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Obama Takes One Final Shot at Gun Owners

Because he doesn’t want you clinging too hard to those guns.

From the Washington Examiner:

In its final attack on gun owners, the Obama administration moved to ban traditional lead ammo on federal grounds and waterways on its last full day in office.

The ban, which includes cheap bullets and common fishing tackle, can be repealed by the Trump administration and was immediately condemned as an attack on outdoors people and rural life.

7 Responses to Obama Takes One Final Shot at Gun Owners

  1. Another cheap shot from a petty little man who runs around with 24/7 armed security, for the rest of his worthless life. Saw a photo of his down-grated to minuscule motorcade, with him looking glum in the backseat, LOL!

  2. I remember reading somewhere that lead is actually one of the more “environmentally responsible” metals, despite its hazards, because it has been so easily recycled by end-users for millennia. In the US, lead still has a 95% recycling efficiency, and the majority of lead production is actually recycled lead – reducing the need for newly mined metal.