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Spicer Makes Mainstream Media Wait to Ask Questions at First Briefing

The briefings, even under the Bush White House, started with Reuters or the Associated Press and then proceeded to organizations like ABC, CBS, and NBC. Thats’ all done with.

From the Washington Examiner:

President Trump’s White House sent a clear message to major media outlets on Monday: You don’t matter as much anymore.

The White House for years has deferred to newswires and major TV networks, all of whom are represented in the first row of the White House briefing room, for the first several questions at the daily briefing. But on Monday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer called on very different group of reporters.

He first called on the New York Post. Then, the Christian Broadcasting Network. That was followed by Univision and Fox Business.

Spicer then took a question from Urban Radio Network, and then finally the Associated Press, which up until now has usually gotten the first question.

11 Responses to Spicer Makes Mainstream Media Wait to Ask Questions at First Briefing

  1. I appreciate what Spicer is trying to do but we have gone from fawning over the MSM to boxing with them…just ignore them! I don’t need to know how the sausage is made…just repeal Obamacare…lower taxes on business and get the illegals out!

    • He had a much better day today compared to Saturday…didn’t quite understand making such a big deal about the Inauguration crowd size – who the heck cares! The many people there had a great time, that’s all that matters.

      I am glad he set the record straight on the MLK statue thing…stuff like that needs to be addressed head on.

    • They’ve been throwing punches from day one.
      They started the fight , Trump is not going to walk away.
      Be fair and square, then gloves come off.

    • The MSM might consider themselves boxed in — but note the placement of Univision — a largely Hispanic readership mostly critical of Trump.

      This is not an isolated attack/punch IMHO. It is the beginnings of a needed realignment of our government and it’s need to be responsive to the people. All the people, not just MSM viewership.

      • I’m sure Spicer called on Univision so nobody in the Fake Stream Media could gripe—if they did he could’ve pulled out their well-worn Raaacist!!! card, and we all know libs can’t handle that!

    • Don’t know if you can see the words—Winnie the Pooh

      “What day is it today, asked Trump.

      It’s the day we burn the bitch to the ground. squeaked Pence

      My Favorite Day said Trump”

      BTW, Mad Dog is taking action. And so is Trump– Regs cut, TTP in motion, Spicer rearranges Press Briefing.

      I think Obama is golfing. And, I suspect, not enjoying it as much as he did when he rubbed our noses in it. Hey Barack, Nobody cares.

      The President hired a good house cleaning crew. I am enjoying the Donald at the moment.

      Made this comment earlier, in the wrong thread. PB not an isolated beat them up thing — it is the beginning of an efficient following through on Promises and a realignment of America’s government.

  2. Jonathan Karl’s question, will you lie to us, was pure snark. Sure don’t remember any of that type of questioning ever going on during the Bamster regime. And like Sean said today, Mr. President Trump has not gotten an apology for the incendiary racist tweet Zeke Miller sent out. We need to call out the lame stream media every time they do this hypocritical crap!

  3. Bwah-hah-hah!! Pantsed the press. Losers. I can imagine the outrage. What harm can it do? Many are determined to report as negatively as they possibly can get away with anyway. Trump will find the members that are willing to report fairly. The rest can sit in the back seat like the kiddies they are.