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In Jefferson County, Colorado, Soros’ Money was No Good

George Soros tried to influence local D.A. races, mostly with success. But money can’t always buy you love, or votes. From the Washington Examiner:

Late in the 2016 election cycle, billionaire political activist George Soros made a series of unexpected yet creative moves with his money that paid high dividends. While continuing to donate to high-profile races like those for president and the Senate, he also poured millions of dollars into smaller races for district attorney in places like Illinois, Georgia, Texas and Colorado.

From Soros’ perspective, the effort would probably be deemed a success, as 10 of the 12 candidates he backed won their races.

Yet one of the races that eluded Soros as a “win” was the district attorney’s race in Jefferson County, Colo., often considered one of the most important swing counties in the purple state.

Colorado political analyst Eric Sondermann says once the donations to Weir’s challenger became known, “the magnitude of Soros’ engagement was exposed and became an issue, perhaps the issue, in the contest.”

6 thoughts on “In Jefferson County, Colorado, Soros’ Money was No Good”

  1. THANK YOU for calling out George Soros for the election rigging nazi he is. I think we should turn him over to Russia where he is wanted dead or alive.

    Thank you to the new President and the White House staff for all of this hard work so early into the first term.

  2. Here in Nazifornia he saves a lot of money as the Mexican lover Politicians Do his crap for free.

    Donald should go after this “sanctuary State”

    Cut all federal funding until these haters see the light!

    California for citizens not Mexicans!

  3. The Dems (aka the Left, the Liberals, and more) are desperate and Soros , ever to the rescue, might just be overstepping.

    The more sunlight, and hard evidence of activities of Soros , the financier of the destruction of America, some might say “transformation, the more Americans will begin to see the Democrat Party for what it has become.

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