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Trump Schedule || Friday, January 27, 2017

Remember the Obama schedules, one or two things, maybe, and lots of rest or playtime built in? Well, those weren’t schedules. This is a schedule.

8:30 am || Participates in a meeting on trade and commerce
9:30 am || Tapes weekly address
10:05 am || Sits for his official portrait
10:30 am || Meets with Chief of Staff Priebus
12:10 pm || Meets with United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May
1:00 pm || Holds a joint press conference with May; East Room
1:40 pm || Has a working lunch with May; State Dining Room
3:30 pm || Participates in briefing with the joint chiefs of staff; Tank, Department of Defense
4:00 pm || Partakes in Ceremonial Swearing-in of the Secretary of Defense, General James Mattis; Hall of Heroes
4:30 pm || Signs executive orders; Hall of Heroes

39 thoughts on “Trump Schedule || Friday, January 27, 2017”

  1. Turbo Trump. Amazing.
    Any word on his weekend – going to NYC to be with his family, maybe down to Florida for a two day mini vacay?
    We don’t want him burnt out.

      1. The joke from people who know Trump is if you’re late for work on Saturday, don’t bother showing up Sunday.

        I read somewhere Melania and Barron would go to Wahington on weekends.

        TurboTrump–excellent, Srdem!

      1. I am flattered you noticed my absence.

        Long story short, I got sucked into FB in the lead up to the election. I am an admin. of a small group.

        I’ve been reading but not commenting. I am here.

    1. I used to look at man/child’s schedule on here and laugh. If he was not jetting around, it was lunch with Biden. 0 was the laziest prez I ever knew of. But remember Valjar ran the show since the Chicago days. After reading The Art of the Deal, I knew Trump has a work ethic like no other.

      1. It will be interesting to see if he changes Obama’s habit of showing up late for speeches and press conferences. And how the WH Press Corps. will react.

        Also: No PDB?

        1. Trump seems like a guy who always shows up on time, if not a little early. His schedule is so full that being late for an early meeting screws up the schedule for the rest of the day. On the PDB, I bet he’s been briefed by 8 am, so he can incorporate any new developments in his activities for the rest of the day. No need to put it on the publicized schedule as Obama did to puff up the appearance of being “busy”. The irony is that about 70 percent of the time, Obama didn’t read the PDB. Remember when that harridan ValJar told us that Obama was so smart he already knew what was in the PDB so why should he bother reading it?

          As we’ve all noted here, it is refreshing to see a President run a tight ship with a full, coherent day’s work laid out. It’s nice to not have to read: “11 am, Meets with Beyonce” nonsense anymore.

  2. MT for re-redistribution

    I predict that the words will come out of Obama’s mouth, maybe the next time that moron has a microphone in front of his stupid face, “work smarter, not harder”, as he searches for justification to avoid embarrassment seeing what a real leader can do.

  3. And there is a big cleaning out in the State Department now. The swamp is really draining. Finally, the warmongering, treacherous Victoria Nuland and her colleagues are shown the door. A new day is dawning with Trump/Tillerson at the helm.

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  5. OT, but just a reminder that today the 44th March for Life takes place in Washington. Vice President Pence and Kellyanne Conway are among the speakers. The corporate press typically gives the March minimal, if any, coverage (and the coverage is typically snarky and insulting), even though there are hundreds of thousands of peaceful participants at the March. I wouldn’t be surprised to see close to a million people at this year’s March, given Trump’s pro-life statements.

    Looking at the schedule of events, there is a to-be-announced VIP speaker schedule late in the day. Odd. Wonder if President Trump is that VIP speaker.

  6. That is MY President at work. He was at his desk the same time as I was. Idiots in my office are still bitching about the Trump Presidency. And can someone tell Laura Ingraham to shut up already about the cancellation of the meeting with Piniata of Mexico.

    1. Ha ha! Trump can make himself as busy as he likes but if he continues to use his time to screw up the country then maybe it’d be better if he’d take a break. How did none of you racist sexist numbnuts not even notice that yesterday he called for a TAX INCREASE on Americans to pay for the wall. You think that if it’s on Mexican goods that we buy, we don’t pay for it?! Really, Trump has the dumbest supporters. The dying dregs of the crop.

      1. We are dumb? Read your childish, illiterate post. The usual school yard name-calling that so called educated people indulge in….BTW, I have a Masters degree; what profession are you in?

          1. Thanks for responding. And yes, I’m most certainly trolling you. That said, other than a couple of missing commas, it’s rather unfair of you to say that my post was ‘illiterate’. It was nothing of the sort!

            Now to the substance of what I wrote? You’re all commenting about how lazy Obama was and what a ‘harridan’ Valerie Jarrett is. You’re well aware of the racial and gender stereotypes that you’re quite deliberately playing on here. And playing that game is, as I said, dumb.

            BTW, I didn’t come here to troll. I was trying to find out the time of the Trump/May press conference today. It’s rather tragic that a site that just lists POTUS’s engagements for the day can nevertheless attract this kind of partisan bile.

          2. Hank Martin: perfect example of incivility from the “tolerant” left. Screech after screech and then blame someone else, just like the thugs that walk away when confronted.

      2. Hank, I always wondered if lefty trained seals like you got paid by the word or by the post to display your bigotry and ignorance on a public forum. How much do you get paid? Do you report it to the IRS? Where do you get your talking points? How extensive is the training you receive? Who conducts the brainwashing sessions?

      3. I’ll tell you what a real tax increase is, it is when we allow unfair international competition to make it more profitable for our companies to move their production to another country. Then to give that country large amounts of money in federal aid. Then to allow unfettered illegal immigration from that country, only for half of them to take our jobs and send their income home, and the other half to go on the dole. THAT will increase taxes.

  7. Son of Rusty Shackleford

    I think we need a new unit of time measurement…you know, it takes me 90 seconds to make microwave popcorn, which is one full day in Trump Time.

  8. on this date in 2009, president barack obama was “on the hill” meeting with house & senate republicans to gather ideas for the economic recovery program.

    the reason the recovery program was heavy on tax breaks & light on infrastructure spending that would have put money more directly in working america’s pockets was president obama accommodated the republicans’ concerns them in the bill.

    this not only shows that obama was in fact a diligent, attentive executive, but also predicts the fate of even trump’s meager peter-pays-paul financialization of infrastructure concept in a republican-controlled congress.

      1. I’m thinking we are going to see more and more trolling now that the Obama administration people are out of a job. Soros is going to keep spending to try to bring down the current MAGA administration. Good luck, George!

        1. Yes, they will continue and intensify their delusions. They are extremely easy to rebut and, in fact, it’s great fun to do so. It’s like hitting clay pigeons with a rhetorical 12 gauge shotgun.

  9. Hey, Hank sounds like the troll that amused us just before the election (pretending to be a Republican but obviously not). Could it be he’s back? What fun!

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