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White House Provides Unprecedented Support for March for Life

This is pretty reassuring to those concerned Trump wasn’t going to pursue a conservative agenda.

From the Washington Examiner:

When throngs of abortion protesters convene Friday for the annual March for Life, they will enjoy the warmest show of White House support in the event’s four-decade history.

Vice President Mike Pence and top Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway will headline the pre-march rally on the National Mall, becoming the highest-ranking members of a presidential administration ever to speak at the annual protest. And President Trump plans to call into the rally to voice his support, following a pattern set by two of his GOP predecessors.

7 thoughts on “White House Provides Unprecedented Support for March for Life”

    1. Love when other men use the word “patriarchal” like that. Don’t forget to throw in “mansplain” and “whitesplain” for good measure

      What are you, Mr. “Falsetto” as to your supposed concerns? Pansy & scared, evidently, or you wouldn’t have posted here.

      Get you spthecial side-saddle, girl; it will be a fun ride for the wicked the next four to eight years.

    2. It seems to me the women who dress in “vagina costumes” and “pussy hats” are way more obsessed with their lady parts than anyone. Oh, and let’s not forget, they all voted for Shrillary because she’s a woman.

  1. Support and balance in reporting pro life Americans has been lacking It is good to see someone finally step up.

    And yes, they are also Feminists. But the definitions of pro life and anti abortion have changed over the years and the Left is unwilling to recognize that. And fairly so are many pro lifers.

    Any way it’s a start. The Left will interpret it as return of the back alleys and coat hangers as only they can.

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