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Evan McMullin to Form Trump-Bashing Group

Telling. He’ll be “partnering” with those on the left.

Former presidential candidate Evan McMullin and his running mate Mindy Finn will launch a new conservative group on Wednesday that’s opposed to President Trump, and will kick off the effort with a television advertisement questioning his connections to Russia, the Washington Examiner first reported.

“Stand Up Republic” is a new 501(c)4 political nonprofit organization. McMullin and Finn, both Republicans, waged a long-shot independent bid for president in 2016 to block Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton from winning 270 electoral votes, and throw the election to the House.

They envision their new group as a home for conservative grassroots opposition to Trump, but plan to partner with activists on the left who share their concerns about the threat they believe Trump poses to the Constitution, equality and liberty. Stand Up Republic’s first television spot questions Trump’s ties to Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, and suggests that the new president is hiding something and needs to come clean about his connections to Moscow.

15 Responses to Evan McMullin to Form Trump-Bashing Group

  1. And who might be funding this “conservative group” ? Could it be Mr S ? Another try ? Oh dear, they plan to partner with leftist activists…that´s all I need to know. I guess conservative grassroots won´t like that very much.
    But how the market loves Trumps politics today, Dow up to 20 000 ! Will be interesting to hear them explain away that in MSM tonight.

  2. Good luck with your anti-Trump thing. No doubt there are millions of Americans who are appalled at the thought of job growth, energy independence, a secure border, a return to law and order in our country, and a Supreme Court judge who actually understands our constitution.
    Yep. Millions.

    • I notice that they focus on “ties to Putin”,”connections to Moscow”. They obviously believe that poor, jobless grassroots care about that. However, that focus bears the trademark of the Master Villain, Mr Soros. Just follow the money.

    • Trump’s first meeting of the day is with Sean Spicer at 7:00 AM. Obama’s first meeting never started before 10:00 AM.
      That alone gets 50% more accomplished than O. The executive orders that have been accomplished by the time Spicer takes on the press corps is phenomenal.
      Today is was immigration front and center. Even O’Reily, who I think is a real type A personality, said he has never seen the likes of it. Unbelievable for we more laid back A personalities.

  3. To expand on what “Cirey” said above I had to look them up:

    Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn ??? – WHO? – Oh Yeah, they’re the running mates who received somewhere between 0.4% to 0.53% of the national popular vote, depending on who’s figures ya’ trust, making them far more irrelevant than Jill Stein’s mouth and her 1% to 2%. Talk about frivolous B-S!

  4. “Former presidential candidate Evan McMullin and his running mate Mindy Finn…”

    Who?? Based on this opening sentence, I thought I was reading a fictional piece.

  5. As srdem65 pointed out the Russia issue — dead, buried and out of the news spotlight, fake or otherwise.

    Egg McMuffin and Little Miss Mindy Muffet are going to have to do a little better. And it will be most interesting to see who lines up with them. Bill Kristol still open?

    Going out on a limb but I am betting more leftist activists will pair with them than Republican conservatives willing to shoot themselves in the foot. Oh wait, I hear the pitterpatter of little feet … Romney, McCain, Graham, maybe little Marco. Peeking down from the top of the stairs.