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Trump Schedule || Sunday, January 29, 2017

1:30 pm || Speaks with the King of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud
2:00 pm || Speaks with Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates, Mohammed bin Zayed
3:00 pm || Hosts a movie screening
7:00 pm || Speaks with the Acting President of South Korea, Hwang Kyo-Ahn

25 thoughts on “Trump Schedule || Sunday, January 29, 2017”

  1. I think that the UAR declared CAIR a terrorist organization.
    If so, it should be a very interesting meeting.
    Will we do the same?
    Meeting with Saudi Arabia I don’t understand.

  2. I noticed that KSA and the UAE were not on the list of countries he noted in his EO the other day. I hope this Phoncon is to advise them that they’re 1 incident away from being placed on the FU list. I also hope he lets the ROK President know that we will be there for them if the S hits the fan. The ROK’s are some tough MoFo’s and he (President Trump) needs to put a shot across the bow and drop a message to the Chinese President that if/when the NorK’s get stupid that China along with NK will be held to account. I’m not a warmonger, far from it, but we must assert ourselves in Asia and keep the Chicoms in check.

    1. I am assuming Gen. Mattis is of similar thinking.

      From what I can tell none of this is shoot from the hip. All the action being taken sort of rapid fire has been studied, checked etc.

      But you are so right about NorK and the Chicoms.

      1. I worked for Gen Mattis. You can be sure that it was in the convo. He is a realist and…………….I won’t speak for him, he can do that himself.

      1. Me too. But hoping Trump’s out of the gate attention to the state of the US military and renewed commitment to American security will keep every one (except the certifiable NorK) at bay or at least pause for thought.

  3. FYI Now that the lib loon lawyers are up in arms re. their illegal or immigrant clients, there are some useful articles over at Legal Insurrection.

    As best I can determine — a Visa, any Visa, no matter how long you may have lived in America and come and gone, it is not an assent to admit. When you arrive with a Visa you must then be granted admission. But that’s me, check it out.

    I’m no lawyer, but I am reasonably confident that unlike Obama’s EOs, Trump’s will follow the letter of the law.

    What was it about Obama’s Rev. Wright and some chickens coming home to roost?

    1. The Left’s problem is that it can’t long survive in America, absent strict indoctrination of the young, the importation of fellow-travellers from abroad, and enforcement ofthe same by the media and the machinery of state.

      Now, Betsy DeVos is threatening the indoctrinations; the importation of foreigners is being checked; the media revealed to be propaganda, and the machinery of state is taking very careful aim at the Left.

      No WONDER the Left is acting like there’s a structural failure of the firmament. Their sky really IS falling.

    2. I am a former Foreign Service Officer who issued immigrant and non-immigrant visas. The visa does not automatically mean you will be admitted — though normally that is the case. There are a variety of reasons for which the visa might be cancelled.

  4. A Saturday schedule followed by a Sunday Schedule!

    Except for golf and other trivial pursuits, I can’t remember that there was ever a weekend schedule in the 8 years that our Vacationer-in-Chief was squatting in the White House.

    Can anybody else?

  5. I find it VERY interesting that he’s talking to Saudi Arabia and the UAE on the weekend of the Muslim ban.

    Both of those “allies” have been funding ISIS

    My guess – Trump will threaten to extend the Muslim ban to both of those countries if they refuse to support him on eradicating Islamic terrorism. He will use the example of this weekend as leverage.. very very clever.

  6. When you are speaking to the King of Saudi Arabia a are you going to talk about banning his countrymen from accessing the US? After all isn’t that where the terrorists who attacked he US on 9/11 came from?

    1. The Saudis are at least shrewd enough to play a double game: sounding all the right notes in public, while being the main proponents of Wahhabism behind the scenes.

      The Saudis’ problem is that right now, they need us more than we need them. They depend on petrodollars, but the oil prices they require for maintenance of their state are unsustainable: if oil goes up to 70 or 80, in jump the frackers, and the price drops down again.

      With that, goes a decline in Saudi living standards, and a muddling of a longstanding arrangement, where the well-connected would get cushy government jobs, while the unfortunates would get alms. With its top export now suddenly devalued, Saudi Arabia can no longer maintain this arrangement. I suspect they’re paying attention to what happened in Venezuela, after Hugo Chavez bet the entire economy on eternally high crude prices, and sevened out. If so, they know that a similar reckoning will be coming for them, unless something changes…such as expenditures on jihadis, perhaps.

      So Saudi Arabia requires careful handling. The House of Saud will have to choose, sooner than anyone will like, between financing jihad and maintaining control of the country. And they know what America expects, and which choice we would support.

      All of that’s not going to unfold next week, to be sure; but the Saudis know what side their bread is buttered on.

      Bottom line, we know we can take Riyadh’s word, if perhaps with a pinch of salt. Teheran, Damascus, Tripoli, and the rest of the rogues’ gallery…well…not so much.

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