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Senate Foreign Relations Committee Approves Tillerson as Rubio Caves

Rubio made a big stink but ended up falling into line anyway. Tillerson will next be approved on the floor, no problem.

From the Washington Examiner:

Secretary of State-designate Rex Tillerson was approved by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Monday in a party-line vote.

“It’s a little bit of a departure in the vote count than things have been in the past on nominations like this, but I certainly respect everyone’s ability to cast votes in the manner in which they wish,” committee chairman Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., said after the vote.

Tillerson carried the day on the strength of 11 Republican votes, while all 10 Democrats opposed the nomination. That result came about as one GOP senator who had seemed inclined to vote against him — Marco Rubio of Florida — and one Democrat who hinted at supporting him reverted to party lines.

7 Responses to Senate Foreign Relations Committee Approves Tillerson as Rubio Caves

  1. Your team is going to be busy… I don’t think youve covered half of what Trump did today….

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s schedule…


  2. Sen Rubio ends his little hissy fit and agrees to vote for his President’s choice for Sec of State, whoop de do.
    Little Marco’s original opposition was petty and yes, small.

    OT: continued
    After a quick look at the MSM websites for news of the day, the anti-Trump bias was off-putting and oddly off-kilter. A few had descriptions of the first WH briefing that didn’t match what we all saw and heard. “Spicer on the hot seat” – what?
    The briefing looked professional, questions of substance asked and answered, some personal exchanges seemed to be without rancor, and in all, we learned things not mentioned anywhere else.

    “..not mentioned..” is today’s front page at the CBS,CNN,NBC,ABC, etc headline. No mention of confirmations, of the cordial meeting with union leaders, no debate or mention of freezing federal employment, nor is the President’s order to every agency that regulations must be reviewed before being published. We learned from the alternate/conservative websites that MrObama sent millions of our money to Palestine somebodies the day before he became the “former” President.

    We can’t change this entrenched bias against all Repubs, and especially MrTrump. We can try to ignore them, refuse to log on their websites, but reality is they are the big guys, they have national and international teams of reporters who should be known for their relating of events of interests to ALL viewers – without a political/personal bias.

    • The only MSM source I trust now is Britain’s Daily Mail. They report American news the MSM won’t touch. As for the attacks on and slurs against President Trump and members of his family, even young Barron, the so-called journalists and “celebrities” are utterly despicable.

      • I also love the DailyMail and read it several times a day to see what is new. I don’t know how in the world they manage to get so many news articles that our media seem to miss.

  3. Cruz and Rubio are rotters, Cubans who believe, like every Cuban I’ve ever met, they are at the center of the universe, nobody’s opinion is as valuable as theirs, the world does revolve around them and on and on….

    Narcissism, a personality flaw Cubans own and is unique among Spaniards, and I’ll never understand it.

    Been married to one over thirty four years.