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Secret Service Agent who Said She Might Not Take Bullet for Trump in Legal Peril

A Secret Service special agent who suggested she would rather face “jail time” than take “a bullet” for President Trump has raised serious legal problems for herself by mixing political activity with her sworn duty to protect the president, according to attorneys who specialize in this area of the law, the Examiner reported.

The Secret Service’s Office of Professional Responsibility, its main internal ethics entity, has launched a formal investigation into the matter. That probe will likely focus on general misconduct — her threat not to carry out her most basic job responsibility to defend the president, as well as Hatch Act violations.

The Hatch Act bars executive branch staff, except the president, vice president and some other senior executive officials, from engaging in certain political activities. It doesn’t carry jail time as a penalty, but she could be forced to resign under Hatch Act violations alone.

11 Responses to Secret Service Agent who Said She Might Not Take Bullet for Trump in Legal Peril

  1. We all watched as Secret Service agents protected Hillary from public view when she collapsed on 9/11 last year, and the speed they surrounded MrTrump when a rally attendee rushed the stage. Our first responders are willing to place themselves in harms way to protect any citizen, and we are so grateful for their honorable actions.
    The Secret Service, along with our first responders, are admirable and worthy of all our respect.
    When one of them announces they will not perform their duty, they should be given the same treatment the military dishes out to a soldier who falls from grace.

    We all pray that no harm comes to our President or any of the SS protectees, but knowing they will do all they can to keep them safe is gratifying.

  2. I thought as I first heard about this that she should be in deep doo-doo. Still amazing to me that leftists think anything that aligns with their agenda is acceptable, even if they blatantly disregard laws.

  3. I can’t believe there is any question about the consequences for this agent. She violated her oath, said she would not do her job, and by refusing to carry out her oath or do her job she is potentially allowing harm to come to the POTUS.

    She should be released from service. All of her clearances pulled. Denied her pension or any continuing compensation from the taxpayer.

    She should be investigated , and jailed at a minimum. And where were her “friends”, co workers and boss? Pretty sure this wasn’t the only time she spoke out. And even if it was, it was some time ago. Where were they?

    And, finally, where we the “gatekeepers” and watchdogs of FB? My God, the things people announce on those pages and go without official notice.

    Say one critical words about the Obamas and you are almost banned for life from the world of the Zuck.

  4. This person clearly does not have the required emotional maturity to be in a supervisory position, let alone a watch standing position in the USSS. Didn’t she get the memo that GS-14 types shouldn’t post on social media like a high school sophomore?
    At a very minimum this person should lose her security clearance. With that, voila! No cushy federal gig for you!
    Additionally, the new DHS Secretary needs to tell the Director of the USSS to get his agency under control; there have been far too many ethical, moral and competency failures in recent years.

  5. We need to watch our mouths when it comes to encouraging assassinations. Madonna did that — no one thinks she was after the building called “the White House.” This woman encouraged it by opining that our current President does not deserve her doing her job, which is protecting him from harm. It’s not edgy, it’s not funny, it’s not just words.