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Trump Signs Orders to Vet Those From Terror Areas; Rebuild Military

First steps to make our country more secure. Funny, Obama is always portrayed as cerebral, Trump as instinctual, or worse. And yet Trump is pursuing rational policies any average American can see we need for our security.

From the Washington Examiner:

President Trump on Friday signed two national security-related executive actions on Friday, while attending the swearing-in ceremony for Defense Secretary James Mattis.

One action is focused on rebuilding the military, something Trump has frequently promised to do.

The other is aimed at stepping up screening measures for people entering the country from areas besieged by terrorism. Trump has repeatedly called on the government to implement “extreme vetting” with individuals entering the U.S. from terror-filled insecure regions.

Trump promised “a great rebuilding of the armed services” as he signed an executive action focused on beefing up the military.

18 thoughts on “Trump Signs Orders to Vet Those From Terror Areas; Rebuild Military”

    1. Now we need a real Secretary of the Navy to undo all the liberal, ‘social justice’ and ‘diversity’ crap that was forced on and weakened the fighting spirit of the US Navy.

      And lets stop giving US Navy warships pathetic, left wing names…aka; USS Gabby Giffords, USNS Harvey Milk, USS John Murtha etc.

  1. Well good for Trump. Let’s build our military and send our troops back to fight terrorism and lose many American lives. Let’s spend money we don’t have to get the World to hate us again at the expense of our poor and our slums! Let’s be friends with China and Russia as long as “I like them” (Trump) and they like me and have then takeover territories that don’t belong to them. Let’s stop Muslims from coming here but allow Christians. Then we can get rid of the Mexicans. Then we can prove that all Black people whose ancestors are from Africa are also here illegally and get rid of them too! Then we can have our white Christian country back again. Outlaw abortions, make the rich richer and live in our Utopia. Praise the Donald! God Bless America! God bless our Saviour, Donald Trump!

    1. David, you obviously are out of place, and out of your depth, on this blog. Take your ridiculous rants somewhere they’ll be appreciated.

      1. I agree. David is only making a fool of himself here, like the teen at Thanksgiving dinner who tells the entire family how to run the world.

    2. “Let’s spend money we don’t have ….” Right here I started laughing and stopped reading. David, have you paid attention to what President Obama did to our national debt? Why are you concerned NOW about spending “money we don’t have?”

  2. Rebuilding our military is a phrase that doesn’t mean the same as it did 50 years ago. It’s not about millions of troops armed with traditional firearms and massive tanks.
    Today’s military is about new age, star wars type armament, about drones that can deliver blows without boots-on-the-ground, and a smarter, faster reaction to threats.
    Halting immigration of a religious group who have no intention of integrating into our society and might even have evil intentions to harm us is a smart idea.
    Returning illegal aliens back to their homelands isn’t a cruel or heartless policy unless there is a direct danger to them. Those who climbed over our borders to enjoy a better life without bothering to seek lawful citizenship aren’t welcome and have no “rights” in our country.

    When Mexican leaders support their own citizens who chose to abandon their families to move to the USA, and have the gall to insist that we treat them as special guests are not our friends, nor do they care a whit about their fellow citizens.
    President Trump is enforcing existing law that has worked for decades before the Dems considered a new unskilled, poor constituency is the only way they can remain in power.
    He’s doing the right thing.

  3. Trump is initiating the process of neutralizing the wave of destruction and chaos launched by the destructive Obama/ValJar administration. It will be a long fix, with its successes and failures, no doubt, but at least the process has begun.

  4. Actually nothing to say right now, but I just wanted to be awake at the same time as the President.
    I know he’s at work, so I’ll start some chores that I usually do much later in the day.

      1. He works hard and he’s focused. He gets it done. He’s got a punch list and he uses it. He’s the Clerk of the Works–the construction boss who makes sure things happen on schedule, problems are solved ASAP, the needed materials are on site, the right people are in the right job, workers who are screwing around get fired, etc.)

        We hope the Republican leadership in the Congress is paying attention and eventually does the same. Ryan might be salvageable with the right guidance, but McConnell is as useless as tits on a bull, pardon my French.

  5. I have a friend who is frantic over Trump’s election. She as good as said to me that his blunt and unadorned, non-soaring, non-rhetoric style of speaking is one of the things that makes her dislike him.

    Do we call this class prejudice?

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