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Trump Schedule || Saturday, January 28, 2017

9:00 am || Speaks with the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzō Abe
11:00 am || Speaks with the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel
Noon || Speaks with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin
2:00 pm || Speaks with the President of France, François Hollande
3:00 pm || Signs Executive Orders
5:00 pm || Speaks with the Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull

24 thoughts on “Trump Schedule || Saturday, January 28, 2017”

    1. LOL.. no doubt. The MSM is so far behind Trump’s trail that they don’t know what hit them. After covering a President who did 15-20 minutes (if that much) actual work a day, now they’re trying to keep up with Trump. They’re completely tangled up in their own underwear.

      The Keystone Cops? You bet. Here they are in a little three minute silent movie called “The Keystone Kops meet Pickles and Peppers.” Now the MSM is making their own movie: “The Corrupt Media Meets Trump and Pence.” ;+}

    2. That’s exactly the Trump media strategy – it’s a full throated Shock and Awe. The MSM can’t keep up with him, because as soon as they zero in on “oh dear look at these poor refugees” ,he’s already moved onto other things.

      I noticed that he was doing this during his campaign – he moved so fast that by the time the media were reporting “Muslim ban” ,he’d moved onto 5 or 6 other things.

  1. Thanks Keith for posting this, nice to see a President that is working to get some good things done for a change… and haven’t heard any apologies about the sins of the USA lately…

  2. He might be accomplishing more on his second Saturday in office, than Sir Golfsalot did in EIGHT YEARS worth of Saturdays.

    I could get used to this.

  3. Wow, is this a great new world?! What a week. Better than I ever even expected.

    Thank you, President Trump!!

    It’s been a crazy busy couple of weeks for him. I do hope he can take Sunday off and spend some time relaxing with his family. Although, I have a feeling the word “relax” is not in his vocabulary.

  4. Woah. A Saturday schedule – just as busy as Monday to Friday. This guy is working his ass off! How refreshing.
    It’s really nice having a REAL president again! God bless Donald Trump.

  5. It’s Saturday and POTUS isn’t golfing?? Finally we have a President who cares about the business of running our country instead of his own recreational pursuits!

  6. Just had a look again at the Obama schedules – it’s like night and day. Chalk and cheese.

    8 years wasted – President Trump is a man on a mission and a LOT of catching up. Utterly love the guy. This week has been amazing. We truely are winning so hard I’ll be telling Trump in a few weeks to stop with the winning and let us have a break. (Which won’t happen. ).

  7. I’m glad to see his work ethic hasn’t slacked. Just hope he doesn’t get burned out. Even more, I just want him to focus on the changes he is making and stop talking about crowd size/media—shows his apprentice show days. This isn’t a TV show, you can’t get cancelled for at least four years, move on, lol.

    1. The crowd size thing was deliberate.
      Trump does this all the time – he treats the media like a bunch of very dumb puppies and he throws them a bouncing ball.

      Think about it. It’s very very clever.

      1. I agree that my week has been tiring trying to keep up with him and everything else going on lol.
        As my very liberal friends have been going crazy over his “paranoia”, the house has approved removing federal funds for abortion—which I thought would get them all up in arms.
        Now, as he is changing the next big thing–lobbying…everyone is busy talking about temporary bans.
        I agree–I have said many times that he does things on purpose. However, I just want some on my more left side to realize how smart he really is.

    1. And that’s what’s sad about it. Trump wasn’t lying about the “forgotten man” and that he wouldn’t be forgotten no longer.

      So many lives lost and wasted because the Libs wanted a black guy in the White House rather than seriously looking at if he was capable of doing the job.

    2. Let’s not forget the target of “forgotten man” this week with Trump – it was Chicago. Trump was talking about black males in that godforsaken city and that nobody cares about it.

      And he’s absolutely bang on.

      And that’s the city that gave us Obama.

  8. Pinch me! I cannot believe what is happening! A President intent on doing good things for our country! I am still in shock that the Kenyan Muslim faker is actual gone.

    We are winning for the 1st time in decades!

    Love you Donald!!

    1. Hey , I’m from England , and even I can’t believe how much we are winning via your President.

      Wake me up indeed. This is just too damn awesome.

      1. No more “back of the queue” as with the last person in office, trying to meddle in your country’s Brexit referendum by making threats.

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