In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Trump Schedule || Wednesday, January 25, 2017

9:25 am || Meets with Chief of Staff Reince Priebus
11:00 am || Takes official portrait
1:25 am || Visits the Department of Homeland Security
4:00 pm || Phone call with Phil Bryant, Governor of Mississippi

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  1. Just want to go on record that I , and I’m sure all of us here at WHD , really appreciate your efforts Keith in keeping us updated.
    “Official Portrait” Music to my ears.

  2. At this rate, PresTrump will be able to relax by Feb 1.
    The wall will be under bids, the next Justice will be ready for prime time, Obamacare will be destroyed, immigration will once again be regulated by existing law, some of the swamp will be drained, and much more good stuff.
    The pipelines will be under American control and will be built, major American corporations can see a way back home, and small businesses are planning to expand under relief from crushing regulations.
    Climate change will once again be under the direction of Mother Nature’s whims.
    winning, winning, whew!

    1. Son of Rusty Shackleford

      Yeah, I saw that too….I mean, I know DJT likes to get up before the crack of dawn to tweet, look at media websites and probably drink some java, but I hope he isn’t working at 1:25 a.m.!!! Even Superman got some shut-eye!

      1. On the cup of java, not only does Trump not drink alcohol or smoke, he doesn’t drink coffee.

        From a 2015 Esquire magazine article:

        “I learned a lot from my brother Fred’s death. He was a great-looking guy. He had the best personality. He had everything. But he had a problem with alcohol and cigarettes. He knew he had the problem, and it’s a tough problem to have. He was ten years older than me, and he would always tell me not to drink or smoke. And to this day I’ve never had a cigarette. I’ve never had a glass of alcohol. I won’t even drink a cup of coffee. I just stay away from those things because he had such a tremendous problem. Fred did me a great favor. It’s one of the greatest favors anyone’s ever done for me.”

        It’s quite an interesting article and gives a lot of insight about how Trump looks at things, and perhaps a sense of how he will manage the Executive Branch.

  3. OT: something changed, something happened
    While the MSM is fixated on MrTrump’s opinion that there were 3 million illegal votes cast in the last election and demand(!) that he prove it, the Dems are strangely silent.
    The charge that the Russians hacked our election has disappeared from everywhere and isn’t worth talking about.
    Even though MrTrump hit the ground running the day after the election and hasn’t stopped yet, certain media are complaining that he didn’t do everything he promised on “day one” of his presidency. Their complaint is laughable and ridiculous in the reality of what has already been accomplished.
    The famous women’s march has embarrassed most of America, even the Dems, with the profane speeches, the visuals of mature women carrying signs and objects that leave no doubt as to what a woman’s genitalia looks like, and the lack of a legitimate theme or protest.

    All of the Obama supporters have to be asking themselves – was it really all that easy? They watch as MrTrump convinces big business to stay in the US or bring some of their money back to invest here, they are stunned that most of MrObama’s legacy can be overturned with a simple document signed by the new President, and everything they thought or believed to be true really wasn’t.
    The law abiding Black community in Chicago are stunned that a President can offer to help stop the killing that has ruined too many families when MrObama never lifted the phone, never said a word to the press about having concerns at the carnage.
    Was it really that easy, could MrObama have helped stop the killing of their sons, brothers, loved ones and he didn’t?
    No MrObama didn’t, and yes, it was that easy.

    1. Great summary. It’s an illustration of how quickly issues can be properly addressed and set right if the will to do so exists. It also demonstrates how determined Obama was to NOT set things right, how committed he was to create and continue the organizational chaos being emitted from the Oval Office while he was there.

    2. srdem65 well said, as always! Especially re. Russia and the hacking and illegitimacy etc.

      They might back off a little on immigration.

      But I think they think the Million Wimmens thing is a winner. And they see it as abortion (aka women’s right) vesus pro life and will position it as such and drag in religion also. I think they are over reaching.

      It was also interesting to note how they removed a long standing Feminist (but pro life) organization was removed by the FemiNazi Leadership. I think I linked it somewhere. But it is easily found.

      my 2cents. The disappearance of Russia from Fake News was so seamless I didn’t even notice. Good eye.

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  5. I was told some years ago the difference between a Master and the Apprentice. A Master sees in his mind the finished object. Like looking at a block of marble and seeing the horse and rider revealed in their splendor.The Apprentice sees a block of marble.
    President Trump is showing tendencies of a Master. He has a keen vision of the finished project. Refreshing to watch an elected public person with a brain. A brain that thinks, ask questions, reasons in a wide circle. It could be, as only history will record, that we are witnessing a turning point for the survival of this republic.

  6. I imagine Keith will be posting on today’s DHS visit; I sure hope so! A friend of mine was there (longtime immigration officer) and they are PSYCHED!

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