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Senate Could Delay Trump Nominees Weeks, Months

I thought only Republicans were obstructionists?

From the Examiner:

The Senate’s swift confirmation of two key members of President Trump’s national security team on his first day in office offers little hope that he will be able to assemble the rest of his administration team any time soon.

Gens. James Mattis, Trump’s choice for defense secretary, and John Kelly, who he tapped for Homeland Security secretary, faced little controversy in their hearings and were quickly installed Friday just hours after Trump took the oath of office before roughly 250,000 supporters gathered on the National Mall.

But other Cabinet picks could wait weeks and possibly even months before Senate confirmation while just a few who face more serious obstacles could decide to drop their bids altogether if the spotlight becomes too hot.

14 Responses to Senate Could Delay Trump Nominees Weeks, Months

  1. This is frigging BS even F Chuck Todd said it on MSNBC is was petty and stalling. For 8 years we have done it Bamster and the demorats way. Time for Chucky Shummer to man up and put America first!

  2. Not surprised.
    Same people that say we must cross the aisle with our hands extended.
    It’s would be like hugging a sucide bomber if we did.

  3. There were plenty of issues facing Obama’s picks, with little to no pushback. Once again, the majority of Republicans can’t be trusted to force the issue.

    • Requires someone willing to push the Republican Congressional red button. McConnell is unwilling to do that.

      Priebus and Sessions need to make Congress understand the reality of the election and what just happened to the Party with Trump. And they need to do it now.

      The old turtle needs to call upon his newly appointed wife to have a burning of Mitch’s white flag, so often waved when the Republicans bowed to the Dems.

  4. Let ’em delay…President Trump will just go over their heads to the American people and call them out for the obstructionists they are. He’s not afraid to fight back, unlike the GOPe.

    • PRES. Trump needs to call out these rude, ignorant & obstructionist Democrat-socialists in Congress…Since the Republicans in Congress will not.

  5. Chuckles, you don’t know what you’re messing with.

    You’ve already burned enough bridges with the majority, and if enough of your colleagues in the 2018 class prefer self-preservation to following your marching orders, you will lose their support, as well.

    Eight defectors, and you lose the filibuster. You have 24 seats to defend. Do the math, Chuckles, and then wipe the tears off your calculator.

  6. And why isn’t Mitch McConnell pushing back? Is he still frightened he will get his butt smacked? Someone needs to tell him Reid and Obama are gone.

    • GOPe is terminally afraid of bad press (if you do this, the MSM will say this), which frequently scares them into doing nothing. Dr. Krauthammer and others have been big enablers of this attitude, warning of things that will either “backfire” on them or are “lose-lose” propositions in the eyes of the MSM.

      Time to quit being scared and stand up for something!

  7. I don’t remember how many Obama nominees were confirmed the day of, or shortly after, his inauguration.

    The Democrat Party is no longer the Democrat Party of old. It is a cult, and it follows its Leader, Barack Obama.

    Obama was most evil and ill mannered during the transition. The Obama aka the Democrat Party is now following his form.

    Chuckles believes he is the Majority Leader and acts accordingly.

    Give them a little while to come to their senses. Then nominate someone even more unacceptable to the Dems and make these excellent workhorses Czars with ill defined and unlimited power. Business as usual.

    Give the Dems what they and Obama gave.

  8. Don’t know if you can see the words—Winnie the Pooh

    “What day is it today, asked Trump.

    It’s the day we burn the bitch to the ground. squeaked Pence

    My Favorite Day said Trump”

    BTW, Mad Dog is taking action. And so is Trump– Regs cut, TTP in motion, Spicer rearranges Press Briefing.

    I think Obama is golfing. And, I suspect, not enjoying it as much as he did when he rubbed our noses in it. Hey Barack, Nobody cares.

    The President hired a good house cleaning crew. I am enjoying the Donald at the moment.