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Trump Signs Orders to Build Wall, Enforce the Law

He’s asking the Department of Homeland Security to enforce immigration laws on the books. Imagine that, a president who enforces the law.

From the Examiner:

President Trump signed an Executive Order on Wednesday calling for the construction of a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, the first step toward delivering on one of the most controversial and oft-stated promises of his campaign.

He also signed a related order calling on the Department of Homeland Security to enforce existing U.S. immigration laws. That’s a rebuke to President Obama, who directed a controversial shift in policy by calling on enforcement agencies to focus on the most dangerous immigrants.

Trump promised throughout his presidential campaign that he would enforce the laws, and at a meeting at DHS, he reiterated that pledge again, by saying he is asking DHS to “enforce the laws.”

12 Responses to Trump Signs Orders to Build Wall, Enforce the Law

  1. Didn’t Congress pass a law in 2006 to contract the wall and no one followed through? Of course, Obama did nothing when he became president.

  2. all around the country, sanctuary city pols are wondering how important illegal aliens are to their future now.
    Building the wall is a symbol, a planted flag that our laws matter and will be enforced.
    Six years ago, Arizona lawmakers did all they could to enforce federal law and ended up being boycotted by people who had no idea what was coming and sued by the Obama administration that said Mexicans were more important to them than Americans.

  3. Up goes border security–which will include sectional walls, sensing equipment, enhanced Border Patrol, the support of the Attorney General to enforce the law, drone overflights, etc.). I really don’t care who pays for it.

    Every country has the right and the duty to protect its citizens from incoming dangerous hoards of unvetted people, determine who shall enter the country, the pathway to citizenship. It must create strong deterrents toward those criminal elements who want to sneak across the border and do grave danger to us.

  4. Now get ride of the DACHA “Dreamers,” who were imported here illegally by their parents on a bet that the good old USA would reward their illegal move by making the action consequence free.

    What other group of lawbreakers dare (yet) make the argument that “my kids are involved, so you can’t enforce American law?”

    • We focus on the Mexican border. There are plenty of Asians that come in by plane and never leave. Wealthy Chinese are famous for coming in when the woman is pregnant, gives birth in America, and the kid is entitled to an American education (as well as all other of our inalienable rights).

  5. Yeah, well Keith “enforcing the law” is NOT what I am hearing from the MSM. Just sayin’

    :) Oh, the winning. Who knew enforcing the law, rather than walking around it, ignoring it, or crashing through it, could be so much fun!