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Saturday Open Thread || January 28, 2017



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    1. President Obama’s weekend schedule was largely dictated by weather and location of the nation’s golf courses — sometimes in WDC area, sometimes not.

  1. Six people from Iraq and one from Yemen were stopped from boarding a plane in Cairo bound for the US late yesterday.
    Two Iraqi people were detained at JFK airport late yesterday upon arrival into the US.

    No word yet on whether others were detained or stopped in other states.

    GO TRUMP!!!

  2. Was reading in the NY Times today that the Muslim ban has gone into effect. Some liberal refugee lawyers had to go to an NY airport pleading with Customs agents to let their Muslims into the country.

    The Agents told them to take it up with President Trump.

    My God – we are truly living in an amazing alternate universe. Please wake me up. This can’t be happening? We don’t win this hard usually do we?

    1. I know, I know. Everyone asks – was it really this easy, could Obama had done anything like this to help Americans?
      Refugees don’t have to come to America, it’s a big, big world out there. Go to Mexico, go to Iceland, go to some island out in the Pacific.
      Leave us alone.

      1. Haven’t had much time so scanned Drudge headlines. Seems like the order went out and action being taken. It’s all legal. And are country is being secured and protected. Almost overnight.

        Lots of work done by the Trump and staff in advance I am sure. Seems like Announcements are made and very shortly thereafter — like a day — ACTION is taken.

        If there was any objectivity about Trump and if the Dems were in anyway concerned about the well being and safety of the country they would be less critical and more willing to support, if not Trump, but at efforts to ensure our national security and safety. Heck, even Rahm Emmanuel has accepted “federal” help. And, I hope it does help Chicago.

        In the meantime I’ll settle for a giggle at DB’s info about the Lawyers having to go to the airport to see what can be done. Yeah, this whole enforcing the law thing is going to be a tough go for the legal profession.

  3. Just listening to Larry Kudlow interviewing Gen. Keane about the mess in the Middle East. Gen. Keane noted that Obama never asked the Pentagon for a full, comprehensive plan to defeat ISIS. Not one single time. He noted that it was a full nine months after ISIS started its killing campaign before Obama even got involved with dealing with ISIS at all. And, even then, Obama wanted a minimalist approach, imposed ridiculous ROEs, minimal budgeting and as few boots on the ground as possible. In other words, Obama never had any intention to defeat ISIS, which we all knew from his defeatist attitude anyway.

    Keane noted that, in his meeting with Pentagon chiefs this week, Trump ordered them to submit to him a full, comprehensive, detailed, effective plan to destroy ISIS ASAP. Like, right now. So they are working on just that.

    Nice to have a serious, responsible adult sitting in the Oval Office.

    1. Wilfully ignoring a genocide and refusing to act on it is actually a war crime under the Geneva conventions that came out of the Nuremberg trials.

      I suspect Attorney General Sessions will be looking into this quite soon.

      1. If willfully ignoring a genocide and refusing to act on it is a war crime, the bloody UN should be charged! What did the UN do for the people being massacred in Rwanda? What is the UN doing for the Yazidis? For Christians? Nothing!

    2. Thanks for the info. Especially coming from Keane who is super professional in his assessments.

      Unlike Ralphie Peters — yikes. What happened to him?

  4. To secure its sanctuary cities and combat the Administration’s enforcment of the law, the state of California has hired Eric Holder. First AG to be held in contempt of Congress.

    Might as well roll ole’ Loretta LynchLaw out there too. Eric might need an Assistant.

    1. I live (if you can call it that) in California. It is a total mess, delivered by Democrats. Mexicans everywhere, Spanish spoken everywhere, even billboards all in Spanish !

      The dumbocrats are fine with all that! Gov Jerry Brown is the leader of the insanity!
      Trump should declare this a rogue state and send in the troops!

      1. Encourage the libs to promote and vote for CalExit.

        Then send in the troops and arrest them for treason.

        That’s what I think the long term game plan is.

  5. I just flipped on FOX news for a minute-President Trump is on the phone with Putin. Trump’s desk top is barely visible with all of the paperwork in stacks on it. Also a nice glass of coke or Dr Pepper.

    He makes the last 3 presidents look lazy.

    1. That says to me that he refuses to use a computer. Which means he’s taking security extremely seriously – everything has to be on paper.

      Dick Cheney did the same. And boy did that guy know a lot about espionage and security. Glad to see Trump doing the same.

  6. Nice summary I saw elsewhere. Thought I would share.

    “It seems to me Trump is concentrating on (1) getting his people in place; (2) doing as much as he can on his own, and (3) keeping the opposition – media, Democrats, GOP backbiters – as off balance as much as possible.

    Once he has to work with Congress on legislation the pace is going to slow down; if he has solid accomplishments to demoralize his foes and embolden his friends the inevitable negotiations will be much easier.”

    1. John McCain has threatened to put Russia sanctions into law ( Fox News radio) if Trump decides to lift the sanctions via executive order.

      Dumb idiot has just gone onto the Trump enemy list. Expect Bannon to leak some dirt on McCain.

      1. At first I was livid at Arizona for sending him back to D.C. Then I looked at it from their point of view: They either send him back to Washington or put up with him there. Can’t blame em on that one.

    2. I disagree with the pace slowing down when it comes to Congress.

      Right now his target is obviously the MSM – so that’s where the Shock and Awe is aimed at.

      My guess is that once the media realise they can’t win , he’ll just unleash Bannon on Congress and do a Shock and Awe against them.

      1. I agree that the pace will not slacken. Right now, President Trump is working on the “known knowns” in public, next he will bring forward the “known unknowns” which he already knows and has plans for but has not decided to make public until he is ready. There will always be a big loop of things he is working on in public, things he’s working on in private, and things he’s learning about in order to begin tackling.

  7. I apologize in advance for not knowing but I found out yesterday that it was Holocaust Remembrance Day.
    What I cannot nor will I ever apologize for are the Democrats that used it as an excuse to attack Trump for the temporary ban on visas from Muslim countries with terror activity.
    Cory Booker and Dick Durbin had some of the most God awful tweets comparing Jews not being allowed in during WWII (a stain on us forever) to Trump putting a pause on the floodgate that Obama opened from the Middle East.
    While it is true that America was not founded as an official Christian nation, it is indisputable that America WAS founded by Christians escaping European persecution.
    The Muslims Obama has been letting in are not being persecuted because of their religion, they are refugees of war. A war mind you that Obama allowed to continue and dump on Trump.
    If the refugee program was as America was founded, based upon religious persecution, than 99.9 percent of all refugees over the past 8 years would have been the Christians that the Muslims over there have been torturing and killing for no other reason than they could.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it day in and day out: “Folks, we won only the first battle on November 8th. The enemy we face today is the enemy within our very own borders and if we don’t recognize that and be willing to stand up to the truth of our history and what true “American values” are, then we will be the first generation in history to lose freedom for the rest.”

    1. We didn’t import Germans and Japanese during WW2. That was complete common sense.

      The Muslim ban is exactly in the same vein.

      Are those Democrats saying that FDR was wrong?

    2. Yes, the enemy within. This might be a good place to remind ourselves just what Cicero (106BC-43BC) meant when he described the “enemy within” in Roman politics. Was there ever a better description of Obama and his gang of misfits, or of the current Washington politicians who lie awake at night plotting against us?

      “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

  8. Btw – on the Trump with lots of paper on his desk stuff. I have been a Linux system administrator and programmer for the last 25 years. My job is neck deep in security and internet technology.

    If I was consulting Trump , I would personally advise Trump to go all paper.

    Just a short note to let you guys know that I’m not a Luddite , but rather I actually work for living in the sphere of internet security.

    Trump is doing EXACTLY the right thing. Paper = high security.

    1. Deplorable – as a published writer, I agree totally with your paper stance. Once anything written goes online, the chances for intellectual theft shoot up 1,000 per cent. In my own case, a book of mine was being offered in both Africa and India – no royalties paid (assuming they actually sold one.)

      1. And imagine if it was emails being sent from an insecure server ….

        Hillary would have been a disaster for the United States. You would have had a blackmailed president.

        Thank God that never happened.

  9. On the question of Trump using a computer, according to C/NET (a pretty reliable technology site), Trump does not use a computer (though other sources seem to disagree), and does not use email or a cell phone. He, apparently, dictates his tweets to an aid and that’s how they go public. I do believe Trump once stated that he is concerned about security issues associated with emails and, obviously, he’s correct. We’ll not be hearing of Trump using a private, open server to transmit national secrets, ala Hillary. That’s not going to happen.

    “Trump doesn’t carry a cell phone or use email, report says”

    1. Obviously security is a different demand. But I had a mentor once who told me long ago, never put anything in writing that you do not the world to read. Or something to that effect. Good advice. Beware of and accept the consequences of your word.

      1. Now if we could only get WaPo, NyTimes and rest of the MSM to abide by same. How many times has there been a story posted online only to have facts prove parts false later and they just go in and change the story without even an editors note?
        If not for sites and ordinary people taking screenshots for later proof of what they do, we’d never know.
        If these “journalistic ethics” had been around in 1948 the famous “Dewey defeats Truman” headline would have never been seen by history because it just would have been changed on line and poof, all is now right with the narrative.

      2. Dick Cheney did exactly that. Never put into writing something he wasn’t 100% sure of.

        In a world of hostile actors , you have to take this seriously. Which Hillary never did.

    2. And that in a nutshell is why Trump got a standing ovation at the CIA the other day.

      He GETS information security. The CIA now has a president that is on their wavelength.

    1. Yup…a bunch of special snowflakes crying about Trump’s “Muslim ban” are protesting at LAX, their usual vulgar signage in tow.

      1. If it wasn’t so off the charts serious, it would be funny.

        God help us if there was a real credible threat to the country. What does it take?

    1. This weekend has been absolutely genius in its execution – the average American can now clearly see who the enemy is – and it’s the MEDIA with their wall to wall outrage over letting in non-Americans.

      Pure genius. Trump is playing a blinder.
      Over here in the U.K. , Theresa May is actively criticising the ban – which is making a lot of patriotic Brits wondering which side is she really on? The globalists or the British people?

      Trump is winning – AGAIN. God bless you yanks who voted him in. Love you guys and gals!!

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