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No Bullet for Trump, Suggests Senior Secret Service Agent

A major scoop by one of the reporters I supervise at the Washington Examiner, Susan Crabtree. As far as I know, this person is still employed.

From the piece:

A senior U.S. Secret Service agent posted Facebook condemnations of President Trump during the past seven months, including one in which she said she wouldn’t want to “take a bullet” for him.

She explained herself saying she viewed his presidential candidacy as a “disaster” for the country, and especially for women and minorities.

Kerry O’Grady, the special agent in charge of the Secret Service’s Denver district, oversees coordination with Washington-based advance teams for all presidential candidate and presidential trips to the area, including all upcoming or future trips by the president, vice president or Trump administration officials.

Despite her senior security role, she has made her disdain for Trump and his incoming administration clear to her Facebook followers, who included current and former Secret Service agents and other people who were employees at the time of the posts. O’Grady’s posts triggered at least one complaint to the office that oversees investigations into Secret Service misbehavior, two knowledgeable sources told the Washington Examiner.

19 thoughts on “No Bullet for Trump, Suggests Senior Secret Service Agent”

  1. The SS should deal with this immediately. And they should smoke out other agents of her ilk, tribe, or thinking and get them the hell off the Service.

    Not only Trump but all conservatives with “protection” are in harm’s way.

    IMO this just shows how much the Left, with the Obama Administration’s encouragement, has infiltrated the government in a more than op positional thinking way.

    The FBI and the CIA are already compromised as is the DOJ and DHS. Think about it . This is no tin foil hat speaking.

    And I trust Keith to vet his sources before even mentioning something in print.

  2. O’Grady not only entertains the thought of not protecting Trump, but makes the bizarre decision to publicly admit her planned dereliction of duty on her Facebook page. Obviously, she’s unfit for duty, is violating her oath of office and is exposing the President to enormous danger, by publicly admitting that, if Trump was in danger, she would refuse to do her job, the very job for which she is very happy to receive a paycheck.

  3. Please tell Ms Susan Crabtree that I think she did a fantastic job with that article. It is honest and objective… and the kind of high-powered, fully-researched, complete reporting it is refreshing to see. Good for you, having reporters like her!

  4. Hate to resort to my usual response, but imagine if this happened with Obama…the MSM would be all over it 24/7, and she would have quit or been fired immediately. Instead, crickets from the MSM = tacit approval.

  5. Keith, I doubt you are in charge of Web Design at the Examiner, but honestly, it is getting as bad as Breitbart and other sites I can no longer visit because of the video popups and script-loading ads.

    I wanted to share the direct link to the article on GAB, but can’t get the Examiner page to load enough on my laptop for me to copy a snippet to paste with the link.

    1. Tina, start using an ad blocker.
      I’m using Firefox for a browser that has an ad blocker in the software.
      I can go to the Examiner and I will not see one ad or pop-up.
      Same with Breitbart and any of the rest of the sites.

      Just do a search for ad blockers, there are many to choose from.

      Good luck. :)

  6. Son of Rusty Shackleford

    I hope they don’t decide to just assign this woman to Bill and Killary’s detail so she can “protect” someone she obviously supports!

  7. Unless she’s under so type of official non-disclosure, she has a right to her opinion; Nevertheless, it makes sense that she be reassigned if “taking a bullet” for the president (any president) is not to her liking.

    The truth be told, if she were truly a person of conviction she would quit, but it’s easy to sit back and ‚ÄĚtalk smack” when no one cares if you, by your actions, are a hypocrite.

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