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Pelosi: I Prayed for Trump After Voter Fraud Claims

Well, she has a direct line to the Devil, so the White House should be concerned.

From the Washington Examiner:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday that she feels “sorry” for President Trump and prayed for him after he repeated his belief on Monday that there was widespread voter fraud in the November election.

“There is no evidence to support what the president said,” Pelosi told reporters. “For a person who is the newly elected president of the United States to be so insecure as to declare that he is now the president, he is ensconced in the White House and he’s saying ‘I won the popular vote and three to five million Americans voted illegally in our country,’ to suggest and to undermine the integrity of our voting system is really strange.”

16 Responses to Pelosi: I Prayed for Trump After Voter Fraud Claims

  1. She’s a loon. She and her party have been questioning the results of the election every day since he won…condemning the Electoral College system, trying to get electors to change their votes, not showing up to the Inauguration, and even calling him illegitimate before he took his oath of office.

    • Yep!

      Hillary loses electoral college: Russian hacking!

      Trump claims she only won popular vote because of voter fraud: NOTHING TO SEE HERE!!

      It’s because they know what an investigation will uncover (already well documented by PJmedia columnist J. Christian Adams)

  2. I can say without question that voter fraud and illegal’s voting in Chicago is a fact.
    I’ve been present when it happens in more than one election.
    Even if Chicago is the only city investigated it will confirm partially at least that what Trump says is true.

  3. Libs love to hear themselves talk. Because pelosi is an insignificant moron she repeatedly tries to make herself pertinent. Fail!
    How about someone investigates how she became a multi millionaire during her years of service to her constituents?

  4. From the Daily Caller:

    “Sean Spicer pissed off journalists and liberals yet again Tuesday by calling on a conservative outlet first at his press briefing. On Monday, the press corps was up in arms after Spicer called on the New York Post.

    But the response was much more heated Tuesday after Spicer called on Laura Ingraham’s LifeZette.”

    Hahaha…the left is pissed off at Mr. Koffler’s blog! Their reactions are so petty.