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Mexican President Cancels U.S. Visit

If the Mexican president agreed to pay for this wall, he’d be out of power by Monday and possibly dead by Wednesday. I’m just saying.

From the Washington Examiner.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto canceled his upcoming meeting with President Trump following the signing of executive actions related to border security.

Pena Nieto announced via social media on Thursday that he had informed the White House he would not visit Washington in the coming days as scheduled.

“This morning we informed the White House that I will not attend the scheduled work meeting for next Tuesday with @POTUS,” he tweeted in Spanish.

9 Responses to Mexican President Cancels U.S. Visit

  1. If he would insist that all of his citizens head back to Mexico where they belong, then we wouldn’t have to build a bigly, beautiful wall between our countries.
    We could plant a nice hedge of drought resistant plants like oleanders or bird-of-paradise to pretty up the dividing line.

    Mexico would have it’s now educated young back to help build THEIR economy (or not) and we can go back to our previous legal immigration policies.
    It’s so simple, but leave it to hard-headed, ego driven idiots to make an invasion of foreign people to our country sound like a good thing, when it’s not.
    Go home Mexico, we see ads on TV that’s it just a wonderful place to visit, so it can’t be all that bad to live there.

    • Mexicans depend on American tourists to feed them. No more passports until they work with us. Those Mexican citizens that rely on us to visit, pay them and tip them well will certainly be missed.

  2. That’s fine. He has his country to govern and our President has America’s.
    Besides, it saves the American taxpayer money not having to wine and dine him.
    I believe our president will be able to find something to do with the time he allocated for that visit.

  3. I am so excited that Trump IS doing the right thing. How long has it been since we have had a president that was not bought and sold by campaign donations and was mired in swamp filth? I was almost afraid to hope that Trump would be the president that we needed so badly. So far, he gets a 100% from me!!

    We have cojones in our White House again. Mexico? Time for some tough love.

  4. No big deal…we’ll just seize a percentage of all the millions illegals wire to their families in Mexico and then we will BUILD THE WALL!

      • Well just go to any crappy gas station in areas of Atlanta and check out Western Union and you’ll see lawbreakers aplenty…we’ve been had. And don’t get me started on the changes to the public school curriculum and burden on hospitals ERs..Adios President Piñata..stay home!