples travels are disrupted. source: weaselzippers story on this.

  11. From Trumps Executive Order: Section 1

    “In order to protect Americans, the United States must ensure that those admitted to this country do not bear hostile attitudes toward it and its founding principles. The United States cannot, and should not, admit those who do not support the Constitution, or those who would place violent ideologies over American law. In addition, the United States should not admit those who engage in acts of bigotry or hatred (including “honor” killings, other forms of violence against women, or the persecution of those who practice religions different from their own) or those who would oppress Americans of any race, gender, or sexual orientation.”

    Kinda explains the views of those opposing Trump doesn’t it.

  12. In light of the coordinated “protest” of Trump’s Executive Order re banning travelers from seven terror-prone countries (46 Muslim countries are completely unaffected by the ban), we remember Obama’s six-month ban of Iraqis in 2011. No protests then from Liberals or the corporate media. It was all good for them.

    “MORE HYPOCRISY: Obama Banned all Iraqi Refugees for 6 Months in 2011 – Liberals SAID NOTHING!”

    Funny how that works, isn’t it?

    • What’s different now is that the Internet has become a powerhouse for information– and the propagandists can no longer tell “The Big Lie” and get away with it.

      By continuing to engage in this FAKE NEWS (and promoting their puppet-masters’ globalist agenda), they will only succeed in destroying what little credibility they have left. Soon, they will be left only with reporting on “Tabloid News” subjects– like Bigfoot, werewolves, vampires, UFOs, and aliens… So, actually they are doing us a BIG FAVOR by continuing to act like the arrested adolescents that they are– (same with the idiotic “protesters” we have seen in action lately).

      This only plays into the next BIG THING— as ultra high bandwidth becomes common and very inexpensive, all television and news will move [exclusively] to Internet feeds. Satellite and cable TV will fade away, and everyone will stream what they want to watch from a media player.

      Buh Bye “Tabloid News” dinosaur-age media, hello future “Real News” media!